Academy of Art University Is Committed To Student Success

New York Fashion Week is one of the most highly anticipated annual events in the fashion industry. Each year, aspiring models and designers use New York Fashion Week as a platform to establish themselves in the competitive world of fashion. Finding real talent is rare, and some of the biggest brands use the event to scout new talent, so putting your best foot forward is a must. At the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California, ten recent graduates of the schools BFA and MFA 15 minutes of runway time to display their latest designs. Each style is unique, with its own story to tell. This year will mark the schools 22nd annual show.

Established in 1929, Academy of Art University, formerly the Academy of Advertising Art, was founded by painter and magazine editor, Richard S. Stephens. Keeping it in the family, Stephens later passed the leadership torch to his son, who later passed it to his daughter, Elisa Stephens in 1992. While under her leadership, the school’s student body increased from just 2000 enrollments to 18,000 by 2012.

Academy of Art University is a regionally accredited institution offering associates, bachelors and masters degrees in more than twenty different subjects. The institution is one of the largest property owners in San Francisco, and thus offers private transportation to each student to lessen the difficulty of transitioning classes. Their extensive campus also features the universities automobile museum, which holds some of the worlds most valuable vintage cars.

Teachers and Staff at the Academy of Art University are on a mission to help inspire the worlds most creative minds to reach their full potential. The schools no barrier admissions policy allows all students, regardless of their educational background, the opportunity to pursue their degree. All that is required is a passion for learning, and a desire to succeed.

Corrections officer works to spread system that detects and blocks illegal cell phones

Robert Johnson had spent the majority of his adult life as a corrections officer with the State of Florida. Shortly after graduating from high school, Johnson answered a call on the local radio for job seekers to fill the demand in the state for additional corrections officers. Johnson did an interview and was quickly hired.


Johnson is a large man with a nice, friendly demeanor. But he also proved to be stern. He was one of the rare individuals who can command respect while also showing it to others. These are exactly the types of attributes that prison administrators look for in corrections officers. In addition to his physically imposing presence, these traits ensured that Johnson began climbing the ladder of prison employment quickly.


Within a few years, Johnson was appointed to an elite unit within the Florida Department of Corrections. Known as the SERT team, the unit is tasked with doing all of the things that normal rank-and-file corrections officers are not equipped to deal with. As a member of the SERT team, Johnson was responsible for carrying out some of the riskiest duties in the state’s prison system. These included forced cell extractions of dangerous and violent inmates, conducting surprise raids on the cells of known gang members and operating as front-line defense of the institution in the event of riots.


Johnson proved to be just as able in this role as he had been in all of his previous positions. Soon, he was appointed to lead his own SERT team. Johnson had now not only arrived in the major leagues of prison employment, but he was now a star player.


One day, Johnson’s team was conducting a surprise search of an inmate’s cell. There, they uncovered a package containing a large amount of powder. Tests later confirmed that the substance was nearly pure heroin, with a street value of over $50,000. The drugs were destined for a criminal gang, the prison’s dominant group. Johnson, without knowing it, had become a target.


The following week, Johnson was preparing himself for work when a gunman smashed down his front door with a hard kick and proceeded to unload six shots from a .45 directly into Johnson’s torso. Miraculously, Johnson was able to survive. But it took over 30 surgeries and thousands of hours of rehabilitation to get back to even being able to walk.


Today, Johnson is working with Securus Technologies, spreading the word about the company’s Wireless Containment System. If the system would have been installed where Johnson worked, the illegal cell phone used by the gang’s leader to put out the hit on Johnson would never have been able to connect. Now, Johnson is dedicated to preventing tragedies similar to that which befell him.


Don’t Believe Naysayers On Microchips, Paul Mampilly Says

Paul Mampilly is pretty enthusiastic about the idea of people get microchips installed in their bodies, often referred to as getting chipped. Companies like Three Square Market are already implanting chips into employees. With a chip inside of your finger, life becomes easier. You can do things without needing your license or wallet. The employees at Three Square Market can purchase snacks without a card. They can also open doors and use copy machines without needing their security cards.

