How Sheldon Lavin Transformed A Middle-Level Firm Into An International Giant

Sheldon Lavin’s career began in a diverse field. Before he embarked on the journey of working closely with the former partners of OSI Industries LLC, previously known as Otto and Sons, Sheldon was a thriving financial expert. He was specialized in providing investment advice to the bank’s clients and drafting financial plans. His first encounter with Otto and Sons came when the firm contracted his bank for investment services.

Sheldon Lavin worked as the personnel involved in the dealing and provided information that rapidly grew Otto and Sons in revenue and assets. His performance in the contract prompted Otto and Sons to extend an offer to him, as a partner in the company. Sheldon declined the offer as he did not anticipate to shift his career path. However, after a consultation with the bank, Lavin became Otto and Son’s, primary financial advisor.

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In 1975 when Otto retired from the business, MacDonald joined in as a partner at the request of MacDonald. He stated that he had developed a deep appreciation for the enterprise’s intricacies and was enthralled to be part of its future growth. In the mid-80s, Otto and Sons rapidly expanded to open regional branches in Taiwan and South American under the directives of Sheldon Lavin. It was during that period that he gained half of the firm’s control when one partner sold out. Thirteen years later, he gained full voting rights in what is now known as OSI Industries after the last original partner retired. Sheldon Lavin stated the opportunity was a platform for him to expand the firm into launching in more nations in Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia.

During the 2000 Olympic in Asia, the OSI group played a significant role in catering to the attendees. They supplied millions of people with fresh meat products and did not receive any negative feedback throughout the period. The situation granted the firm a forum to build a business empire in the nation. Sheldon stated that Asia is a lucrative business location due to the growing economy. He revealed that his team has plans to open more manufacturing plants in the area to cater to the rising needs of the society.

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Businessman Flavio Maluf Talks About Being an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are often the most respected and admired individuals. However, one thing that comes with being an entrepreneur is having to hear about the myths of being an entrepreneur. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for people to hear about these myths or believe them before they become entrepreneurs. Fortunately, there are businessmen like Flavio Maluf that are willing to set the record straight for people that are willing to become entrepreneurs. One of the most important things for people to do is make sure that they know what they are getting into before they try to jump into everything.


One thing that Flavio Maluf sets straight about being an entrepreneur is the idea of not having to answer to a boss or having to account to anything. The truth is that even though there is some sort of freedom to being an entrepreneur, one has to make sure that he is able to meet the needs. After all, in order to make money, people are going to need clients. In a way, the clients are the boss of the entrepreneur because they decide whether the person has done a good enough job in order to be paid.


Another common myth that could trip new entrepreneurs up is the amount of time they have to put in. While it is true that one can set their own hours as entrepreneurs, many successful entrepreneurs find themselves working more hours and taking on more responsibilities than they would as employees. Also, many entrepreneurs are not paid by the hour. Instead, they are paid by how much work they get done. Therefore, it is more important than ever to keep up with the productivity. For one thing, being an entrepreneur is working for a different type of boss. The amount of money made is going to speak for the amount of work that is done.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Developer from New York

Millions of tourists flock into Miami Beach, Florida every year and businesses around the city are partnering with different real estate developers to cater to the increasing number of visitors. They are working together to build hotels, restaurants, recreational areas and other amenities designed to accommodate and entertain their guests. Aloft South Beach is one of these new properties created between the partnership of local businesses men and real estate developers. Located right in the center of Miami Beach, the 250 room hotel opened its doors to the public back in 2015. The hotel boasts a number of world class amenities, including a moderately high observation deck about eight stories high, which offers a fantastic 360 view of the city, and a variety of spacious rooms which are considerably larger than its competitors.

Jason Halpern: Born to Develop Property

Aloft South Beach also have access to Lake Pancoast and Collins Canal, and has a beautifully constructed waterfront which guests can see. There are also a number of activities that can be done inside the hotel complex: swimming at their outdoor pools, chilling out at their roof deck lounge, doing exercise inside their fitness centers, or just hanging out at their bar along with some budding artists.

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner of Aloft Property

JMH Development was the company behind the construction of Aloft South Beach. They are one of the largest and leading real estate companies in America, and it originated as a family business. The current principal, Jason Halpern, managed to take control of their family business in 2010, and he had placed the company’s funds into a number of investments. The projects they have in the state of New York sums up to $500 million, and among these are the luxury apartment properties along 184 Kent, developed from an old, dilapidated warehouse, and the Townhouses of Cobble Hill Project, which is a luxury townhouse development found in Brooklyn.

