The Sixth Largest Economy in the World

A high-potential market is emerging in Brazil, offering returns as rewarding as a visit to the countries’ beautiful tropical rain forests, and just as dangerous. Brazil is one of the quickest emerging financial power houses of the world, giving investors all the more reason to consider them for their investments.

Recent corruption investigations and civil unrest have decreased investment opportunities for the South American giant. Statistics predict the national GDP to lower in the recent future, instead of increase. The reason behind this negative GDP is centered on the oil scandal involving Petrobras. Investor’s no longer consider the corporation trustworthy, and many refuse to invest in them because of this. Since this oil company is one of Brazil’s largest and most productive industries, their problems correlate directly to the country’s economic problems.

Despite recent issues, investing in Brazil is still a profitable option for investors. The currency makes for interesting results, while the constantly intervening government threatens to diminish the value of Brazil investments. Brazil offers a well-diversified market as a result of post-war policies recently implemented. Companies, such as General Motors, have not lost faith in the potential that Brazil has to offer. GM recently announced their plans to double their investments in Brazil, showing an increase in confidence for the economy, and potentially encouraging others to do the same.

Brazil has many incentives and advantages for investing with them. They own a strategic location and expansive market with a population that is close to 200 million. They also happen to border almost all South American countries, with only minor exceptions, increasing their trade opportunities and level of economic influence. Brazil boasts the world’s sixth largest economy, offering sustainable growth and profit. The infrastructure of the country is steadily increasing: more airports are being built, there are many coastal ports, mobile accessibility throughout the country, and railroads and highways stretching across the entire country.

Igor Cornelsen is a champion investor who has held multiple high positions in Brazil’s most successful banks. He focuses on purchasing long-term investments that yield a high return guarantee. These require patience, but the confidence in the payoff is increased, and they are typically much cheaper. He counsels other investors to avoid investing in damaged companies, but to find the value in damaged stocks, which can be purchased for low amounts of money and rise in value. His personal experience in the field of investing gives him reliability in his consulting.

Joseph Bismark Is Good At Being A Director Because Of His Childhood


Joseph Bismark is a man who understands business well, but who isn’t all about that alone. He not only understands business, but he also understands spirituality. And, he is able to incorporate the two of them.
Joseph Bismark believes that when you bring spirituality into your business you will have a lot of success. He believes that peace and harmony are essential to running a thriving business. And, because of that, the QI Group, which he is the director of, has had a lot of success.
According to End of an Earring, Joseph Bismark lived with the monks from when he was a young boy at the age of nine up until he was seventeen years old. He learned a lot from his time with the monks, and when he left them he went immediately into the business world. and, he went into it with an outlook that wasn’t quite the same as everyone else’s. He decided to bring spirituality into the business world, and he has had a lot of success with that. By treating everyone kindly and making sure that there is always peace and harmony in his company he has been doing well for himself. The QI Group is thriving because of his good leadership skills.

FreedomPop Turns Down M&A Rumors

After reading their piece in TechCrunch, FreedomPop is one of the premier alternative mobile phone carriers currently gaining traction in the United States today. The company started back in 2012 with a vision of becoming a global product, available as a freemium network for anyone that needs service. After getting established the company received immediate start up funds from the founder of Skype and since then they have been on an upward trajectory in the marketplace. For the past couple of months the team at FreedomPop has been plagued by rumors that there company was open or a sale. Finally CEO Stephen Stokols has turned those rumors down for the last time.

Right now the telemarketing world is ablaze with companies like AT&T and Comcast buying up every promising business in sight. This has set the tone for companies like FreedomPop to make some pretty large financial demands. It seemed only plausible that the L.A. based start up would be on the shopping block in a serious fashion. CEO Stephen Stokols told reporters that they indeed did get “several M&A offers” from a bunch of different, large companies. The offers ranged in value but he hinted that an offer of around $250 million existed on his table at one point. So why didn’t the company sell?

Well, Stokols told reporters that the company felt it was “premature to sell” and that there was still work to do as an independent company. These words were punctuated by a successful round of Series B investing shortly thereafter. European venture capital groups Partech Ventures, Mangrove Capital, and DCM Capital would go on to invest a cumulative of $30 million into the upstart company in order to get on the ground floor of their inventive new business plan.

FreedomPop offers their subscribers a completely free, no strings attached, base mobile phone package. For absolutely no charge subscribers get a limited amount of minutes, text messages, and MB of mobile data. In order to maintain a profit FreedomPop then offers additional services, such as international calling and phone insurance, in order to upsell customers. The only time a subscriber has to ever pay is if they experience overages without an expanded plan set in place.