Of course, there are people who are voicing concerns about it. However, Paul Mampilly says that there will always be naysayers who are pessimistic about new technologies. Think about email. CNN at the time had disdain for it. The same goes for things like cell phones and text messaging. The same goes for Facebook and Twitter. When they started publishing books, there were pessimists as well. Paul Mampilly believes that you have to take what the media says with a grain of salt. You can not always shy away from new technology. He believes that as the technology gets better, these concerns will no longer be valid anyway. In addition, Paul Mampilly believes that constantly opening up your wallet to use your credit cards may not be that safe either. The credit card companies know about every purchase you made and where you did it. Facebook knows who your friends are. Amazon knows what you like to buy. So much personal information is stored on our cell phones. Privacy concerns about microchips are not really that valid compared to what already exists. We already use technology that is similar to microchips, such as the EZ-Pass technology. At the end of the day, the financial sector will experience a revolution because of technology. Microchips will offer people a way to avoid the stress of constantly needing certain documents. They won’t have to bother reaching for their wallets dozens of times each week.

Paul Mampilly actually added stocks related to this market to his Profits Unlimited Portfolio. The stock that he added rose fifty percent since then. He believes that more and more companies will continue to invest in this technology and that stocks will continue to rise.

Paul Mampilly graduated from Montclair State University and Fordham Graduate School of Business. He headed the Kinetics Asset Management hedge fund, called the best in the world.

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Susan McGalla Supporting the Growth of Mentoring Programs in Companies

The corporate world is filled with a lot of prejudice towards women, or so it would seem from the outside. It is primarily because even with so much advancement in just about every field today, not many women are seen in the top executive positions. Also though things have changed and many women have risen to high positions, the ratio between men and women at the senior spots are far from being equal.

Susan McGalla, one of the most enterprising and successful female entrepreneurs and businesswomen in the United States has addressed this issue in many of her articles and interviews. She has worked at the top positions as President and CEO of companies such as American Eagle Outfitters Inc and Wet Seals Inc and has also founded her own consulting firm by the name of P3 Executive Consulting Inc.

Susan McGalla feels that women today are no less than men in anyways, but there is a bit of support that women need to scale the ladder of success in the industry. One of the most important things that women must do is to make sure that they complete their studies and get their degrees from reputed universities. Susan McGalla feels that education is what would help women stand shoulder to shoulder with men in the corporate world and would also help them land their dream job. Susan McGalla feels that the companies should also be more encouraging towards dedicated and passionate women who deserve.

Susan McGalla feels that if the companies today have mentoring programs for women, it would become much more comfortable for the women to express themselves and confront their fear at workplaces. It would also help the women get the direction and guidance they need to achieve their professional goals seamlessly, which would be beneficial for the company as well at the same time.

ClassDojo Revolutionizes the Classroom

ClassDojo is an app that can be used by students, parents, and teachers to use in classroom activities. Its purpose is to share what is going on so that everyone is aware of the student’s activities and for purposes of sharing. Items such as photos, messages, and videos can be shared.

Students receive valuable feedback from parents as they share projects and activities along through the day during their school hours. Teachers can share schedules and elicit feedback from parents, giving all three parties the opportunity to work together for the betterment of school activities.

ClassDojo is currently being used in 90 percent of schools in the United States as well as being in over 180 different countries. It is available all over the world in over 35 different languages. A full 20 percent of the ClassDojo development team has a teaching background and one out of three of students in the United States, ages 5 through 14 have learned about Empathy and Growth Mindset, two main principles of ClassDojo.

Empathy and Growth Mindset are two principles that ClassDojo uses to help build a positive culture among the students who use the system. Empathy teaches respect and concern for the situations that others find themselves. Appreciating the difficulties and successes of others helps students appreciate their own situations, showing that many difficulties can be overcome and become thankful for their own abilities and achievements.

Growth Mindset engenders a sense of purpose and helps students to strive to grow in abilities and learning experiences. When their successes are showcased through ClassDojo, it encourages them to continue to strive to get better at what they are doing and learning.

ClassDojo works on Android, Kindle Fire, and ioS devices which are furnished free to the students. They are designed to protect the privacy of the users, keeping everyone safe.

ClassDojo has received numerous awards from the NBC Today Show, Forbes, TechCrunch, Inc, Linkedin, and the Fast Company. The link between parents and the classroom is invaluable for parents to always know how their children are doing. Parents are notified instantly when grades are issued and new projects are introduced. It’s a great way for parents to be able to offer help to their children, based on current happening in class.