Daniel de la Vega, Aviv Siso, Laura Garcia, Louis Buckworth, Thomas Juul Hansen and Jason Halpern

A number of projects from JHM Development are still under construction, with some being in the planning stage. Jason Halpern assures the public that their family business, JMH Development, will always stand by their commitment on construction new, innovative, environmental friendly and elegant buildings and properties across the United States of America, transforming the skylines of cities by adding residential and commercial skyscrapers that would symbolize economic growth in the years to come.

Making Sensible Banking and Investment Choices:

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Todd Lubar a Leader in Property Banking

Todd Lubar is the head of TDL enterprises, a trade that manages land property. He is additionally the present vice chair of Legendary Investment. Todd Lubar’s fundamental objective in life is to improve as a man each day. He trusts this empowers him to increase the value of anybody he goes over. Mr. Lubar lives with his better half and two kids in his home in Bethesda Maryland.

Todd Lubar has worked with different home loan enterprises before moving to the decimation business. He manufactured a steady business association with individuals in the home loan and land division. Todd has a tremendous system base with individuals in different fields. Such associations empowered him develop and grow his business productively. Mr. Lubar has picked up an expansive information in his field. Having been in the market for over ten years, he chose to attempt on a specialty that wasn’t completely investigated. He framed another organization named as Legendary LLC, a partner of the Legendary Estates. The money related gathering organization works as a loaning goal for people and organizations. You can visit LinkedIn to know more.

To date, Todd Lubar has made full utilization of the liquidity of properties to finance the expansive market of borrowers. Todd has been included in more than 7,000 exchanges since his organization was first settled. These enormous numbers have empowered him take practically every sort of advance. He has settled on a few basic choices in view of the present economic situations.

While Todd Lubar first got into the business world as a credit originator, he set up different business organizes that made the pioneer he is. He built up his aptitudes in the home loan industry and built up a profitable association with various monetary organizers and land specialists. In 1999, Todd Lubar obtained a position at the Legacy Financial Group. The position empowered him to extend his skill to agent credits.

According to Hackronym, Lubar’s commitment to the Mortgage business has been noteworthy. He held the title as the main 25 credit originators for a long time. Aside from his enthusiasm for the land business, he has put resources into different ventures, for example, reusing, night clubs, and business obliteration enterprises.

Vijay Eswaran And The QI Group Created Innovative Marketing Methods

Vijay Eswaran is a very successful entrepreneur. He’s best known as the founder and chairman of the multilevel marketing company the QI Group. But Eswaran also has investments in the hospitality, financial services, retail and professional training industries.

The Malaysian businessman rose to prominence after founding the QI Group in 1998 and making it an international success and an industry leader. He is also known and beloved for his generosity as a philanthropist. Many people marvel at how Eswaran was able to rise from the working class to become one of Asia’s richest men.

Part of the reason for Vijay Eswaran’s success is his ability to combine traditional sales methods with an e-commerce model to create a very effective marketing platform. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

Add his unique efforts to recruit, train and motivate a workforce numbering in the hundreds of thousands, provide them with affordable, high-quality products and deploy them in dozens of countries worldwide and it becomes clearer why the QI Group has done so well.

What he created was a company that combined the personal touch of direct sales with the broad reach of internet marketing to generate $750 million a year in revenue.

It’s all part of Eswaran’s vision to create a new type of company. One with a global reach while paying attention to local sensitivities. It took Eswaran a few years and some experimentation to come up with just the right mix of products and marketing strategy. The result was the ability to penetrate many markets, have a positive impact on the populations and dramatically increase the QI Group’s sales volume.

Much of this was accomplished because of Vijay Eswaran’s vision and the effective marketing skills of his workforce. In the end, everyone associated with the company has prospered.

There were many obstacles Vijay Eswaran had to overcome before the company attained the level of success they currently enjoy. They lacked business connections and funding. There was a negative image of multilevel marketing and Asia was in the midst of an economic crisis. But through the power of their conviction, innovation and consistent work, the company has exceeded expectations.

