Jose Hawilla, Breaks Loose and Soars Higher In Sports Business Ventures

For one to become a successful business entrepreneur, two possible qualities can make them succeed. Some people are born with the natural acumen for business. They possess an almost innate trait that helps them make decisions that help the business grow. However, others may not be so lucky; they are not entrepreneurs until they are tailored to become. Successful entrepreneurship requires learning from the best and the worst. If you are not born an entrepreneur, you can still become successful in the field if you are willing to seek knowledge.

The Difference Between Entrepreneurship And Employment

There is an innate desire to be independent by entrepreneurs. The latter is a key difference between entrepreneurs and employees. The strong urge to take initiative stirs the energy in an entrepreneur to explore their abilities to make a difference to unlimited stretches. An entrepreneur doesn’t mind working for long hours to achieve what is on their mind. Entrepreneurs are a frustrated lot in large organizations; organizations can’t let them speak out their mind. Jose Hawilla could not stand it.

Jose Hawilla’s Background

Jose Hawilla was born somewhere in the state of Sao Paulo. He is an entrepreneur, who before his business ventures worked as a journalist and a successful one at that. Traffic, which he owns, is, arguably, the most successful marketing company for sports in Brazil.

Jose Hawilla is a family man. He is married with three children. One of his children is closely following in his footsteps, career-wise. Like other entrepreneurs starting out, Jose Hawilla faced a myriad of challenges. He particularly cites instances of overt pessimism from those who never knew that one could make money out of sports. Again, like the natural entrepreneur he is, he saw an opportunity to prove them wrong, and he did. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Jose Hawilla’s Stature and Business Conquests

In fact, Jose Hawilla is currently highly rated as one of the most influential Brazilians. Mr. Jose Hawilla also owns the affiliates of Rede Globo; a network of successful newspapers in the inner locations of Sao Paulo. Some of the newspapers under the network include Bom Dia Bauru, Good Morning Fernandopolis, Good Morning Catanduva among others. He has since made several inroads in the world of entrepreneurship and acquired other significant business entities such as Diario De Sao Paulo.

His Journalism Days

Jose Hawilla acquired his ideas from his journalism activities back in the day. He was a radio and television reporter for ten years. He rose through the ranks and became a producer of programs while he worked as a commentator too. Jose Hawilla has a degree in Law.

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