Fabletics: Kate Hudson’s Lazy Girl Rescue

Kate Hudson is the co-founder of Fabletics, athletic clothes that are ready to wear wherever you want to go: the gym, shopping, or out for drinks. They have recently opened up a line of “athleisure” dresses, which will differentiate from the usual athletic wear they offer. Kate Hudson spoke with Marie Claire Magazine about her latest debut to give them the latest update on the fashion line. Marie Claire Magazine is a trend-setting information center, filled with tips on beauty, health and fitness, celebrity news, career advice, and so on.

Kate Hudson’s line “Athleisure” is the concept of picking out something comfortable and simple, and wearing it wherever you want; the outfit will work with whatever you plan on doing that day. You can wear the dress to work in the office, you can wear it to the beach with your friends, and you can wear it out on a date. Fabletics uses the same breathable performance materials as their other athletic products, highlighting the ability to go bra-less and still feel comfortable in public. Because they are a direct consumer, they can afford to produce these products with this performance material at a low price. It would be easy to boost this line into something more high fashion, but that is not what the brand is all about. Source: http://www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos

Fabletics brand comprises a bit of sexiness and femininity while still showing off its story and protected appearance/build. Kate Hudson stands by her brand, encouraging women from all over the world to become happy, healthy, motivated, and fit. She can easily reach a broad range of women by keeping the designs simple and price point manageable. Fabletics started in the beginning of April, reaching tons of women in just moments. Kate Hudson really makes our lazy girl dreams come true with this beautiful and simple brand. 
See: http://www.fabletics.ca/kates-picks.htm

Purina Beneful, the Brand of Pet Food That Extends Your Pet’s Life

PurinaStore has won the hearts of pets through their science kitchens and dedicated staff in perfecting nutritiously balanced dry and wet dog food to keep pets healthy, help them maintain their shiny coats, strong bones, bright eyes and bounce in their step for years.
Beneful Originals Dry Dog Food
The ingredients are simple, but the scientific blend of farm-raised beef, whole grains and vegetables are what makes this blend especially delicious to every adult dog.

The chicken blend is blended to perfection using farm-raised chicken, whole grains, and vegetables to encourage your pet to eat healthily and maintain their sleek coat and frisky attitude.

The Fish blend of Beneful Originals combines Real Salmon with whole grains and vegetables, giving your pet the Omega3 needed for a healthy heart.

Whether your pet needs to maintain a healthy weight or is a puppy just starting out with a Purina Beneful nourished life, there are a variety of dry foods scientifically prepared to keep your pet healthy and enjoying those playful days.

A wet dog food blended with the flavors your pet craves. The protein bites are meats and fish chopped and blended with vegetables and nutritional grains, and packed with the flavors your pet loves. The Incredibites blend is prepared with real beef, chicken, or salmon, and enhanced with tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice; the choice is yours.

Purina Beneful Chopped Blends
This scientifically prepared wet dog food blend combines ingredients prepared in the Purina kitchens. These meals are prepared chopped ingredients with a designed nutritional plan to maintain your pet’s health with every meal. Conveniently packaged in resealable containers for freshness, the meal selection is varied depending on your pet’s preferences:

  • Salmon, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach
  • Chicken, carrots, peas, and wild rice
  • Turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and spinach
  • Beef, carrots, peas, and barley
  • Chicken, liver, peas, brown rice and sweet potatoes
  • Lamb, brown rice, carrots, tomatoes and spinach

For the international flavor, dogs crave, it has to be Tuscan Style Medley, Roana Style Medley with chicken, or the Mediterranean Style Medley with lamb, all with vegetables, and rice.

The highly claimed kitchens of Purina are constantly working to improve the health of pets, and at the same time enable pets to live longer more active lives. All the products can be purchased on Wal-Mart.

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Luciana Lossio’s Courtroom Journey

In 1999 Luciana Lossio graduated from the University Centre of Brasilia with a degree in Law. She took a specialization in Electoral Law. Her diverse experience in the study of the law saw her become a member of Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law. She is holds three other degrees. She has taken the first degree in Civil Procedure, the second degree in State and Constitution and the third degree in Legal Order and Prosecution, which she acquired recently. As a lawyer, she has managed to represent high profile clients and government officials. It raised her working profile in the field of law and saw her secure a chance to work in the Attorney General’s office. She has served with the office for seven years. During the period in which she worked in the Attorney General’s office, she gave opinions on crucial processes with the Superior Electoral Court. During these operations, she followed the law to the book when granting her advice.

