Securus Technologies Video Visitations Helping to Detect and Solve Crimes

Securus Technologies is one of the premier providers for technological solutions to correctional facilities, all over North America. This Dallas-based company recently made a commercial about their video visitations and it got people talking. Their industry competitors, especially, were totally against this as being unethical. But doesn’t any blooming company get this?


According to a press release made by their boss, their video visitations would not only help inmates keep connected to their loved ones. Rather, it would be instrumental in solving and detecting crimes. With video visitations, the amount and quality of visits will significantly improve. More and more people will be able to virtually visit their families behind bars. Besides, the traditional visitation methods do nothing to motivate families to visit their loved one. Think of the transportation costs, costs and convenience of visiting at your own hours. This is the kind of convenience and cost-efficiency that you will get from using Securus video visitations.


Other than convenience, video visitations are bound to make people behind bars be more involved in the lives of their families. For Example, a father behind bars can virtually assist his children with their homework, this way keeping a bond with them even when they aren’t physically available.


Securus video visitations will also help in crime prevention and detection. If an inmate is to converse planning a crime or talking about various criminal activities they were involved in, this could be used as evidence in court. Also, it will help in the timely report of planned crimes so that the security officers can take action.


About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a leading technological solutions provider for correctional facilities. Their cutting-edge innovations help in the improvement of security all over North America. They are mainly concerned in solving and detecting crimes while enhancing the inmates experience when they are behind bars.




The Kabbalah Center and Its Principles

Kabbalah is a field of study that was originally developed from Judaic customs and traditions. Being a school of thought, it is founded on a set of esoteric teachings, which attempt to create a relationship between the complicated conceptions of infinity and the human level of understanding of mortality, and the eternity of the bounded universe. It tries to decode the mysterious nature surrounding God and His creations. Jewish sources are the basis where concepts and teachings of Kabbalah originates. Unlike Muslim or Christianity, Kabbalah is not a religious designation, but it is widely used as a supplement to them.

Kabbalah attempts to understand ontological questions such as eternity, infinity, the nature of the universe, the purpose of existence and other ontic issues to aid in the achievement of spiritual realization. Its teachings give suggestions on methods that individuals can use to aid them to clench the ontological questions to achieve the spiritual realization. Kabbalists use the classical Jewish sources to embrace the Kabbalah’s deep teachings. The Hebrew Bible and the rabbinic literature have deep meanings that the Judaists use in Kabbalah to interpret them. The Judaists also use Kabbalah to demonstrate the importance and significance of Jewish religious practices.

Kabbalah matches religions such as the Islam, Hinduism, and Christianity through some of its teachings and thus, it can be used to supplement them. Kabbalah has some interesting teachings. God is beyond human understanding and thus, people should rather focus on making their relationship with God better, than trying to understand Him. Human beings possess five senses that only 1 percent is reality thus there are different types of dimensions. Masturbation is a taboo in Kabbalah principles as the sperm contains a soul that turns into a demon when wasted.

The Kabbalah Center is now in 40 cities around the world. Phillip Berg and his wife, Karen Berg, in the year 1965, founded the first center. The Kabbalah Center is a non-profit making organization that enjoys a strong online presence due to its many members around the world. To encourage a better life and a better world, the Kabbalah Center teaches principles that are used in everyday life. Kabbalah Center’s headquarters are in Los Angeles and was first opened in 1984. The center provides employment to a multi-ethnic staff of educators that educate and train to the worldwide student community. It also offers courses on Zohar and Kabbalistic teachings.

Why AHBE And AIG Aren’t In Good Terms

The former ownership of Atlanta hawks, with Bruce Levenson being part of it, recently filed a lawsuit against AIG, an insurance company that they previously had dealt with. Through their legal representation, AHBE (the former owners of the NBA franchise) argues that most of the terms in their contract with AIG, which involved the claims settled by Danny Ferry (former general manager), were violated. The lawsuit also serves as a civil action for insurance bad faith.

The amount of the claim has been kept confidential. According to the report by ESPN, AHBE made a claim, which AIG fails to acknowledge. To top to this, AIG has failed to acknowledge that their action has triggered the policy. The breach of contract occurred when covered losses in the settlement between AHBE and the current ownership weren’t paid. For this, AHBE is seeking a 50% penalty. The amount being sought is also to be used to pay attorneys.

AIG has, since then, remained silent on this issue. The current Hawks management, however, through its spokesman, clarified that the lawsuit doesn’t affect them in any way, and that they would stay clear on the matter.

About Bruce Levenson

The co-founder of United Communications Group (UCG) was once part of the group that owned the Atlanta Hawks, an NBA franchise, before it got sold to Antony Ressler, He co-founded UCG with the help of Ed Peskowitz. Prior to this, he had served as a write, putting together articles for the Washington Star. He also published articles there. Bruce has also served as a director at

The “I Have a Dream Foundation” is what many know Bruce for. According to PR News this is one of his numerous philanthropic projects, where he serves as president. The Bachelor of Arts degree holder, who graduated from Washington University, certainly has a soft spot when it comes to charity work.


Tips on being a good manager

– Try to lead, and avoid being bossy. The difference between a boss and a leader is, the former only has himself in mind, while the latter puts the interest of his people before his. This way, a boss demands respect, whereas a leader earns it. Josh states that only leaders succeed in life.

– The leader looks at a situation from both sides of the coin, then strives to achieve a win-win situation. Being selfless, the leader would want to win and at the same time, want the society and employees to also win. He urges leaders never to go for a win-loss situation.

– The CEO of explains that, the reason one has one mouth and two ears is so that they could talk less and listen more. It is a virtue of a great leader to listen. He admits that few words bear much power.