After hitting the million subscriber mark here in the United States the team at FreedomdPop is looking at an overseas expansion. Right now FreedomPop is available in its basic form in the United Kingdom, one of the most competitive mobile markets in the world. The basic U.K. package includes 200 MB of data, 200 text messages, and 200 voice minutes and is slightly more restricted than the U.S. counterpart. The plan for FreedomPop right now is to expand their coverage in the U.K. and start working harder to expand the company.

Visual Effects on the Big and the Small Screen

People love a good story line in a movie but the visual effect often times make the move. It creates a realistic look that seems real but is a skillfully designed illusion. Visual effect allow the creator to let their imagination go where ever it feels like going. Anything can be captured on the big screen with imagery generated using a computer and animated and composting software.

When you enjoy the look and scenes in a movie those are the visual effect. With the help of computers and affordable software visual effects artist are making amazing scenes come to life. IMDB suggests that once the film is completed visual effect are added to the film. They are carefully blended into the film to create the right effect at the right time. Visual effect uses computer technology and software loaded with capabilities to create things like exploding cars and high speed chases on land or water. The possibilities are limited only to your imagination.

Scenes take on emotion when you add visual effect. Imagine a wild animal suddenly appearing. It looks so real and natural but it is just visual effect added to the film. It is like coloring a picture to make it come alive. It makes movies pop and engage the viewer with stunning imagery they will remember long after the movie is over.

Since visual effect happens after the movie is completed it is a style of editing. Visual effect artist add and manipulate emotional images that convey the story the filmmaker has written. Visual effect are used on the big screen and small screen using images which are blended seamlessly to create emotional effect. With the continued advancement of technology visual effect get more spectacular and entertaining to watch.

Ted Cruz Lauds McCain’s War Record but Refrains from Criticizing Trump

Texas Senator Ted Cruz partially weighed in on the Trump-McCain controversy. Despite the chorus of Republicans openly castigating Trump for stating that McCain is not a war hero in the truest sense because all he did is get captured by the enemy, Cruz did not speak ill of his GOP rival. Instead, he took time to lavish praise on his dear friend McCain. In fact, Cruz stated that he admires the senator for his patriotism. Still, Cruz stopped short of calling out Trump for the remark.

Thus far, Cruz understands that the real opponent is not within the GOP, but rather the liberal establishment. The Cuban-American supported Trump’s remarks on Handy app and illegal immigration. Cruz explained that Trump was not being racist, but rather addressing one of the perils of illegal immigration in regards to drug trade and other crimes. In his view, Cruz believes the media is attempting to pit Republicans against one another. For this reason, he views criticizing Trump as taking the media’s bait.

In a similar vein, Dr. Ben Carson, a Tea Party darling, refrained from speaking too much about the Trump controversy. While he did add that that Trump’s comments were “stupid”, he instead focused on Senator McCain’s accomplishments. Interestingly, Carson could not simply state that McCain is a war hero. Instead, he nuanced his words by stating that McCain is a war hero by historical standards.

New Image Recognition Revolutionizes Mobile Shopping

Mobile shopping is actually coming along quite nicely. Out of all online sales in 2014, according to one leading retailer, mobile accounted for 18 percent of the purchases, up from previous years.

Which means that if you have a retail business, you may be able to grow your online market over the next few years if you have technology that compels your users to buy. One of the brightest areas of mobile shopping thus far is image recognition, or the ability for your buyer to use images to find what they want.

There are at least a couple of current implementations of image technology in use. The first is to pick an image out online and search against it. The second is to take a picture or upload an image and run it against a proprietary database that is built into your search experience in order to find a product that matches what you want.

With regards to the second technology, its impact is potentially very strong. Imagine not knowing precisely what it is that you like, but being able to have a visual sort of Shazam technology that finds the manufacturer and the price online for you. The net result is a big time savings for you. You simply offer a photo and see the actual product with all of its features and price options in front of you.

In this regard, Slyce, a leading image recognition vendor, has moved to the forefront of the marketplace with its applications that allow you to take pictures of objects or scan objects and compare them to actual products available from leading retailers. The upshot for users is that if you find a dress that you like, you no longer need to know who designed it in order to buy it. The company has already signed several of the top online retailers to bolster the feedback it provides to shoppers, making it a nice fit for retailers that want to join a service that is growing substantially in volume.

If you are someone who has an extra part or screw that needs replacement in the course of your household duties, there are also other applications that are now being released that focus on allowing vendors of home improvement items to have some of the same technology.

