Bruno Fagali: Choosing A Reliable Attorney For Help

Are you looking for a reliable law firm or attorney? There are many lawyers out there offering a wide variety of legal services but you don’t want to pick just any lawyer or law firm. Hiring just any an attorney is not advisable, which is why Bruno Fagali comes highly recommended.

Whether there are regulations which have negative effect on your business or if you believe that an organization or agency has wronged you, a competent administrative law attorney can help.

Bruno Fagali is a renowned attorney and he is based in Brazil where he has been helping businesses and individuals resolve their legal matters effectively. He devises powerful strategies that work well in addressing various legal situations to ensure the best results for clients.


Bruno Fagali takes the time to go over his clients cases to have a good understanding of what they need to resolve the matter. Bruno Fagali is well respected by his clients and his colleagues as well.

Bruno Fagali understands the law and has great expertise in Administrative Law as well as Compliance issues in businesses and organizations. Bruno Fagali can address your situation appropriately and ensure your complete satisfaction.


White Shark Media Doesn’t Want Complaints To Go Unresolved

Most customers at White Shark Media have come away very happy with the services they offer. White Shark Media takes the burdens off of small businesses in marketing by building and managing ad campaigns and assisting in the bidding process. They want to make sure that the process of opening accounts with them runs as smooth as possible, and they’ve taken steps to address customer complaints over the years.


One complaint customers have had with White Shark Media was having to start over a brand new account with Google AdWords or Bing Ads when they felt their existing account was already doing well. So White Shark Media decided to make an allowance for customers to now keep their existing account and continue using it. White Shark Media has also resolved complaints about communication by having a 24/7 contact number for a customer contact person. And there are also advisors who monitor a customer signup process from the time they had the evaluation to the time they signup for a plan, so that way if questions arise that the contact person is not familiar with there are people they can consult immediately.


More information can be found on White Shark Media’s website about how their campaign optimization service works through an online evaluation. The evaluation is free and held at, and during the evaluation a specialist will take a look at your current Google and Bing campaigns and show how White Shark Media’s system can improve them. If you like what you hear, you can hire White Shark Media immediately.


Honey Birdette Reveals Its Plan to Launch More UK Retail Stores following the Success of Its Online US Shop

In 2016, Eloise Monaghan and her business partners realized an increase of 374 percent in sales through their Honey Birdette US site. The Brisbane entrepreneur stated that they aim to provide US customers with a user-friendly online shopping experience and affordable shipping options. Honey Birdette has fast deliveries for all clients and charges no fees for purchases that exceed fifty dollars. The firm has a broad range of products and allows consumers to quickly return newly bought items they would wish exchanged or refunded.

With collaboration from the company’s co-owners, Eloise Monaghan set up Honey Birdette in 2006 and has opened 55 stores in Australia alone. The entrepreneur opened the first physical store outside of her home country in 2016 in London’s Convent Garden. After opening two more stores in Westfield White City and Leeds Victoria Gate, she revealed that they would launch new retails in Liverpool, Westfield Stratford, Newcastle, and Leeds. According to reports from the firm, Honey Birdette will open retail openings in the US and add a total of 40 retail openings to the existing ones.

Despite its presence in the retail price for over a decade, Honey Birdette has done a remarkable job of adapting to the rapid technological changes of the millennial age. It has a strong social media presence Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Vimeo, and Tumblr. These forums facilitate in maintaining trustworthy relationships with customers.

Honey Birdette specializes in the development of many products. These include lingerie, adult toys, essentials, gifts, gift cards and bags. Customers’ reviews show how much they often marvel at the softness, quality, and durability of the fabrics. In an interview with Mike O’Connor of Courier Mail, Eloise described Honey’s adult toys as modern, and more hygienic than their traditional counterparts. Honey’s toys’ have gained popularity in the United States and once featured on Oprah Winfrey’s TV show. Eloise revealed that the company values customer feedback and offers the best customer service to every walk in clientele. If a particular outfit does not match with the client’s best look, Honey Birdette’s staff will not hold back in advising the customer. Honey Birdette’s stores are lavish in appearance, providing a favorable atmosphere to all clientele.

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The Lung Institute, Changing The Way Lung Disorders Are Treated

The Lung Institute was founded with a goal in mind – to be able to provide patients with quality medical care for the treatment of lung diseases. Every year, thousands of people are diagnosed with chronic lung conditions which require a lot of treatments and medical care. The Lung Institute aims to give these people the solutions they need so that they can go back to living their normal life. Individuals who are diagnosed with lung conditions have to face a lot of hardships because of the negative impact the disease can have on them.

Sometimes, doing simple tasks such as walking across your living room can be a hassle for a person who has a chronic lung condition. The Lung Institute in the Baylor College of Medicine in Tampa, FL aims to help such people so that their disease doesn’t come in the way of them leading their life. Because chronic lung conditions haven’t been researched much up till now, there haven’t been revolutionary treatments which have helped patients without having any adverse side effects. The Lung Institute plans to change all of that. By investing into research related to lung conditions, they have been able to come up with courses of treatment which have otherwise not been divulged into. The Institute knows that all the people coming to them for their ailments are different and therefore will respond differently to the treatments that are given to them. By carefully monitoring their patients and looking at their patient history, the Lung Institute can come up with solutions that will help the patient the most, and which they know will have the most positive impact on them.

