Chinese Buyers Increase Real Estate Purchases in New York City

The Real Deal Magazine featured an article by Hiten Samtani titled, “Chinese are spreading their wings in NYC, resi experts say at TDR Shanghai forum,” which can be found at The Real Deal Magazine covers real estate news in NYC and it recently held its first ever real estate showcase and forum in Shanghai. This article talks about Chinese buyers increasing their residential investment purchases in NYC and presents several influential NYC real estate brokers and developers who explain why this is happening. They talk about how NYC apartments for rent on townrealestate is safe for a big city and developers are building incredible properties creating an environment where there is a constant demand from buyers.

One of the panelist in this forum was TOWN Residential CEO Andrew Heiberger. TOWN Residential was founded in 2010, has ten offices located throughout NYC and recently formed a partnership with the Miami based real estate firm Fortune international. TOWN focuses on marketing, selling and leasing high-end luxury residential properties and property developments. Mr. Heiberger says Chinese buyers are sensitive to real estate prices and typically look for properties that are in the range of $800 million to $2 million. He went on to say that the Real Estate Board of New York and the New York Attorney General’s Office highly regulate NYC brokerages making them more transparent so that consumers can be highly protected.

The panelist at the forum, which included brokers and developers such as Fredrik Eklund, Miki Naftali, Jonathan Simon, Stephen Kliegerman as well as Andrew Heiberger went on to explain how it can be difficult for foreigners to get financing to purchase real estate in NYC, so it helps if they come in with a lot of cash reserves. Currently many Chinese buyers are looking at properties in other parts of NYC outside of Manhattan as well as Harlem and Brooklyn. The panelist seemed to be satisfied with the current real estate market in NYC and even described what their dream home would be in the NYC.

Know More about Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir is an outstanding business and tech executive who is a big believer in focusing on the customer. He also trusts in execution with an approach of no excuses. He has an undisputed track record of thriving business maneuvers and leadership in technology. Shaygan Kheradpir is knowledgeable about the trade and has a practical vision from the angle of both telecommunications service sources as well as international enterprises.

His Early Days
Shaygan Kheradpir on facebook was born in London but spent his childhood in Iran. He went to high school at Aiglon College in Switzerland. He has a bachelor’s, masters and a Ph.D. in electrical engineering with a specialty in control systems. He attended Cornell University in the USA.

Shaygan Kheradpir began his career at GTE Corporation, where he worked on management, network routing, and control. Ultimately, he rose up to be the chief information officer, and he earned admiration for delivering innovative products on time. GTE combined with Bell Atlantic in 2000 to create Verizon, and Mr. Kheradpir served as the CIO and the CTO for eleven years. He led a team of 7000 who maintained IT systems and created new products like Verizon One and iobi. The latter controls phone books, caller ID and other elements across devices while Verizon One is an assortment of a phone, modem, router and portable gadget.

Until November 2014, he was the Juniper Networks CEO, in Silicon Valley. It is a revolutionary company in the world of networking. While at Juniper, he initiated an Integrated Operating Plan. The IOP aligned with the proposals of activist investors to decrease expenses, procure back stock and raise shares.

Before joining Juniper Networks, he was the CEO and technology officer of Barclays PLC. He joined this reputable global financial services provider in 2011. Kheradpir was also the first technology manager to be part of the executive committee member.

• He was involved in the development of award winning inventive products such as the FiOS interactive TV and internet streaming at Verizon. As a result of development and operation of the product under one roof, they were able to mass produce leading initiatives such as FiOS. It is possibly one of the prevalent communications programs in the history of the US.
• At Verizon, he decreased the company’s technology expenditure by approximately 30%. He accomplished this by bargaining with vendors and outsourcing to India. He also improved the use of IT resources.
• He spearheaded the cultural change in Barclays to conform to the 21st-century industrialization methods. He also contributed to the innovation of products such as Pingit and Cloudit that concern the lives of people.

Other Activities
Kheradpir is part of the Cornell University Engineering Council. Between 2010 and 2013 he was associated with Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology. He sat on the YMCA of Greater New York’s Advisory Board.