– As much as one needs to focus on their business, a manager should find time for other things, such as family. He encourages leaders to balance their lives. Focusing too much on one thing will kill the chances of the other being great. Progress has to reflect in all areas of life. Make even the tiniest of efforts to improve not only our work life, but also your relationships, health, and personal growth.

– It is passion that drives people to success. Waking up in the morning to do something you aren’t passionate about can be difficult.

About Josh Verne

The CEO of is undoubtedly a successful figure in business. Josh Verne boasts an enviable career. He sharpened his management skills when he served as co-president at Home Line Furniture. Later, he went ahead to form The online platform acts as a marketplace, which allows one to make purchases, deducting them from their payroll. He founded the company together with Jon Dorfman, his childhood best friend.

Mr. Josh Verne later sold for a fortune. He then went ahead to form, a company which he currently heads. The company is based in Pennsylvania. It works to enable college students to exchange content through peer-to-peer connections. The company was formed this year and has skyrocketed in terms of growth and the profits it is making.

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Siegall Inspired to Cure Cancer

Clay Siegall, President and CEO of Seattle Genetics, has always wanted to work towards finding a cure for cancer. In a Facebook post to the George Washington School of Medicine, he discusses his father’s own cancer and how it inspired him to go into cancer research. Siegall Facebook George Washington The post links to the following story where he accounts how his career path began to form Siegall inspiration to go into cancer research. He recounts the trips to oncologists and how he would talk to them and inquire about what they do and why.


In 1998, he co-founded Seattle Genetics, a biotechnology institute, which specializes in cancer research and treatment. His company works tirelessly to discover and develop anti-body conjugate treatments. Their main drug Adcetris has met with much success in the trials and is quickly becoming a frontline treatment. The treatments produced by Seattle Genetics are less harsh than chemotherapy treatments. He has also used his vision and leadership to help the company grow and expand.


Through partnerships with other companies over its anti-drug conjugate licenses, Siegall has helped the company to earn 325 million. They also have 12 new drugs in development. These new drugs will help to treat different cancers and are entering the trial phases. Also, he has expanded the workforce tremendously and is looking to expand and grow even more. Siegall understands the importance of finding treatments that help to improve the patient’s quality of life. Siegall is working towards fulfilling his dream of finding a cure for cancer.

George Soros’ Contribution Fails to Clinch Top Job for the Democrats

George Soros’ decision to contribute to the democratic camp was greeted with a lot of optimism. Soros last contribution to the democratic campaign was in the 2004 elections where George Bush won a second term in office. In that particular campaign, he had contributed $ 27 million. Soros then went back to the business world on when Kerry lost only to reemerge to back his good friend Hillary Clinton.

Soros’ Clinton Support

Soros, an 85 year old billionaire of Hungarian roots, is a close friend of the Clintons and his reappearance to sponsor Hillary was not much of a surprise. George Soros donated around $25 million in an effort to revitalize the democrats’ campaign for the Oval Office and other key state leadership positions. Although he was expected to attend Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention, he was caught up in pressing business engagements.

Many have said that apart from his close friendship with the Clinton’s, Soros was motivated by issues such as immigration, the justice system and religious tolerance, which he feels are not well represented by a Republican Presidency. George Soros’ contribution to the Clinton campaign was followed by other generous contributions such as Tom Steyer’s $31 million, Haim Saban’s $11.1 million, Fred Eychaner’s $11.1 million and Don Sussman’s $13.2 million.

The Aftermath

Now that the democrats have lost to president elect Donald Trump, the billionaire supporters in the Clinton camp and the main Democratic Leadership on Biography are meeting to strategize on the way forward. This meeting is convened when Liberals are reevaluating their participation and approach to elections in particular and American Politics in general. This meeting, courtesy of the Democratic Donor Club, includes personalities like Soros, Elizabeth Warren, the Democrats house leader Nancy Pelosi and Keith Ellison among others.

The meeting is of people who are uncomfortable with a Trump presidency, which they believe would erode all the strides made by Obama. They hope to thwart Donald’s 100 day plan and in so doing preserve the democrats gains under the presidency of Obama. The role of the Democratic Alliance at, which is responsible for the coordination of funding, is also part of the agenda at the meeting.

Haircare Tips For Women

Hair is the perfect weapon of choice for most women. Having great looking, healthy hair is a reflection of self and shows others how much you take pride in who you are. It’s also a great way to get the attention of the opposite sex. Unfortunately many women are harming their hair from the events of what they’re doing on a daily basis. Dyes are very popular and gives you a specific look, but dyes are full of harsh chemicals which dry’s out the hair and scalp as well as creating breakage. Yikes! If you like to dye your hair, try doing it as less as possible.

Another thing that’s detrimental to your hair is by the use of perms. These advanced treatments can turn curly hair into straight strands in no time. Unfortunately this process involves the use of chemicals. The ingredients in most perms have the ability to eat right through aluminum if it’s not washed completely off. Now imagine what happens to your scalp and hair if it’s not washed away. Perms have been known to cause scalp burns which can result in permanent hairloss. The best way of avoiding these infractions to use a more gentle approach and no other brand is more gentle than WEN by Chaz.

WEN by Chaz is an advanced haircare line that was developed by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean ( As of today the brand has sold more than $40 Million bottles in a 16 year span. Now that’s success! Founder Chaz Dean has always had a passion for haircare and he uses his expert knowledge in every formula of the brand’s products. Ladies if you want the very best in total haircare treatments, WEN by Chaz is the product for you. Join the WEN by Chaz revolution and take your hair health back.

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