One of the main kinds of research that the Lung Institute has invested into is the use of stem cells for the treatment of various lung related disorders. Stem cell therapy has been proven time and again to be one of the most revolutionary methods for the treatment of different diseases, and applies to lung related disorders as well. The Lung Institute aims to improve the lives of the people who come to them for treatment ( and seeks always to try to provide the best and high-quality solutions.

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The Rise of Yanni Hufnagel

From a glance, Yanni Hufnagel seems like an average Boston resident, but take a closer look and, you get a different perspective. He is the man who was behind the success of the Harvard Basketball team. Yanni Hufnagel is a basketball coach.


The irony is Yanni was kicked out of the basketball team while he was in high school. However, he didn’t let that take him deter his focus. After his cut, Yanni took a position as a commentator for the team’s games on the local TV.


After graduating from high school, Yanni attended two different universities; the Pennsylvania State University and the Cornell University. He graduated with a bachelor degree in Industrial and Labor Relations.


He completed his internship at the New Jersey Net and later joined the University of Oklahoma. Yanni Hufnagel served as the graduate assistant coach for the Men’s basketball team at the University. While at the University, Yanni earned his Master’s degree in Adult and Higher Education with emphasis on Athletics Administration.


Yanni joined the Harvard Crimson Men’s Basketball program as the assistant coach. He was also a recruiter. His recruiting ability led to his voting in the CBS Sports Survey as the Mid-coach with a promising recruiting career. Hufnagel was also named to a CBS Sports basketball dream team.


In 2013, Yanni Hufnagel joined the Vanderbilt as the assistant coach. He was responsible for helping the Vanderbilt improve their ranking to 29th in the 2014 recruiting class. Soon after the success, he left the team and joined Golden Bears as the assistant coach.


Yanni Hufnagel assisted the team to achieve the 2016 NCAA Tournament berth. He resigned from the position after two years. In 2016, he accepted the assistant coaching position at the University of Nevada Wolf Park. The UNR president supported his employment.

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Joker : The Greatest Movie Villain of All Time


Batman has been through many incarnations, as both comic books and motion pictures have portrayed his character. Throughout these many faces, the Batman from DC comics never has failed to thrill fans. Yet in movie history, one villain and one actor stands out from all of these greater Batman works. This must be the Joker, as played by actor Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight.


It is the vision of Christopher Nolan, but the Joker stands apart from the director and the film world. Ledger portrays the one of the most famous villains, Joker, in a primeval, yet chaos driven air of wonder, madness, and subtle genius. The Joker becomes a tool of the universe, one that has been shaped by childhood trauma, dysfunctional family values, and a taste for violence.


Ledger famously calls himself and the Joker, “An agent of chaos.”


No words more truly describe, what must be the greatest movie villain of all time. The award goes to Health Ledger, as the Joker in the 2008 film The Dark Knight.

A Look at Technology Entrepreneur Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is known as one of the prominent and most prosperous business and government technology industry entrepreneurs. He is a Harvard University Graduate. He is also a writer, published author, speaker, big-hearted philanthropist, and an entrepreneur who has established and advanced many strong foundations. He has accomplished a lot in the course of his career. He had created a Database Computer Company even before finishing high school. He also worked as a writer and editor of The Harvard Crimson, Harvard University’s daily newspaper. In 1991, Eric Pulier relocated to Los Angeles to follow his dreams.

Eric Pulier’s entrepreneurial success is as a result of him being an ideal person. Most of his companies get funded by big investment capital groups around the globe. These companies include Desktone, SOA software, and MediaPlatform. Pulier is also part of Clinton Global Initiative founded by Bill Clinton, and Enterprise Leadership Council’s Managing Director.

Xprize is possibly one of the most contemporary foundations by Eric Pulier. The program has multiple competitions and awards for enthusiastic individuals. His primary aim behind this was to support steadfast adults and teens who fail to achieve their dreams due to poverty. Another successful work by Eric Pulier was Akana which was an SOA software program. He later sold the business to Rogue Wave Software after expanding it to a compelling series of SOA solutions.

Eric Pulier is a generous humanitarian with several philanthropy projects. These projects include the Painted Turtle, which is a summer camp for kids suffering from chronic diseases. The other notable philanthropy project was his collaboration with Bill Clinton to create affordable cloud computing solutions to poor communities.

Pulier has published several works which include his book “Understanding Enterprise SOA” which provides an easy way of understanding the field. He has also acted a Forbes writer.

Eric Pulier has left a significant impression globally from his philanthropical deeds and establishment of the first online bilateral live feed stream.

Wengie- Draw My Life


Wengie, the popular Australian fashion blogger, has an interesting life story that she brings to the forefront in a Draw My Life video. Her everyday image is one of a modern and boisterous personality that is positively consumed with the facets of fashion, relevant life hacks, and helping young women create a personal style that is fun. Her life story, intimately portrayed in this blog, tells a different story filled with trials and perseverance.


