Anti-aging 101: Jason Hope’s Contribution to the Industry

In the world that we live in, there are so many kinds of diseases and health problems experienced all over the earth. The health problems can range from petty illnesses to life-threatening ones. One thing that many people around the world are not taking seriously is the one inescapable condition that affects every human being, aging. Individuals and organizations focus so much on the other diseases forgetting aging.

Aging is a natural process that cannot be escaped, it occurs to everyone healthy or not healthy. Old age also comes with other diseases that can result in a reduced quality of life and can greatly have an emotional impact on the other members of the family. It is so unfortunate that health organizations are focusing more on curing the illnesses rather than focusing on the preventive measures.

Jason Hope, an Arizona philanthropist, and a businessman has embraced a diverse methodology. He is using his own financing to assist innovative organizations that have a mission to change the way healthcare organizations fight and treat the effects of aging. Jason Hope seeks to reverse, and slow down the process of aging, therefore, helping many people.

One of the organizations that have benefited from the charities from Jason Hope is the SENS foundation that uses biotechnology to invent new ways of combating and treating, and preventing illnesses hence improving the human life. The scientific discovery biotech sector comprises of the use and study of living organism to develop new products that are mainly concentrated in improving the lives of human beings around the world. The organization also includes the enhancement of agricultural methods for a better food production as well as enhancing the understanding of how medication can fight illnesses and improve the quality of life.

Thanks to the donation made by Jason Hope to the SENS foundation, the organization has been able to develop medications that are known as AGE- breakers. These drugs are tailored to eliminate advanced glycation end-product. The substance prevents aging by building up in the human flesh as they age. Recently, researchers identified the most predominant type of glycation end- product in the human body. The SENS foundation continues with its pursuit to develop the best substance that will banish the glycation from the skin and veins. Jason Hope has empowered the researchers through his donations which will help them register the equipment, expertise and research hours that are needed determine how the removal of glycation in the skin and veins can help change the way human being age and radically extend the normal lifespan of a human being.

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Glen Wakeman and His Take On Being Successful In Any Industry

There is no doubt that as he continues in his career, Glen Wakeman leaves his unique impression on the business world. He often explains in his videos ways to be successful in any industry. He explains the importance of keeping the lines of communication open with friends and acquaintances to ensure success in business. Glen also stresses the importance of helping the communities that your business houses its headquarters and other locations you may have offices in. Glen is a man you would want to watch his success and tune into his YouTube Channel so learn better ways to be successful in business.

Glen Wakeman is a man who received his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton Pennsylvania in 1981. He then decided to continue his education by going to the University of Chicago where he received his Master of Business Administration degree in 1991. It was at these college campuses where Glen discovered his love for the business world (

Once he obtained his MBA, he embarked on his 20-year career of which he held positions in operations, technology, business development, general management, country management and regional management. During these 20 years working with General Electric he lived and worked in countries such as Europe, Asia and South America. With his decades of experience, it makes him the perfect candidate for one of the leading business mentors in world.

Glen Wakeman feels so passionately about assisting other business people successful that he decided to create a toolkit called Launch Pad. This is a toolkit that was specifically designed to help fellow business men and women to realize goals and reach their true potential. One of the many ways he works on this with his students, is by asking them to test their own abilities before requesting other to follow the same practices. Glen is a firm believer that it is extremely important for his students to make mistakes in the early stages of their business. This is because if they make these mistakes later in the business stages it could be financially devasting.


Sean Penn’s New Novel: Bob Honey

57 year old Sean Penn has done it, He has written a novel called Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The book was available for purcahse in late March of 2018. The book involves the life of Bob Honey and his adventures as a political activist. Bob Honey is desperate for change. Bob also has anger issues that leads him to commit violent acts.


Sean Penn talks about how Bob Honey is motivated by his own political beliefs. Indeed it seems to be a critique of the Trump Administration. Penn is involved in political activism and has been for a few decades. He has traveled to places including Iran, Iraq, and Cuba. He traveled with other political leaders in hope to bring and democracy and world peace. Penn has had many words to say about the policies of the Trump Administration. He’s had a very big opinion of Donald Trump, calling him an enemy of mankind.


Furthermore, Penn states he’s just ready for the writer’s life. He is not really feeling the acting although he believes that there’s joy in it. Critics did not believe that Penn would be transitioning over to the writing world from the acting world. This was rather surprising to most. Penn is enjoying writing and is currently planning his next project. He is planning on writing a sequel to Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Penn says that he will continue to keep his critics wondering and guessing and on their toes. He plans to stay one step ahead of them. Sean mentions to Rolling Stone that while he was writing his novel, he felt pretty free. He just went for it and kept at it. Penn has embraced the writer’s life and he also wonders why it took him so long to do so. He questioned himself as to why he waited so long.


When it comes to writing, Penn felt like he was free and that he could be more productive. Another thing is the book puts an emphasis on the world “We”. Sean says that “If we don’t balance our lives between the I and the We, we don’t move forward – we move back. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff sounds like quite the novel.