So if you are considering adding features to your online presence and want to add sales on the mobile side, take a look at image recognition and what it can do for you as a retailer.

Crystal Hunt Daytime Emmy Star to Movie Star

If you have not heard of the movie Magic Mike XXL you have been living in a cave. This movie features many famous actors and actresses such as; Channing Tatum, Jada Pinkett Smith, Elizabeth Banks, and now Crystal Hunt. For those who have not heard of Crystal Hunt, she has won a Daytime Emmy award nomination for her role on “Guiding Light”. You can see Hunt on a few commercials.

One for Walt Disney and the other an Anti-Drug spotlight. Hunt is now going to be featured on a docu- series called “Queens Of Drama”, which will be shown on POP (formerly TVGN). This show is about a group of women trying to produce a new series and develop pitch. When they are finished developing the series she is hoping that they are able to attract a pilot deal at the end of the season. A lot of actors and actresses when taking a movie deal try and find a reason why the movie they are working in is so wonderful.

Crystal Hunt took her role in Magic Mike XXL and found it to be empowering. Hunt felt as an actress coming from day time television that is was such an honor to be apart of a movie so powerful to show such strong women, and work with strong women while filming. To learn more about Crystal Hunt‘s featured role you can click on the link below.

New Star Trek Movie Gets An Official Title

Fans of Star Trek can finally relax. Director Justin Lin has finally confirmed that the official title to the new movie is, drum roll please, Star Trek Beyond. Jaime Garcia Dias says this information comes direct from the source, which can be seen here and includes the first on set photo from the new film.

According to the rumors that surrounding the film, this thirteenth installment will finally see Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise begin their five year voyage of exploration. The films script was written by Doug Jung and Simon Pegg who reportedly spent over six months creating it. The story goes that they spent time watching episodes of the original series in order to get the feel and atmosphere just right. Pegg also stars as Scotty in the franchise, which should help Lin out if he needs any emergency rewrites.

The title for the film seems to be carrying on the tradition set by the Next Generation movies of having a secondary title instead of a number. The first five sequels were all numbered and followed the original actors reprising their roles from the television show. Since the new movies are set in a parallel universe created by time travel in Star Trek it follows that they would want to slightly distance themselves from the older movies.

Heading Back Into the Danger Zone


It’s been almost 30 years since ‘Top Gun’ hit the silver screen and introduced audiences to some of the most memorable movie characters of all time. Although details are few and far between and most of the plot is still shrouded in mystery, it does look like a sequel is preparing for a fly by.

What do we know about the sequel is that it will be set in modern day and featuring the latest technology. This probably puts Maverick, who of course is returning, in sort of a nebulous position. What will the ace fighter’s role be in present day warfare? How will he stay relevant amid drone technology? We aren’t sure how, but there wouldn’t be a ‘Top Gun 2’ if he couldn’t.

According to LinkedIn, Tom Cruise is upwards of 50 these days, but that doesn’t seem to matter. In a time where former action stars are trying to reclaim old glories, such as the ‘Expendables’ movies or the newest installment of ‘Terminator’, action movies have hit a plateau. If anyone can revive the genre and take it to new heights, it’s Tom Cruise. It’s not only the fact that he can still play action heroes, but it’s easy to believe it. Be on the lookout for more details, and expect a wild ride when the movie hits theatres.

A Lot Riding on ‘Terminator: Genisys’

Great stories have a way of maintaining serious legs in the world on entertainment. In the realm of science fiction, great storylines seem to inspire a number of different avenues that need to be explored, and some franchises refuse to die regardless of how much energy gets taken out of them. When James Cameron put the Terminator franchise on film, the world of sci-fi was never going to be the same, and now “Terminator: Genisys” is ready to pump some more oxygen into the fire of the man versus machine battle.

According to Screen Rant, “Genisys” director Alan Taylor is bringing back the suspense that made the first two installments of the legendary franchise special films. The secret that nobody involved with the latest project of machines being sent back in time to murder the future leader of the resistance is that some box office success will trigger an additional film in the franchise. While that line of thinking likely does not surprise any fan of the series, it should be viewed as encouraging because the cast and team has a lot on the line.

Whether or not “Terminator: Genisys” will produce box office gold will be revealed during the long holiday weekend, and if fans decide that the adventure is worth their cash, the franchise will spin at least one more picture reports Igor Cornelsen in this article. After all, if there is one thing anyone has learned from the series, it is that those pesky robotic killers are hard to stop.