John Textor Brings Good Things to Life

John Textor is a media and digital tech wizard most recently known for creating a stunningly realistic posthumous performance of the late Michael Jackson. It took 8 long months of work, but there was no doubt that Jackson’s performance of “Slave to the Rhythm” for the 2014 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas was a magical one. In fact, the performance was so realistic that when personal friends and family members of Jackson witnessed it, many of them were brought to tears. That was the crowing glory for Textor, who knew at that moment that he had made something very special.

Prior to that, Textor spent 6 years leading the Digital Domain Media Group as its Chairman and CEO. Digital Domain Media was responsible for the cutting edge visual effects of a host of big budget blockbuster VFX driven films such as Tron: Legacy, Real Steel, Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End as well as the more realistic epic Flags of our Fathers. In total, Textor helmed the productions of 25 large scale feature films during his tenure as the head of Digital Domain Media and was responsible for bringing the company back to being a dominant industry leader in the VFX market.

During that time, Digital Domain received numerous Academy Awards and Academy Award Nominations, as well as taking home a host of Clio awards for advertising. Perhaps his most notable achievement of all, however, was Digital Domain’s delivery of the very first believable digital human actor. Long considered the “Holy Grail of Animation” this achievement raked in a coveted Oscar for Achievement in Visual Effects at the 2009 Academy Awards, for their work on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

The highest accolade of all for this achievement, however, was that the film also received an Oscar for Best Makeup, even though the “actor” in question was actually a stunningly realistic digital effect that delivered a full hour long Oscar worthy performance. It was also this breakthrough in technology that allowed Digital Domain to venture into the arena of “live” posthumous performances by entertainment legends such as Elvis Presley and Tupac Shakur, who was featured in a live performance with Snoop Dogg at 2012’s Coachella Music Festival.

In 2013, Mr. Textor functioned as both a Producer and Executive Producer of the wildly successful end-of-year science fiction/ fantasy blockbuster Ender’s Game. He is currently working on development of a host of entertainment properties in a wide variety of venues and across a broad spectrum of technology platforms, but there is enormous speculation about the future of posthumous performances. A few of the names that have been mentioned for consideration are legends like Bob Marley and Frank Sinatra.

Skout App is good for teenager, deemed safe

Android apps are popping up everywhere. They’re for an assortment of needs, wants and desires and a lot of young people are catching on to the modern technology much sooner than some parents would like. But some of the apps are stellar apps, and include apps for browsing the web, editing files and reading comics among so many other categories. For travelers, there are many social networks that are made to connect travelers with other tourists, while other use networks directly routing travelers to locals as well.
With Android apps, you have a little bit of everything including digital security, finance, photo editing and storage. It seems that the two ways Android apps excel the most is in elegance and excellence. To find out where personal information is going or searching photos, the best ways can be found in Android’s apps. There is also an array of flirting apps. One that has grown quite substantially in the last few months is Skout.

With Skout, the user can sign up as either a teenager or an adult. After that, the user is placed in a peer group that is appropriate. Then the user can add pictures, post comments, post to a feed as well as chat. When there are other users in the vicinity or basic geographic area, notifications are sent out to the users. By cashing in their points through a point system, users can get notifications when someone is checking them out. But, the points must be paid in order to see who is interested in the user.
Skout has been hailed as the safest app for teenagers. The reason is because the “teens only” section is moderated well. Originally made as a tool for users to expand their social circles, Skout now on instagram has more than 10 million members. Some members have been using Skout as a way to take journeys in their regions of interest with the aid of locals.
Many world travelers, specifically college students and young adults, have turned their trips into virtual vacations, touring destinations more thoroughly thanks to Skout and locals who help them out.

Skout’s travel feature was anticipated to be used to assist users trying to make new friends in different cities and as a tool for those traveling but with no contacts at their destination city. Basically, Skout has been referred to as a “modern day penpal method” of communicating. Now that young people are communicating through social media, Skout is perfect for those who are going to a new place, with people they do not know.