George Soros Has Given Billions And Helped Groups Others Have Ignored

International financier George Soros has given away an estimated $32 billion of his personal wealthy to charities. It’s an astonishing number for one man, even for one of the richest men in the world. But what’s even more remarkable is that the generosity of George Soros has earned him his share of enemies.

What makes the philanthropy of George Soros controversial is the view by those on the radical political right that the organizations and groups he supports are “on the left.” For example, he often supports political candidates in the United States that are Democrats, or those groups traditionally associated with liberal views.

Bur for George Soros, the money he gives is simply for people who have not been given a fair shake by society. Oppressed minorities, people living in poverty, refugees fleeing war-torn countries or those who have been excluded from opportunity – such as higher education because of their ethnic background — are examples of those he wants to help.

He has also focused his efforts on groups that have endured particularly vicious forms of discrimination, such as the Roma people of Europe, the LGBTI community, drug abusers and sex workers. When few others are willing to offer members of these demographics a helping hand, George Soros has brought help and hope.

All of these groups might easily be viewed as apolitical – but in our real world of divided politics and deeply embedded party tribalism — the charitable efforts of a concerned billionaire can quickly be branded as “left wing” or radical.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations almost a quarter of a century ago. This is an umbrella organization for a variety of entities that work on the issues that are close to Soros’ heart. He recently announced that he is giving as additional $18 billion to Open Society. This follows the estimated $11 billion the organization has already expended during its years of operation.

George Soros was born in 1930 in Hungary. As a Jew living in a Europe that would soon be ravaged by World War II, Soros experienced first-hand the deplorable persecution of Nazi Germany after its troops invaded his Hungarian homeland.

Soros fled to England as a teenager where is was able to complete a first-class education at the prestigious London School of Economics. After working a variety of jobs, Soros entered the field of banking, gaining experience in the world of finance. He then established his first hedge fund. In this field, he earned millions of dollars beginning in the early 1970s. He would eventually become one of the richest men in the world.

Soros has always felt an obligation to use his fortune for those who struggle with little or nothing at the bottom of our world’s various economic systems, governments and social institutions. He has helped uncounted millions of people lead better lives, and almost certainly saved lives in those cases where his programs have brought aid to famines, wars and locations of violent political oppression.

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Barbara Stokes- The Businesswoman Experienced In Disaster Relief Construction

Barbara Stokes is the CEO of GSH of Alabama, LLC. She has been in this role since 2011. Green Structured Homes Delivered (GSH) has its headquarters in Huntsville, Alabama. The company was established in 2008. The Chief Operating Officer of her company is Scott Stokes. Stokes’s executive team has more than three decades of combined experience in Disaster Relief. Prior to her GSH career, Stokes worked at Pisces and Boeing for a long time. She has worked in the four U.S. military branches. Barbara has been president and founder of the Biomedical Engineering Club. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Barbara Stokes company has created manufacturing jobs in eight states: Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia. Steel and modular wood frame homes are being constructed in these states. The creation of the jobs has been possible thanks to the $28.5M contract award from FEMA. Barbara and her husband helped the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas find relief. The couple used to live in Cullman, Alabama. They chose Cullman as the location for building a manufacturing plant. The reason behind this decision was the friendliness of the people.

GSH is a leader in the Disaster Relief Construction Industry. The company uses modern techniques of design, manufacturing, and engineering. As a result of these techniques, houses can be constructed quickly and with greater accuracy. The manufacturing technique has been recognized for its cost effectiveness and safety. GSH has erected 82 security gates for the Navy. The firm has built student housing in Mississippi. The structures built the company are high quality due to their sustainability and resistance to high winds. Quality assurance procedures are performed during the construction of the houses. The clients of GSH come from the private and public sectors. Follow Barbara Stokes on


From 1996 to 2000, Stokes attended Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. She got her Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering and Physics. At Mercer, Ms. Stokes also took courses in Manufacturing and Management, Technical Communication, Structures and Properties of Materials, and Thermodynamics. She has endorsements in project management, project engineering, and government contracting.

Barbara volunteers actively in her community. She is a mother of three children.


David Samadi Makes People Realize Their Potential

Since David Samadi started practicing medicine, he has tried to always help people with the issues they are facing. As a urologist and as the lead of robotic surgery, David Samadi has been able to show people what they can do to make things better for themselves. While there are many who have taken a long time and have put the surgery off for years, David Samadi knows that can actually be more detrimental than it is good. He doesn’t want to see people continue to do that so he pushes them to make the right choices in their lives. It is what has given him the chance to continue helping others who are having issues with their prostates and other things.