NGP VAN Develops Digital Solutions For Campaign Fundraisers

Overseeing a political campaign is a complex issue that can become quite expensive. Fundraising takes strategic planning and must be well-coordinated to successfully raise the money needed to generate political victory.


The Federal Election Committee reported in 2016 that the average expenditures for a winning campaign for United States Senator were well over $10 million. For campaigns seeking a seat in the House of Representatives, the average cost was $1.5 million. It has even been observed at the state and local levels that the cost of running a successful campaign for office is only getting more expensive.


More and more campaigns are turning to advanced technology to monitor progress and track campaign spending. A leader in the production of these technological advances is NGP VAN, an organization that provides digital solutions for Democratic and other progressive candidates, as well as parties in the non-profit sector.


By using NGP VAN products, managers of campaigns can organize and view data through an online interface that comes completes with charts and graphs to conveniently structure the mass of information. NGP VAN software has been used to power some of the largest political undertakings in the country including the successful 2008 and 2012 campaigns of former United States President Barack Obama.


Digital platforms like the one provided by NGP VAN is perfectly designed to integrate with other digital strategies such as peer-to-peer lending, email campaigning, and social media interaction. The technology provides the added benefit of consolidating campaign donations so that potential donors can make smaller but consistent donations to a campaign that they wish to support.


Through the products provided by NGP VAN, fundraising staff is now equipped with the tools to build a digital list of sponsors across a variety of platforms to build a network of contributors. This technology also provides donors with the ability to track their own donations as desired.


Technology like that which is provided by NGP VAN counters the idea that fundraising for campaigns is somehow an equivalent to collecting donations for a charity. Both hired staff, as well as volunteers, are more likely to enthusiastically seek campaign donations for candidates when not encumbered with thoughts of soliciting charity. The concept here is that donors give money to protect their own personal political interests and support the candidate that they feel is the best match to protect those interests. The technology provided by NGP VAN gives campaigns the best opportunity to capitalize on this viewpoint.


OSI Food Solutions remains among top food companies worldwide

OSI Food Solutions has been in operation for well over a century and have continued to show excellence in the food industry. With an origin back in 1909 in Aurora, Illinois, the family meat market opened by Otto Kolschowsky flourished as a major meat supplier. They would go on to supply early start-up McDonald’s with fresh ground beef patties in 1955 and opened a high-volume meat plant in Chicago in 1973. The company was ranked as the 136th largest private company via Forbes in 2011. Today they are among America’s top 100 food companies, and an award-winning operation as well.

In 2016, OSI Food Solutions received the prestigious Globe of Honour Award from the British Safety Council. This particular award was given out to 18 different organizations around the world based on how well their management handled environmental risks. This criterion was measured by the British Safety Council’s audit scheme conducted from August of 2015 through July of 2016. OSI had to achieve five stars on the audits throughout this period. In addition, OSI had to demonstrate excellence in environmental management to an independent panel of experts. This excellence had to be shown from their shop floor to the boardroom in order to qualify OSI for the award.

The award was presented to OSI Food Solutions UK during a special awards luncheon in November of 2016 at the Drapers’ Hall in London. OSI’s Kelly Grimwood, who serves as Environmental Manager Europe, received the award on behalf of the company from Mike Robinson, the Chief Executive of the British Safety Council. During the presentation, Robinson credited the leadership of an organization as helping to achieve excellence. Robinson added that good leadership can help to “inspire people towards excellence,” which OSI continues to do with their employees.

The privately-owned company’s headquarters continues to successfully operate from Aurora, Illinois. The company provides fresh and frozen meat products to many clients. They operate 65 facilities worldwide in at least 17 countries, with over 200,000 employees working for them, providing massive reach. Due to their global reach, they are able to utilize extensive vendor resources. The company also uses innovative ideas and products in order to facilitate different aspects of meat processing.

With their abilities to purchase new equipment or adapt their processing methods, OSI Food Solutions can work with clients to make sure they get exactly what they want. It’s no surprise that they are as successful as they are and receiving awards within their industry as OSI continues to meet their client’s changing needs.

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The Business Life of Ian King

We all have different passions and interests to pursue in our lives. At some point, we realize this when we are already in something else. In such moments, we can either quit what we are doing to pursue our purpose or incorporate what we are doing to live the life we desire.

Ian King began his career as a psychiatrist. When he was in school, he realized he had a deep interest in the financial markets and trends. He was patient enough to complete his BS in phycology as he traded dot-com stocks. Despite his deviation from his career, Ian does not regret having his degree; he uses it as a tool in his business to help people understand why they need to invest in the cryptocurrencies. He has been in the business for more than two decades.

Ian King joined the Banyan Hills Publishing in 2017. The readers are fortunate to have an individual with a passion for digital currencies to advise them on the subject. The Banyan Hills hired him for the position because he has the experience in the buying and selling of all kinds of cryptocurrencies.