The story begins with a retelling of her parents’ decision to immigrate to Australia at the height of family economic troubles. Once in Australia, Wengie and her siblings had an environment in which to flourish. Wengie was a stellar student. She excelled in technical courses, but always had an inclination toward aesthetics. This collision of temperaments is outlined in detail in the Draw My Life exposition.


After her formal academic training, Wengie sought career fulfillment in mundane jobs. These jobs would normally provide excellent career opportunities for her and her peers, but they did not mesh with her outgoing personality. Some of the post-collegiate jobs included lucrative positions like accounting. Wengie had all the necessary skills to build an accounting career, but her employers were quick to dismiss her talents.


The one element that was present throughout Wengie’s life was good friends. She was fortunate to have friends that were honest with her about her talents and personal attributes. With the growth of online blogging, Wengie found a way to connect with the wider world. She started a simple blog about her favorite clothing, makeup, and aesthetic tricks. There is no argument that Wengie’s personal style had wide appeal, so her blogs became a popular resource for people wanting to learn insights about designing their own style.


The Draw My Life video blog platform not only shows that Wengie has a talent for visual story-telling, but her passion for helping people look their best is genuine. Only a blogger with immense talent could reveal such important life events, while relating them to a fashion blogging mission. Wengie’s Draw My Life expose’ is an extraordinary addendum to the valuable insights normally conveyed on her expert fashion and living blog.


E-governe Will Be Deployed In More Areas Of Brazil

E-Governe is a piece of management software that is utilized by many Brazillian offices. The software is capable of handling multiple forms of government offices and educational facilities. The software is currently being deployed in schools, municipal buildings and more.

The Municipality of Teresina had recently adapted the technology for the entire city. They had been training their employees to adapt to the new system in order to make the transition permanent. The health, finance, and education are all rigged with the latest software. The city hall will continue to expand the software to other minor departments.

Mayor Sílvio Mendes is confident that the E-Governe system is ideal for the city. The software will be able to speed up identifying problems and monitoring all of the systems of the municipality. The system is especially useful due to the demands of an increasing population.

The institute of Curitiba de Informática is also benefiting from the new E-Governe software suite. The system helps greatly in managing the human resource department.

The municipality of Osasco, which is on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, had also successfully implemented the E-Governe software. They teamed up with ICI of Curitiba to implement the educational software within their schools. The city had also received various hardware upgrades to accommodate the new software.

The education department of Osasco will be deploying the software to over the needs of 138 schools. According to, the software will also be set up in the Continuing Education Center and the Municipal Education Department.

Osasco hopes to retain the integrity and security of all information processed on the network. The software will also allow them to create reports on a real-time basis. The system administrator will also be able to administer security clearances to certain people and modify permissions at a whim. Reports and remote administration may also be accessed through the internet.

Osasco is considered to be one of the most developed cities in the country. Updating their software is of great importance so that they live up to their reputation. The city’s population had also boomed in recent years so advanced administrative software is needed to micromanage such a large population.

The city is an outstanding symbol of social progress and a strong entrepreneurial population at The development of the city’s government had paved the way for many industries to open up. Many of the unions, government organizations and federations are located in the city. Distribution centers for McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and other large companies rely on the efficiency of the city. The largest e-commerce store Submarino is also located there.

The promoter of E-Governe is the Instituto Curitiba de Informática. The institute was founded in 1998 and is a social organization of the municipality of Curitiba. They handle many small government technology systems including the Quality Card system and Vale Transport. They have also worked with other municipalities in Brazil to implement software like E-Governe. They work with software regarding finance, administration, education, transportation, taxes and other social services. They are also dedicated to creating the experimental “smart mini-city” in Curitiba.

Chris Burch Explores the Word of Tech Fashion

There has been a ton of advancements in both the fashion and technological industry in the recent past. The most interesting thing is that the two fields are growing in an almost similar manner. Technology is becoming part of fashion, and very few people would be caught walking around with technology that is unfashionable.


Chris Burch believes that it is time for the two to marry and create high standards of functionality and innovation that will drive the market to the next level. Up to now, technology has just been but practical. Marrying it to fashion will give use good looking products that are even more practical.


We envision a future where no one will ignore functional ware simply because it is inconveniencing or unfashionable. Think of a biker airbag that stays around your neck and out of your peripheral vision as you ride and only inflates to protect you when it detects a tumble. This will be easier to wear and most people will count on it to keep them safe during the fewer accidents thanks to better hearing and visibility.


About Chris Burch


Chris (Christopher) Burch is the founder and current CEO of the Burch Creative Capital, a company that invests in new markets and works on imagination, creativity and incubation to come up with impressive innovations that have a true positive impact on the consumer market.


Mr Burch has participated in the inception and growth of up to 50 companies in his almost 40 years career and is an expert in combining consumer behavior with innovators and thinkers to come up with practical solutions for the practical world.


His latest efforts can be seen in the manifestation of a couple of ED portfolios by Ellen DeGeneres, Nihiwatu, Poppin and TRADEMARK. This is just but an addition to the vast list of established brands that have gone through the highly capable hands of Chris Burch.