On February 4, Skout declared an International Online Friend Day. Skout even did a survey internationally to find that 46 percent of users from France, 48 percent of users from Australian, 53 percent of users from Britain and 59 percent of users from the Philippines use Skout to connect with people who live in a foreign country. Skout is compatible with iOS devices, can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Plan and is available in several different languages.

Skout Organic Offers A Healthy Snack Option

I love it when I happen upon a product that is good for my health and made with simple ingredients, and that is just what Skout on prnewswire is. This brand is dedicated to giving people a good and healthy snack option. Those who choose to eat an item from this brand are feeding their body something that is good for them. They are making a healthy choice, and they are able to go about and do all of the things that they want to do with a good feeling, because of that.
Treating one’s body with care is something that everyone should be doing, and I love it when brands offer something new and healthy for people to try out. The items that are sold from this brand are things that everyone can feel good about eating. They are made with the simplest of ingredients, which are organically grown, and no one has to feel guilty about consuming the bars sold from this brand. Instead, they can know that they are making a positive choice for their body every time that they eat one, and I believe that that is very important. Everyone needs to start being more conscience about what they are putting into their bodies on a daily basis.
There is all kinds of junk foods out there and available to those who want it, and it is encouraging to see a new, healthy brand like Skout Organic take off and make a difference in the world. Now when someone wants to treat themselves to something good to eat they can pick up a bar from Skout Organic instead of going for one of their usual, unhealthy snack options. Its good to have a brand that sells products that are so easy to eat, and one that sells products that taste delicious, as well. No one is going to want to eat products from a brand, no matter how healthy they are, if they are not tasting good. Skout Organic has made the perfect balance of good tasting and good for you products that everyone can enjoy.
I love seeing brands like Skout Organic come out and do their own thing. It is very encouraging for the way that things will go in the future of food. People are starting to realize that it is important to be eating simple, healthy ingredients, and I think that that is great.

James Dondero, Heights Conquered, Reputation Assured

Few financial firms have survived as long and as successfully as Highland Capital Management on It has thrived in an environment anathema to survival thru its purposeful focus on the advantages discovered in an alternative investment world. Highland Capital Management has become a watchword for stability at a time of extreme turbulence in the financial markets.

Founded in the stable market era of 1993 by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada, Highland Capital Management has demonstrated the ability to succeed and grow in times of plenty and to adapt and change in times of absolute famine. Whether, in a bear market of a bull market, Highland Capital Management has been an example of how to not only survive in times of financial strife but to flourish.

With its growing pain period successfully navigated and its reputation firmly established, Highland Capital Finance showed remarkable adaptability in 1996 by bravely pioneering the collateralized loan obligation market (CLO). As Highland Capital Management originally suggested, the CLO successfully increased the ranks of business lenders resulting in a lower cost for businesses. This move also allowed banks to move quickly to sell those loans to outside investors, thus freeing up the loan funds once again for another wave of business loans. This stratagem worked so successfully that it became a staple for all financial institutions and became, in large measure, the source of most business loans throughout the business community.

During the financial crisis generated in 2008, CLO loans were virtually nonexistent. Highland Capital was one of the first to realize the coming frozen market which allowed it to bunker its investors accounts and minimize risk. By 2012, Highland Capital Management was one of the first again to offer CLOs to business, thus freeing the market from an insulant state back into active participation. Today, Highland Capital Management enjoys assets worth over $21 billion.

Realizing the incredible future opportunities available to its clients, Highland Capital has adopted a long-only credit strategy, a new concept that has helped to solidify an alternative investment climate that had a tendency toward turmoil. Pioneering and utilizing such revolutionary strategies, Highland Capital Management has been a major contributor to the stabilization and revitalization of the American marketplace. With its future assured, Highland Capital Management used the turmoil of the financial crisis to quietly move into many diverse sectors of finance. As others stood still, Highland Capital Management ventured into the financing of almost everything from health care to the oil and gas industry, from distressed and special situation loans to emerging market investments, and from real estate to construction.

