Yeonmi Park Reflects on Escape from North Korea

“I hope no one sees Kim Jong-Un as a joke,” Yeonmi Park said tearfully during an interview on NK News. “There are 25 million people there in North Korea and this, here, is paradise. It is a heaven.” Human rights activist Yeonmi Park is strikingly beautiful, but beneath her warm smile and dark brown eyes lies a story. When Yeonmi was just thirteen years old, she and her mother attempted to escape the harsh rule of life in North Korea. Her family had employed human smugglers to assist them in reaching South Korea. When they reached China, instead what they encountered was, even more, terror. Yeonmi’s mother was raped, and they were sold into slavery. “Women in North Korea were taught that purity is everything,” Yeonmi said. “We were taught that anything bad that happens is the end of the world. Having this story to tell felt like the end of the world to me. However, if one woman tells her story, maybe others will.” Several years after being enslaved, Yeonmi and her mother were freed. The pair managed to cross the Gobi Desert and find their way to South Korea. Yeonmi’s father was imprisoned at the time she and her mother left North Korea. He later died of cancer. Yeonmi’s older sister, Eunmi, had fled the country without her mother and sister. The three reunited in South Korea. Despite some struggles, Yeonmi Park has come a long way from living in constant fear and starvation in North Korea. She enrolled in college and studied criminal justice. Yeonmi has penned a memoir and participated in multiple human rights summits on Youtube. “I lost faith in humanity,” Yeonmi said. “But we must help those in North Korea. We must tell China to stop sending people back to North Korea. They will be killed. This should be criminal. We must tell North Korea not to kill its people.”

The Role Played by Marcio Alaor of BMG in his Homeland

Marcio Alaor is the executive Vice President of Banco BMG, one of the largest private banks in Brazil. He has been playing a big role of supporting his rural home town especially on matters to do with agriculture and other programs meant to change and improve the lives of those living in that area. Santo Antonio do Monte is Alaor’s home city and he has partnered with local authority in the area to support food court program. Due to his work, Alaor was honored by the leaders and residents of this area, to appreciate the work he has been doing especially supporting the Exhibition Park, and now the food court.
Local officials attended the function to acknowledge the role Marcio Alaor has played in giving back to the society where he was brought up. The honor was meant to show how the executive of BMG is committed to his roots through the support he has always provided to Santo Antonio do Monte. Alaor believes this city has potential to achieve greater things like the municipality is recognized as the largest producer of milk in the region. This city managed to achieve this great potential despite lacking adequate land to favor farming.
Banco BMG is recognized across Brazil for providing affordable payroll loans to those employed in the private and public sectors. The bank targets clients whose rate of default is very low, and this has made it stand out among other lenders in the country. Marcio Alaor has ensured the bank’s position is maintained, as new strategies are developed to counter competition from other banks. As an entrepreneur, Alaor encouraged other successful entrepreneurs to this of this city and collaborate together and help it in changing the lives of residents.
Alaor accepted the title accorded to him, and he thanked the entire team that has partnered with him in ensuring that Santo Antonio do Monte is food secure. Vilmar Octavian, the head of the Rural Union thanked Marcio Alaor for his major role he has played for the city. He believes the support the executive of BMG has provided is fundamental for the union, because it will continue with its initiative of helping farmers in the area. On his part, the mayor of the city, Wilmar Son, stressed the fact that they transformed a structure that was used as a warehouse to be used as a storage facility for food grain, as a great achievement they made.
Alaor was grateful for the accolades he received, because he received them while still alive unlike many instances when such honors are attribute to those who have died. He is highly privileged to be associated with crucial development programs in his rural homeland.

Healthy Dog Food That Dog Owners Will Embrace

I have seen the prices increase in the dog food industry, but twitter customers are happy about the reason these prices are increasing. It is so good to have companies that really are concerned about dogs. There are a magnificent number of dog food companies out there, and I have been able to experiment with several of these companies. Purina Beneful is one of many that I have enjoyed patronizing over the years. This is a company that my father-in-law introduced me to. He has done a lot of bragging about Beneful over the years because he works in a pet store. Beneful has a ton of wholesome variety. He always talks about the selection of wet and dry dog food that Beneful produces. I had to buy some for my own dogs, and I must say that my dogs loved it. The world of dog food is changing, and Beneful plays a big part in that change. The company has been around for years, and the creators have perfected this brand. I like to buy the crunchy Baked Delights from Beneful to help strengthen my dog’s teeth. I also like to buy the Beneful Radiance brand because it has some healthy nutrients and vitamins as well. It is very good to have Beneful because this company is embracing the concept of healthy dog food. FreshPet is another innovator that has blown me away with the amazing ingredients that are available. There are healthy dog foods that have continued to increase in popularity because the ingredients are helping dogs live longer. It is evident that a healthy diet – whether it be for humans or dogs – will contribute to much better nutrition. The nutrition will contribute to a longer life for pets. I have found this is the best way to care for dogs. There was a time when consumers were not really concerned about the choices that were available for their pets. This has changed today. Pet owners are spending more and taking the time to read labels. Dog owners are becoming familiar with the ingredients of these healthy brands.


We all know Google and a couple of other search engines. The search engines are known to use text-based search boxes to interact with users. It’s what everyone is used since the internet developed in the last twenty years. Imagine a search technology that uses images to search what the users are looking. The Pinterest and shoes .com are already developing such a system. The image recognition and visual search on technologyreview tools will drastically improve search efficiency by allowing users to search for images by drawing in the search box.

The Pinterest system is designed with buy buttons along with the pictures. Everything on the internet has changed since it was developed. The search methods remain unchanged. The new technology will significantly improve this area. Pinterest launched the system last summer for its apps and mobile users. The new system is expected to hit the browsers soon. For instance drawing a coffee maker from the kitchen brings other similar items from the kitchen.

The technique is referred to as deep learning. It uses software that has image recognition potential. The new system will power Google images and photo organization service launched this summer. The system allows the user to draw something in a picture box and matches the drawing with the corresponding images. The technology has also been developed before by other company’s s on image recognition software. They include Amazon and Google. Amazon launched the image recognition app in its Smartphone while Google purchased the The site compares items on various websites that look similar. The Pinterest management is optimistic the new such method is an idea whose time has come. The method is accurate given it comes from deep learning technology. The company’s head of visual research notes significant improvement since the plan was effected.

Slyce is a visual search developing company headquartered in Toronto. The company is positioning itself globally as the primary provider of solutions for visual search. The slyce company provides its technology to retailers, brands, apps, digital publishers with technology to equip their apps with instant recognition of their products.

The company is also flexible in providing its services to commerce business. It offers it technology in exchange for percentage sales splits, licensing and search per fees and integration. The company is currently working with over 1000 brands and several innovative developers.