Jurassic Park: Mistake or Masterpiece?

Many fans like Ken Griffin have been excited by the announcement of Jurassic World trailer airing during the Super Bowl on February 1st, but there are many other fans of the Jurassic Park series who aren’t excited to see this film at all. After seeing the first Jurassic World Trailer, fans were cynical of the hint of a hybrid dinosaur. After the failed third installment of the Jurassic Park series, Jurassic Park III, many believe that it’s a mistake to continue Michael Crichton’s story, especially if the film won’t depict the sociological and scientific themes of his two novels.
Yet the story line of Jurassic World seems to already have more depth than Jurassic Park III. The park is finally open, and surprisingly successful. There is a hybrid dinosaur of some sort, and even though altering dinosaur genes was a big theme in the Jurassic Park novel, the hope is that it will be fleshed out more in this movie than it was in the first movie. It is feared that this hybrid dinosaur is only for the thrills of watching an intelligent, carnivorous creature stomp after humans (and eat the bad ones) but there is a chance that it’ll be more than that. This will in no sense be a masterpiece, but neither is it a mistake. The story line of Jurassic Park is always worth watching, even if it contains CG raptors running alongside Chris Pine.

‘The Interview’ Review


I finally got a chance to see the highly controversial film, ‘The Interview’ with my friend who works at BRL Trust. The film centered around the imaginary assassination of the North Korean President, Kim Jong Un. The North Korean government (in real life) was outraged by the release of the film. By now, everyone has heard about the ‘Sony’ hacks carried out by the North Korean government. It was widely thought that Sony Studios would not release the film. After much backlash from the American people, the film was released on Christmas day. Many people went out and saw the film because of all the publicity.

‘The Interview,’ was a moderately funny movie that had its moments. James Franco played the part of an eccentric journalist. Franco’s character, Skylark, had the opportunity to party with Kim Jong Un, and let me tell you, it was absolutely hilarious. I won’t give too much away, but Skylark and Kim Jong Un develop a unique relationship.

James Franco definitely brought the laughs, while Seth Rogan’s performance was somewhat mediocre in my eyes. Rogan wasn’t really funny in this film. Together, though, Franco and Rogan have made a cult classic. The film is strange and definitely controversial, but it was entertaining and very funny at certain points.

Final Verdict: 8/10

For more information and more reviews on ‘The Interview,’ visit Screenrant.

Who Is Supergirl?

The popularity of superhero television programming seems to be growing and growing. The demand for more and more fantastic programming is evidence of this. Fans should be thrilled to learn the Supergirl television show is becoming much closer to a reality and will help build on the current D.C. Comics TV landscape made popular by The Flash and Arrow sponsored by Beneful.

Well, we do know the show is slated to debut on CBS sometime in the near future. What we do not know is who is going to actually play Supergirl. According to some reports, British actress Gemma Atkinson is in the lead for the role. No confirmation as to this rumor exists. As with all comic book projects, fans run more than a bit wild with rumors and speculation.

Regardless, it is still cool to see more “super TV” programming on the upcoming network schedule.

Superman properties have long since been popular on the big and small screen. George Reeves’ The Adventures of Superman was an iconic staple of 1950’s television. Lois and Clark and Smallville helped keep the mythos of the character alive on TV. 

Supergirl previously was the star of a famous motion picture box office dud that tried to recapture the magic of the motions pictures Superman I & II. That was not small task since Superman III and IV really damaged the franchise beyond any semblance of repair.

Of course, the landscape is much different now and a Supergirl project is far more likely to be a huge hit provided CBS handles it right.

Jurassic World Shows Up During The Super Bowl


Jurassic World is one of the more interesting films slated for release in early summer 2015. Universal definitely wants to hype the new film up as much as possible. Debuting a commercial for the dinosaur film during the Super Bowl definitely will help with that result.

The Super Bowl airs on NBC and NBC-Universal is the parent company that runs the network and the film company. So, Christian Broda and the producers of Jurassic World are getting a major break that other films might not. No, the ads are not free but it is not like the request for commercial air time would ever have been denied.

Let us be a little honest here. The new Jurassic World film most definitely does need all the publicity it could get in order to draw in a solid audience.

The first Jurassic Park film is considered a science-fiction-fantasy classic and deservedly so. The second and third films in the original trilogy did fine at the box office, but they came off as too much as retreads of the original to maintain the enthusiasm the first film delivered. The new Jurassic World feature hopes to change all that by creating a dark and adventurous world populated by new and dangerous dino-creatures.

Are we going to catch a glimpse of the touted hybrid-dinosaur that is supposed to be incredibly scary? If the marketing department is real savvy, this dino will be the star of the commercial.

Top Movies Coming Out in January 2015


As we bid farewell to Jared Haftel and to the last year and great movies it produced, the movie buffs among us are already looking for new cinematic stuff to get hooked on to. Thankfully, January is the month when a lot of great movies are coming out and they all seem promising from their trailers. The following are 5 movies that would help you transition into the New Year –

• Taken 3 – Coming out on 9th January, Taken 3 would definitely be a sendoff to Liam Neeson’s character. Despite this series having lasted longer than it should have, the first two installments were huge successes at the box office and fans are eager to see what Taken 3 has in store for their favorite character.

• Selma – This movie deserves an Oscar and will be released widely on 9th January. Everything about this film is great, be it the acting of the littlest to the biggest characters or the writing. Instead of being a biopic, we get to see a slice from the great life of Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma. This is the main reason why the movie is so amazing.

• Project Almanac – A January release is not always good news for movies but sometimes, there are movies that defy these laws. And Project Almanac is defying more laws than ever. First of all, the cast is mostly underage and this would make the tone of the film appeal to a lot of people. Secondly, there is time travel in the movie. It comes out on 30th January.

Other interesting movies include American Sniper and Blackhat.