Co-founder and President James Dondero has shown remarkable dexterity within the highly energized world of high finance. Through the best of times and the worst of times, his vision has not only held Highland Capital Management together, but it has also enabled this company to thrive while others have foundered. The receiver of numerous accolades, James Dondero has become one of the titans of the financial market. Innovation and the ability to maneuver while others hesitate has led James Dondero to the heights of his career.

Boraie Development LLC continues to thrive in the state of New Jersey

Founded by Omar Boraie, Boraie Development LLC continues to thrive with much success. However, entering real estate wasn’t of much an interest to the Egyptian immigrant. Boraie came to the United States, New Brunswick, New Jersey to be exact, to earn his Ph. D in Chemistry, but later came to realize that the real estate market was his ultimate calling. Boraie has his own real estate business called Boraie Development LLC which focuses on real estate development, sales, marketing, and property management. Boraie Development LLC forte is to only work with the strongest financial institutions, architects with vision and contractors who understand deadlines. Boraie Development LLC works to maintain their vision, capital and reliability to every project. Maintaining a track record for 30 years, Boraie Development has been known to be a developer most people want especially the state of New Jersey. Boraie Development LLC is all about the long term ownership commitment that has been used to attract residents, financial partners and tenants.

Their property management function includes: maintenance, leasing, administration, marketing, customer service and accounting. Boraie Realty subsidiary has sold over 150 million in commercial and residential transactions. Their investment process consists of four core pillars which include: supply and demand characteristics the team sees as rewarding or a risk. Dedication of civic leadership to revitalization of distressed areas is number two. Next is the ability to allow for purchase of scale across assets. Last is the urban market determined to have positive growth factors. Boraie Development even sparked the interest of retired NBA player, Shaquille O’Neal who partnered with the real estate development in 2014. He gave 25,000 to help the community of Atlantic City by reopening the Boys and Girls Club for their 2014 summer program. Boraie Development continues to be a success in the state of New Jersey. Boraie Development is committed to completing many more projects in the future.

How Dating Apps Help Relationships Blossom

New York has always maintained its stellar reputation as a party capital and is readily evident, for single adults outweigh married adults by quite a bit.

As adults consistently who are all connected to their smart phones as they were an extension of themselves, New Yorkers shop online for everything. So why wouldn’t they use their smart phones to shop for love?

Ten years ago, it was a common belief that dating apps are only for the lonely and depressed. Now, as people are beginning to realize that dating apps provide the highest possible standards available to meet a mate. Most people prefer online dating because it is such a difficult experience to go outside their small social circle just to feel comfortable enough to respond to new people.

Dating apps are simply a much more attractive alternative in a city where hookups in pubs are met with suspicion or immediately forgotten, and relationships at work may be perilous.

Skout on techcrunch, the most popular dating at a New York for single women, which promises millions of users and hookups all of the world, says it is the world’s largest app for meeting new people. The citizens of New York City are beginning to realize that technology cannot get in the way of love; it can only intensify it.

The popular dating at Skout was set up in 2012 and promises to create millions of matches across the world daily. Skout has completely changed the way that people hookup.

Skout is the new way of life for singles of New York

One 22-year old girl, says that when she was younger she hung out with only a tiny group of friends and co-workers. Therefore apps, like Skout were the only possible way to mingle with those outside of her small social circle.

Apps enable the connection of a broader spectrum of potential partners, meaning that people who frequent these sites tend to make better choices when choosing a mate than those who don’t, according to a recent article published in Psychology Today.

22-year-old Emily and 24-year-old Robert met on Skout and are just one couple out of millions who have been fortunate to find themselves in love via dating app. Three years after meeting each other, they are engaged.

He’d turned to the Skout dating app to search for real connections following a devastating breakup.

He says that once he and Emily traded a handful of emails and began to instant message, there was an inevitable spark between the couple that drew them closer together. They wanted to be together soon as they possibly could, according to Robert.

It just so happened that they lived in the same, exact neighborhood and hung out in identical bars and clubs. They wondered if they’d have not met each other on Skout if they ever would have come together in real life.

Although Robert admits to feeling a little shy and insecure upon initial meet up, he says that those emotions subsided and his love for Emily quickly grew.
With all of the stories that you year about online dating, I am so very happy I did it because I cannot imagine meeting anyone who loves me for me more than Emily does.” Says Jason.