In 2011, the Superior Electoral Court was in the course of searching for a qualified person who would seal the gap in the court. Luciana Lossio represented her interest in occupying the most coveted seat in the field of law. The Bar Association of Brazil had a task at hand to find the most suitable person. The office needed someone with acceptable and high values so as to ensure the institution was in safe hands. The body needed to function by the law especially during that crucial period where elections would hold the following year. Luciana Lossio passed the test because of her experience of being able to handle cases of high complexity. She became the first female lawyer to become a Minister of the Superior Electoral Court.

Apart from being a strong believer of the legal law, Luciana Lossio is a jack of all trades. She spends her free time in horseback riding. It’s a hobby that has slowly turned into a passion. She discovered this hobby when she was only six years of age. This passion has seen her bring home awards. She has won the prestigious Title of Brazilian Champion Amateur Jump. She has also won an award of the Society Hipica Brasília. Her father is her biggest supporter, and this has motivated her to an extent of representing Brazil abroad in horseback riding games. Being competent in all that she does, she has a promising future which may see her contribute substantially to the Brazilian law system.

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Fabletics Spring/Summer 16

Let’s hear it for exercise garments that help us feel great, look amazing, and work out in confidence and style. Fabletics’ Spring and Summer 2016 collection not only does all that; it’s gaining deserved recognition from the fashion blogs like the Clothes Maiden. Blogger Avery Parker recently posted an article celebrating Fabletics’ new collection and singling out its co-founder Kate Hudson for special praise.

Avery loves the new Fabletics S/S 16 line for its bright geometric patterns, solids in both bright and neutral shades, and monochrome florals: you can mix and match them without a second thought. Better still, there are loose-fitting blouses and jackets that can pull an ensemble together and let you look great outside of the gym or yoga studio. The Clothes Maiden lauds actress Kate Hudson as the inspiration behind the line’s stylish functionality. Kate’s “passion for motivating and supporting women to lead healthy and active lives” led her to create the Fabletics line, Avery insists. Making women feel beautiful while being active was clearly Kate’s goal, and she has achieved it in stunning fashion at http://www.m2woman.co.nz/2-kate-hudson-reveals-7-super-easy-moves-to-achieve-her-envious-body/.

Kate Hudson and Fabletics’ S/S 16 have received a lot of attention elsewhere on the internet as well. Katie Dunlop at Love Sweat and Fitness raved about S/S 16, especially the springtime colors and patterns and the new lifestyle and loungewear offerings that take Fabletics activewear beyond the gym. The Krazy Coupon Lady was also very impressed by style, fit, and price, stating that Fabletics’ quality “rivals Gap Body, but prices are like what you’d find at Target”.

There’s no doubt that Kate Hudson inspiration accounts for Fabletics’ amazing style. But it’s the Fabletics subscription service that provides customers an easy and inexpensive way to access their collections. This is how the Fabletics system works. When you sign up for a VIP online membership, you’re asked to take a quick and easy lifestyle quiz. Your answers provide the Fabletics team with insights into your tastes and workout routines, giving them clues about which outfits and styles you’ll like the best. Each month, you’ll receive notification of which items have been selected for you. Log in to your Fabletics account and, if you like what you see, do nothing. The garments will be shipped. If you’d rather not buy that month, let Fabletics know and you won’t be charged. Shipping is free, and you get a $25 discount on your first order.

Getting workout clothes you’ll love and that fit comfortably into your daily routine has never been quicker or easier.
 Source: http://www.bustle.com/articles/152217-when-do-fabletics-dresses-come-out-shop-these-athleisure-styles-stat-photos

The RBS Group is Growing with the Help of Duda Melzer


Media companies are an incredibly important part of running a successful station. In Brazil, one of the largest media companies is known as the RBS Group. The RBS Group runs a variety of television and radio stations that can all be found within the Brazilian market. Its owner, Duda Melzer, is the reason why the group has grown to its size and why so many people both love and trust the company for what it is able to offer to them. Superior quality and outsourcing are what you can find with this company and why so many people love it.

