A Look At Sam Strauch’s Take On Miami Beach Real Estate

Leading into July 2016 the real estate market slowed down. In the last few years the value of real estate in Miami Beach had increased by quite a bit so it was inevitable that eventually the market would stabilize. As more homes come onto the market for sale, and not quite as many buyers in years past, the price of homes has dipped a bit and so is now creating a “buyer’s market” in the region. Currently the median price of a home in Miami Beach is $435,000. Another factor leading to the slowdown is the strong dollar which means fewer foreign buyers.   Related link realtor.com has the facts.

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Samuel Strauch is the Principal of Metrik Real Estate in Miami Beach. Over the last 15 years he has developed the skills to work with the real estate market in Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, and the surrounding area in all types of market conditions. Under his guidance, Metrik Real Estate has gone from a small real estate office in 2002 into one that provides services in the real estate market both in Florida and several countries in South America.  Strauch has developed Metrik Real Estate into three main areas of the real estate market; equity & development, brokerage, and property management.

According to angel.co, one of the real estate markets that Samuel Strauch has a presence in is Panama. He likes this country because the housing is affordable, the country has a good future, and has a large number of locals and foreigners investing in its real estate market. When asked about investing in Panama Strauch said that Panamas has a strong demographic coupled with good economic growth. He went on to say that Panama is a good opportunity for those who have savings to purchase a permanent or second home due to a lot lower cost of living.

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Sawyer Howitt and the Meriwether Group

Under the direction of CEO and father of Sawyer Howitt, David Howitt, the Meriwether Group is a one stop shop for any business in need of acceleration, advice, and/or capital options. Sawyer Howitt is the son of David Howitt and is a recent high school graduate and elite racquetball player. While the Meriwether group is not under the direction of Sawyer Howitt at this time there is no doubt that the Meriwether group will thrive in the future when Sawyer Howitt takes on a leadership role.

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Regional Bank Raises $155 in Senior Notes

NexBank, one of the country’s leading regional banks, recently completed an oversubscribed private placement of senior notes, raising a grand total of $155 million. Private placements involve the sale of securities, in this case notes, to a select group of investors, as opposed to a public offering. The notes reach maturity in 2026 and can be called as early as 2021, with a five-year $5.50% fixed interest rate and a floating rate thereafter. The issue is graded BBB by Kroll.

According to NexBank’s leadership, the successful placement demonstrates investor confidence in NexBank’s solid fundamentals as one of the nation’s top regional banks with a Tier-1 leverage ratio of 8.13% and risk-based capital ratio of 13.14%. 2016 has proved to be an outstanding year for NexBank in terms of earnings, assets, loans and deposits. Total assets are currently at $4.64 billion, which is a 71% jump from the previous year.

Total deposits also registered 72% growth, and loans are up 44% since 2015.

Founded in Dallas in 1934, NexBank Capital, Inc. is the parent company of NexBank’s three main businesses: commercial banking, mortgages, and institutional banking. The company specializes in custom financial services for institutional and financial clients throughout the United States. The bank currently holds around $4.6 billion in assets.

NexBank has shown tremendous growth in the last fifteen years. The regional powerhouse recently completed the acquisition of College Savings Bank, a New Jersey bank that specializes in 529 college savings plans. The company is committed to using its financial strength to serve its individual and institutional customers.