Susan McGalla Inspires Females with Her Corporate Expertise

There are some people that just know the right things to say at the right times. Susan McGalla is one such person. She has been able captivate a crowd with the words of encouragement that she has for women. As a woman that has been in the business world I appreciate someone like Susan McGalla that has gone through many facets of business.

Her name stands out in the business world because she has had a major role in shaping companies like American Eagle and Wet Seal. She has captured the attention of businesses that desire her branding skills by starting her own company. This is all incredibly impressive because she could have let the barriers to entry in the corporate structure stop her. She chose not to let these things deter her though. She was someone that has managed to build up a career that has spanned over more than a decade in leadership roles. I am impressed with Susan McGalla because she has been able to ride the wave and do things that people just would not believe where possible.

She became the CEO of American Eagle at a time when there were not a lot of women in CEO positions. She realizes how important this was to breaking barriers for women. She also has been able to maintain a quiet strength that has taken her to different platforms. There are so many people that are able to move up in the corporate chain, but many of these people are men. What McGalla has been able to do is show her skills and prove that she has the knowledge and the power to be the best at what she does.

I was a marketing major, and I know that I could not have gotten as far as I have without my college degree. McGalla realizes the importance of higher education as well, and she reminds women that this is something that they will have to do in order to build their knowledge and make themselves competitive in the business world. There are lots of obstacles that can stand in a person’s way, but Susan McGalla has always been one to take on those challenges. She has stood her ground and made a name for herself even as a wife and mother. When men in the corporate world wanted to say that women could not have children and still lead companies Susan McGalla was right there to disprove this. She would prove herself time and time again. This is what I have come to like the most about McGalla. She has this unwavering resilient spirit that keeps her floating right back to the top whenever challenges come her way.

Caring For Your Furry Family Member

Many people in America have chosen to welcome a pet into their home as a new family member. Generally, pets are adopted after careful consideration and preparation. By far, dogs are a favorite of American families when it comes to adopting or rescuing a pet. Researching the best environment, food, and exercise for your new dog is the best way to prepare a welcoming and loving home for their arrival.

Depending on the breed of dog you welcome into your home, you’ll need to make adjustments to your home and yard. Dogs will adapt better to new surrounding if they have a familiar place where they can go. Psychologically, a dog crate serves a primal need in your dog’s personality. This crate should be large enough for your dog to stand up and walk around a little and will be a place where your dog can know he is safe and be comfortable. The crate can also be used as a doggy time out when training your new dog to your home’s rules. Crates should be kept indoors and always in the same place in your home.

The next biggest decision after welcoming your new pet into the family is the dietary schedule. Dogs, as well as most pets, respond well to stability in their diets. This means they should be fed the same amount of the same foods at the same times of day from Beneful. This will help control your dog’s weight and nutritional intake. Your vet can make expert recommendations on the dietary needs of your breed of dog. Many dog owners will choose to feed a combination of dry and wet food to their pooch.

A popular dog food brand among American dog owners is Beneful. Beneful has been scientifically proven to be a balanced source of nutrition for dogs. Dogs, like other pets, require protein in their diets. Beneful offers a variety of proteins in their foods such as beef, chicken, lamb, or pork. Dogs also crave different tastes and textures so carrots, barley, rice, and green beans are included in Beneful dog food blends. These additional ingredients provide other vitamins and nutrients that dogs need to have a full and healthy coat, clean teeth, and crisp vision.

After you’ve chosen a diet for your dog, you need to put together an exercises plan. If you are able to have a safe, enclosed outdoor space for your dog to run in, that may be enough for him to get the exercise he needs. If you live in a home without a yard, then regular walks and trips to the doggy park will need to be scheduled. Exercise will keep your dog’s heart healthy and muscles strong.

Bringing a new pet into your home is a big event and the proper plans must be made prior to bringing him home. Finding the right environment, food, and exercise plan to fit your needs is essential to having a happy dog who lives a long and healthy life.