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Renown Health – New Urgent Care Clinic to Open Soon

Dr. McCormack, who is the medical director of Renown Health, is proud to announce the new arrival of another urgent care clinic. The clinic is located in The Summit Mall in South Reno. While undergoing months of construction, the clinic will open in the spring and take existing patients as well as new patients. The clinic is an urgent care type of clinic that will handle basic services. Services that are emergent and don’t need to be taken to an emergency room can be handled at the clinic. Colds, coughs, flu, common problems and symptoms along with many more will be treated. Renown Health has 12 operations throughout the region, and many of them handle more specialized services such as pediatric care, respiratory problems and other hard to handle issues. They have been held to a high standard with a great reputation for many years. The clinic will be responsible for handling all patients within the area with 11 staff members. They are extending the flexibility of possibly adding more offices in the future and more staff. Since there are so many healthcare changes taking affect in the administration, they will have to wait and see how the business grows. Click here to know more.

The store will be 10,000 square feet and will cover three vacant store fronts. Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC was chosen to be the general contractor for the new office. Their main focus is on patient care and Dr. McCormack focused the building efforts on how comfortable the setting will be. It’s uncomfortable enough to have to leave your home to visit the doctor, so why not have an office space that is as comfortable as your living room. They are excited for the new opportunities in the area, and are happy to get the clinic open and moving patients through very soon.


Richard Mishaan: The Interior Designer Bringing Beautiful Homes To His Clients

With the growth of the real estate sector, the interior design industry also saw a major increase. People wanted to be able to show off their homes and what better way to do so than hiring someone who can make your house look grand and exquisite.Interior designers like Richard Mishaan know exactly what it takes to make sure his customers get the home that they have always dreamed of.

Richard Mishaan is one of the most distinguished Interior Designers who has a unique flare about the designs that he puts together. He is known for his beautiful blend of the old, and the new, which gives is clients something that looks straight out of an art exhibition. By using vintage, mixed in with modern art, Richard Mishaan produces the kind of homes that one can only dream of. He holds that he has an incredibly strong artistic sense, which governs the way he looks at every home he works on. While working with his client’s homes, he likes to take into consideration the heritage that is present, and work around that.

One thing about being a highly good interior designer can gauge what a person wants for their home. It becomes the interior designer’s job to understand what kind of interiors the client is looking for. The beauty of Richard Mishaan Design is that it has always been able to properly gauge what his customers are looking for and give them a product which meets their expectations. Richard Mishaan believes in offering his customers a large selection when it comes to the work he does, to ensure that they will always be satiated with the result.

Over the years, Richard Mishaan has worked with numerous different clients and has worked through various kinds of styles. Even then, he tries to add his touch in whatever way he can to give them a stellar result. Because of this experience, he decided to put together a book showcasing the best of his work. The success of his first book urged him to go on and publish more books, with a view to inspire people who are looking for ways to design their homes.

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Teen Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt The Next Big Thing

Advancement of technology has been a key to success of retail giants, and entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt has a plan to evolve how we shop. Most consumers are unaware that many shelved products contain a tiny chip on the packaging. This chip contains a Radio Frequency Identification and allows rapid, automatic and non-contact detection and identification of the items. Sawyer Howitt says he has an idea to making shopping quicker and more flexible.

Howitt says this little device could eliminate the need for registers by streamlining the point-of-sale process. After completing their shopping, consumers could waltz right through the doors, and be automatically charged for the items selected. He points out this technology can undoubtedly reduce operating costs for retailers, which could be passed on to the consumer. Howitt says RFID can streamline everything from price-tagging to restocking shelves.

The technology has actually been around for decades, and Walmart actually began using RFID-tagged products back in 2003. Gilette announced they would test the automatic wireless detection program, which was later scrapped. Today’s RFID system represents a significant improvement over the 2003 program, and Sawyer Howitt plans of utilizing the software for changes in the retail sector.

Howitt lives in Portland, Oregon. The 17-year old High School Senior is already an executive at the Meriwether Group, where his father is the CEO. Howitt is on the fast track on entrepreneurship, already helping steer entrepreneurs at The Meriwether Group, who are just starting out. The Meriwether Group, founded by Sawyer Howitt’s father, David Howitt, helps entrepreneurs looking to catapult their success. The company provides business and project managers that help pinpoint business solutions to get to the next step.

He has been recognized as a rising star and his ability to engage and inspire others. At the Meriwether Group, Sawyer Howitt works with entrepreneurs needing to boost their brand, establish identities, and perform under pressure.