For years, David Samadi learned how he could help people. He learned about the different methods to do surgery and never gave up on getting an education. Since he has a photographic memory, David Samadi is committed to making sure he can learn as much as possible. He knew there would be different ways he could try to learn as long as he was putting information out for other people. He also knew these things would make a lot of sense if he was able to provide people with the opportunity to see how the surgeries worked.

While there have been some changes to the industry, David Samadi has tried to follow all of them. He knows a lot about medicine and knows how medicine can work in different situations. In fact, David Samadi knows there will be different ways for people to try and get the help they need if they are struggling with issues in their lives. The medical community has rallied behind David Samadi for years in an attempt to make sure they know what he is doing and how he can help them get the opportunities they need.

As long as David Samadi is helping people with the issues they have, he feels it is an important thing to do. He also feels he can try to help others who have not had that same type of help in the past. If he can show people what will happen if they choose to use his nerve ending separation surgery techniques, he knows there will be a way for him to continue helping other people and getting the best surgeries done that he can for them.

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Brown Modeling Agency

In many instances, girls grow up and want to be models. The reason a girl wants to be a model can vary significantly. In most cases, a girl wants to be a model because she is sure that being a model is a glamorous lifestyle that means she will be conceived as beautiful.


Although it is true that models are perceived as pretty, it is also true that modeling is hard work. A model must actually take the career path very seriously, and actively be engaged in activities that will continue to advance his or her modeling career.


With that said, Brown Agency is one of the top modeling agencies in the world. The agency manages and offers top notch services for models that are with the agency. Brown Modeling Agency is not a modeling agency with no credentials, the agency is one of the most reputable in the business, with career minded individuals that make sure that the models are prepared for their jobs.


There is a plethora of opportunity from Brown Modeling Agency and if you are seriously considering or pondering a modeling career, to take a look at Brown Modeling Agency would be a definitive plus and opportunistic angle to serve as a catalyst.


Located in Austin Texas, any onlooker would find that Brown Modeling Agency has an opportunistic structure that is unprecedented in the nature of modeling services. The actual finesse that is involved with Brown Modeling Agency is one that is only found in top quality services.


A lot of people think that all modeling agencies are built the same, and that if you send a pretty head shot or reasonable resume, you will find the same availability or opportunities at any agency. That could not be further from the truth. Check out their website



Time and time again, models turn to agencies only to find out that time consideration or quality is lacking. It is very disappointing to take a job and find out it is not up to par with the standards of the model. That is where Brown Modeling Agency is in a league of its own. Search our website today and find out why.



Dr. Mark McKenna

In a recent interview, Dr. Mark McKenna stated that his strategy for helping him grow his business is the be surrounded by people who are smarter than himself. Dr. McKenna is a very energetic, and knowledgeable entrepreneur as well as a licensed medical and surgical Doctor. Dr. McKenna MD, MBA graduated from the Tulane University Medical School in Louisiana. After graduating from Medical School, he went into practice with his father. It was during this time that he launched his first business, McKenna Venture Investments, a real estate firm. He later launched Universal Mortgage Lending, which offered design building. He also acquired Uptown Title, Inc. with services in real estate closing, and finance.

A native of New Orleans, Dr. Mark McKenna had successful businesses as well as a medical practice. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the Louisiana Coast, and the city of New Orleans, leaving many business interest in uncertainty. Dr. Mark McKenna began participating in the relief effort by helping to develop low to moderate income housing for the many people that were displaced by the total devastation of the city. After the tireless efforts of professional like Dr. Mark McKenna, the city started to rebuild, and restructure. When he had completed the project of redevelopment in New Orleans, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Mark McKenna continue his entrepreneurial projects, He later sold it to Life Time Fitness Inc. where Dr. McKenna served as the National Medical Director. In 2016 Dr. McKenna became the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of OVME, a consumer facing, medical company that is technology based, and focused on elective healthcare. Dr. McKenna is married, and he and his wife, Gianine, have two daughters. When recently asked what habit of his made him a more productive entrepreneur, he proudly revealed that he was an avid reader. One trend that pleases him more than any other is the decline in smoking. He continues his entrepreneurial endeavors while he still enjoys his passion for practicing medicine.

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