Exploring Squaw- Alpine Lake Tahoe Resort

Squaw Valley is a ski resort located on Lake Tahoe Skiing in Olympic Valley, CA. This is one of the largest ski resorts in the United States and the home of the country’s second deepest lake ( Lake Tahoe). Squaw Valley is surrounded by Nevada’s beautiful mountains. The resort was started by star skier Wayne Poulsen. The resort opened in 1949. It became a success after being the location of the 1960 Olympics. This was also the location for the 1969 World Cup. Squaw valley is one of 18 ski resorts located on Lake Tahoe.

Alpine Meadows is a small community in Placer County, CA along the Tahoe River on Bear Creek. The very small community consist of approximately 500 residents. There are only 462 single-family homes, 130 condos and a 30-unit apartment complex. They have a ski drop that is 1,800 feet long. The village is European inspired. Alpine Meadows opened as a ski resort in 1961 as another resort to visit besides Squaw Valley on Lake Tahoe. It was opened just for the pleasure of skiing, they were not worried about the business and money. This resort came to the public’s eye in 1982 after a huge avalanche that killed six people on March 31.

Alpine Meadows Ski Resort and Squaw Valley Ski Resort was merged in 2011. The resort have over 6,000 Acres of ski land. There’s usually an average of 450 inches of snowfall. With all of that snowfall this is the home if one of the longest ski/snowboarding seasons. There are many things to enjoying while staying on this resort. They have nearly 60 restaurants, bars, boutiques and art galleries. There is 270 trails to walk and 42 lifts. You can take a nice kayak ride around the lake while viewing the amazing scenery. You can also take a ride in the helicopter to get a view from the sky. They have Aerial Tram rides, another way to view the resort from way up high. If you enjoy the outdoors and nature take a hike in the meadows of Squaw Valley. Take the children on a camping adventure. You can be adventurous and try the sky jump that ranges from 20 to 220 feet. Are you interested in the Olympics? Take a tour around the Olympics Museum. Come visit the top destination for spring skiing and snowboarding.You are sure to have a good time at Squaw-Alpine Lake Resort.

Should You Start Using Wen?

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