Duda Melzer has a lot of experience running companies and continues to be a prize within his field. Because of the fact that he has a lot of experience, it is no wonder that so many people have chosen him for their own media needs. The RBS Group, in particular, has grown to a tremendous size to the point where it is one of the only media companies in Brazil at the current moment. It can be a wonderful opportunity for a lot of people who are looking to change their options and work with a company that they can trust.

The RBS Group is ideal for all media needs and Duda Melzer continues to put his passion and experience into running the firm. You will find that with each year that passes, this media group grows even bigger than it was the year before. This is why so many people feel confident in using the company for what it is worth and why a lot of individuals are noticing that it has changed the way that they look at things and the fact that there are many media options that happen to be available to them on any given day.

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Andy Wirth is Taking Squaw Valley to the Next Level

In October 2015 the Auburn Journal published an op-ed piece written by Andy Wirth the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort. This publication outlined the expansion project currently underway at the Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

This op-ed piece outlined the plan to add the Squaw Creek Interpretive Park and Mountain Adventure Camp to the ski resort to help attract visitors year-round.

This expansion project is expected to create over 1,400 new jobs and 25 million dollars in annual tax revenue for the county. The plans for this project utilize much of the existing 82 acres of asphalt parking lots.

This plan also calls for the extensive restoration of the nearby Squaw Creek as well as an annual contribution of at least 1 million dollars to environmental initiatives by Squaw Valley Resort.

The CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Resort Andy Wirth is known by some for his appearance on an episode of Undercover Boss while other individuals know Andy due to a near-fatal accident that he suffered while skydiving. Learn more about Andy Wirth: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/andy-wirth#/entity and http://andywirth.com/

Andy is involved heavily with environmental initiatives in the area as well as with his Iron Man team that raises funds to help the members and families of those who serve in the Navy Seals. Andy Wirth has many years of experience in the resort industry and has been the CEO and president of the Squaw Valley Ski resort for over 10 years now.

Before entering into the resort and hotel industry Andy spent several years as a backcountry ranger with the Rocky Mountain National Parks and San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area.

Andy has overseen a seventy-million-dollar upgrade to the resort as well as a merger with Alpine Meadows Ski Resort to offer combined ticket pricing to customers. Read more: Special Warfare Warrior | Andy Wirth’s Fundraiser and Andy Wirth – About.me

It was also Andy that led the process to acquire Alpine Meadows Ski Resort under the parent company of the two known as Squaw Valley Ski Holdings.

It is without a doubt that Andy is dedicated not only to the environment and Squaw Valley Resort but also the community of Lake Tahoe as a whole.


The integration of both Dick Devos’ passions, which are flying and education, is what yielded the creation of West Michigan Aviation Academy located on Gerald R. Ford International Airport grounds. Apart from flying, the school provides opportunities to students who harbor interests in fields such as science, technology, engineering, and math. The tuition-free public charter school is an initiative that was started by Dick Devos, after much encouragement from his wife, Betsy Devos.

Dick Devos ingenuity came about from a network of non-profit organizations, political action committees, and Federal groups that fund the school. All this would not have been made impossible without Dick’s family fortune and immense affiliations. Dick began the school in the year 2010 with only a single office building that served as the initial building of the school. With the school’s noble beginnings notwithstanding, it was able to move into a larger building that made room for curriculum expansion, student life, and new aviation programs. Under the helm of the former principal of East Grand Rapids High, the school progresses in providing the hands-on approach to students that eager in achieving their dreams.

Dick Devos has been hugely involved in privatizing public schools with the aim of making education accessible to all aspiring students. In his quest for achieving this, Dick has ventured into politics, although he lost to Democrat Jennifer Granholm. Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped Dick from involving himself in various initiatives by helping conservative students and genuine causes. None, however, is greater than his passion for privatization of public education.

Dick Devos began working for his father’s company, the Amway Corporation, in 1974. Dick worked his way up to the vice presidency of the company for ten years. For two years, he was an elected member of the Michigan State Board of Education but later stepped down to take the reins of his father’s business. He took the role of president of the Alticor Inc., which was the parent company of Amway Corporation. He retired in 2002, after which he ventured in the privatization of public education and other noble causes with his wife.

Dick Devos expresses generosity, initiative, and development of aspiring students who seek to achieve their life goals. The West Michigan Academy has opened has garnered donations from various genuine causes, and in so doing helping aspiring students to make their mark in the larger society.