Securus Technologies Helps Inmates Get Visitation

The Securus Technologies application has helped a lot of people get the visitation they need with friends and loved ones in prison. I have used the app to talk to my cousin many times, and I am really impressed with how it works. I do not have to go all the way out to the prison to see him, and I am able to have the same kind of visitation I would get over a secure connection.
I downloaded the Securus app on my phone from a crunchbase link, and now I am able to call in using the app to talk to my cousin. This means that I can check in any time, and I do not have to make an excuse why I cannot get to the prison. Distance is no longer a problem, and distance will not get between me and anyone I know how might be in prison.

I am especially impressed by the app because as reported by PR Newswire,  it allows for video visitation. I am the one who talks to my cousin the most because his parents are gone, and that means that I need to see how he looks. I can talk to him on a video call, and that means that I can see what is going on with him instead of just guessing over the phone. I am really thankful for this because now all my relatives who ask how he is doing will get a true answer from me because I saw him for myself.

I am able to call in at any time I want, and my cousin is able to talk to me on the prison’s schedule. He said that a lot of other people are using the app, and that makes me feel good because I am one of the first to start using the Securus app.

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Venezuelan Regime in Bid for Survival

There’s a growing opposition in Venezuela to Nicolas Maduro’s rule. Many now suspect that the recent killing of the opposition leader, German Mavare, was politically motivated.
According to Fox News, Mr. Mavare was walking home with a female companion named Norka Luque, and then a man on a motorcycle stopped and attempted to rob him.

But as Congressman Luis Florido claims, “The man then said that he didn’t want to rob them, he wanted to kill him.” Mr. Mavare was shot in the head.

Luque says”the government is known to have set up a Chavista base, a group of government supporters who are willing to resort to violence if necessary”.

As the opposition gathers signatures to call a referendum to remove President Maduro, it is likely the Venezuelan regime will resort to under-the-table tactics in order to preserve itself. Mr. Mavare, indeed, was one of the organizers of the calls for removal of Maduro. A political assassination could as well have taken place.


The Success Story of Marc Sparks

Becoming a successful entrepreneur is not just by luck. Marc Sparks believes that anyone can become successful in business. His path to success begun when he was still a student and went on to become a successful entrepreneur – Marc Sparks – President @ Timber Creek Capital.

Marc Sparks as a high school graduate was an average student who later became a serial entrepreneur. Mark’s story is an inspiration to many, and he has written a book to inspire others to succeed.

Marc Sparks is an American business person, venture capitalist, and an entrepreneur. He hails from Dallas, Texas. His hard work and commitment has helped dozens of companies to rise and become a huge success. With great power comes great responsibility, and Sparks leads by example when he decides to invests in a company.

Sparks was born in 1960 and grew up in Cleveland and St. Louis. Marc began his career in Canton Symphony Orchestra in Ohio. Before he became prominent, Sparks served as an Associate Principal Flute. He is still a teacher at DePaul School of Music. He has recorded two solo albums collaborating with pianist Clinton Adams.

His company Timer Creek Capital specializes in venture capital and provides start-up for different companies. Marc provides unique expertise for businesses. He also helps businesses that are starting to rise from the ground and into the real world. Blue Jay Wireless a cell phone company and Cardinal Telecom LLC have both become big capital investments. Marc Sparks helped these companies to get off According to Goodreads, Mark Sparks can be said to be the representation of success. His achievement he says is from his strong faith in God and the ability to remain positive in his toughest times. Despite his success in business, Marc has no university degree and only has a high school diploma.

Marc Sparks has worked in the real estate business, telecommunication, and capital investment and has been successful in all of them. He is a self-made man. His journey has not been without failure, but all this has always kept him humble. Marc wants others to succeed too, and he believes anyone can be wealthy. In his book “They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path to Outrageous Success” he shares his story and gives other ways to create their path to success. He lays a foundation that anyone can use to build his or her next venture.

Apart from business, Marc Sparks is heavily involved in philanthropy says Angel List. One of his charities is the Samaritan Inn which is a housing facility that helps the needy with a place to stay. They also give financial planning, job placement, counseling, and health programs. Marc has also worked with Habitat for Humanity to build homes. He is a supporter of the American Can Academy, high school magnet program that is located in Dallas.

Marc Sparks character and attitude and will to give others explicitly guaranteed him to thrive for years to come.

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4 Reasons Online Reputation Management is Critical to Business Management


Why do people gossip?
Well, for one, it’s an activity that can be entertaining. Problem is gossip can also hurt people. When you are the brunt of gossip you generally go and clear up the rumors personally; talk to the person spreading the rumors; or even tell your own REAL story.
But when it comes to the online world, stopping the rumors, the gossip and the negative remarks is very difficult, just because you don’t know where the rumors are coming from or when or how the comments will turn up. Worse yet, these comments are written and online, which means they can remain permanently in the public eye.
Unfortunately written negative content or comments can ruin a business reputation. The written word is a very powerful instrument and when in the wrong hands it can be a disaster, causing you to lose your audience and ultimately your revenue.

In The Beginning Things Were Easier!
In the early days of digital marketing, managing your online reputation was a little easier; you could simply fix the problem by making a few phone calls to the angry customer, apologizing and offering a few compensatory products in exchanges. But like everything, the world of online reputation management has changed. The experts at the Search Fixers have found that merely exchanging a few products is no longer the right solution. There are other challenges that online businesses face, especially now that customers can express their opinions freely.

Why is It Harder Now?
Online reputation management becomes critical in the management of your business online because it promotes, offers important information about your services or products that clients want, and this contradicts negative information and comments that have become just too easy for people to post online. The following are just a few reason online reputation management has become so important:
1. It is just too easy for online audiences to post any type of message, but especially negative ones that can damage your future sales.

2. Once negative reviews take hold, they become difficult to control

3. Businesses that ignore customers suffer when it comes to online and brick-and-mortar sales.

4. According to the Nielsen, at least 86% of all buyers are influenced by negative comments about a company.

What’s the Solution?
The solution is to prevent the critics from causing damage before it happens, and that requires planning, strategy and prevention tasks that not only make your business LOOK GOOD, but also prevents negative online comments from damaging the business reputation. And that’s where an experienced digital agency like The Search Fixers can help prevent and solve online reputation management issues.

The experts at The Search Fixers promote good content, reviews and information about their client, and the sheer amount of this positive information published to the web far outweighs any negativity posted by a few angry customers. By compensating good content for bad, those negative comments get pushed back in the search engines.

Put simply, having a good online reputation management company like the Search Fixers is like having hundreds of people out on the street praising your business and products… and that can only bring in more business, more revenue and more productivity.
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