Like every successful investor, Ian King has a daily routine that helps improve his productivity. A routine is suggested in every venture to help create positive habits and increase productivity. Ian King begins his day by reading the news. After an update of what is going on in the market, he takes a cup of coffee. He then exercises or takes a walk in the park with his dog. He explains that this sets the pace of his day.

He then reads to see how the crypto assets are performing. The rest of his day is spent on monitoring the crypto trends. By so doing, he is able to stay at the top of the trends and answer all the questions that the clients have for him. Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.

Every successful individual has some character traits that make them productive in their venture. One of the ways to do this is by recognizing our weaknesses and working on them. For instance, Ian King understands that he is not a process-driven individual. He is easily distracted by new ideas. To overcome this, he makes a to-do-list and keeps checking what he has not accomplished as the day progresses.

Ian King is very contented with where he is in his life. He says that the only change he would change if he went back in times is spending only two years in college and the other two years traveling the world and meeting new people.


Let’s Talk About Freedom Checks: A Comprehensive Guide

If you are here, you have probably seen the viral video Matt Badiali put up about “Freedom Checks”. In the video, he makes great claims about the return on investment that these Freedom Checks have. Well, it’s time to dissect exactly what a Freedom Check is, and how we can use it to our advantage as investors.

First of all, Freedom Check is just a fancy word for Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). Of course, Badiali is making recommendations of specific MLPs, but for now, let’s just go over MLPs as a whole. Read this article at Affiliate Dork.

MLPs are companies that operate under Congress’s statute 26-F. MLPs are companies that are run tax-free under the condition that they pay a minimum of 90% of their profits to shareholders. These profits come in checks—similar to traditional stock purchases—that come out quarterly (or rarely monthly). The main difference between MLPs and traditional stock is in the way that they are taxed. Investors aren’t taxed on income, rather capital, when they invest in MLPs which gives them a massive tax break.

MLPs are just as easy to invest in as stock. You don’t have to be rich, some start at as little as $10 a share. One little-known fact? They are great retirement investments. They typically pay out higher than CDs or Social Security and often more than 401(k)s or Roth IRAs. Keep that in mind. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Release Fact.

There are currently some 560 + companies that operate as MLPs. Almost all of them—with some exceptions—work in the oil and gas industry. Badiali predicts that these 560 + companies will pay out $34.6 billion over the next 12 months. Honestly, he’s not far off. Since MLPs operate in the oil and gas industry, they share fluctuations with the companies. Currently, America is starting to rely less on imported oil from the Middle East and rely more on domestic oil reserves. This should see MLPs raise in valuation over the coming years.

So, sure, Matt Badiali was hyping MLPs up heavily. But, he isn’t necessarily wrong. Matt has over 20 years of experience investing in natural resources and his newsletter alone has over 100,000 subscribers. My guess? Matt Badiali is correct, MLPs are on the rise. Coining them Freedom Checks isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just allows him to put his own spin on the investment advice and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Keep an eye out for attractive MLPs. If you want to know which specific MLPs Matt recommends, you will have to subscribe to his newsletter.


Stansberry Research: How a Publishing Company Conquered the World

Humble Beginning

Stansberry Research is a publishing company based in the city of Baltimore, Maryland. The company was established in 1999, and they were initially known as Stansberry & Associates Investment Research, and they have been creating several articles and newsletters that have been guiding business people and entrepreneurs who are being clueless about how the industry works. They are also being used by investors as a guide because they give an extensive outlook on the performance of different companies. The company hires some experts who are giving out their stance on whether it is good to invest in a particular company for a given moment or not. Most of the time, the outlook given by the experts working with Stansberry Research are right, and they have saved thousands of investors from losing a lot of money.


Growing Company

Aside from their office in Maryland, Stansberry Research has a wide range of satellite offices located in California, Florida, and Oregon. The company is giving their subscribers a choice for monthly or bi-monthly newsletters that are loaded with information about the current state of the economy. There are also advisory newsletters which provide helpful information to its readers, written by finance professionals and editors. The topics discussed in their newspapers vary, but it has a wide range, covering all aspects of business, science and technology, economics, and so much more. Stansberry Research has been circulating their papers in more than 100 countries, and the number of their readers keeps on increasing. The company operates on a global scale, making them known to millions of people around the world.

The company never thought that it would be growing this big. It was founded in 1999 by Frank Porter Stansberry (Twitter). He was a businessman and an editor, and he wanted to share his knowledge with his fellow business people so he decided to create a company that would deliver this information. He then hired some of his colleagues to write for the newsletter, and as more people read the articles, the company gained some attention. Business experts started recommending Stansberry Research, and it gave them the capability to be read almost everywhere.

Sahm Adrangi: PTI-428 by Proteostasis is a Flop

If Sahm Adrangi’s past predictions on the success and failures of different medications in development stand correct, Proteostasis’ new medication in development, PTI-428, is doomed to failure. PTI-428 is a medication that is supposed to treat the serious ill cystic fibrosis which interferes with a patient’s ability to properly breathe. While their Phase 2 studies showed about a 5% increase in lung function, Sahm Adrangi and the experts at Kerrisdale Capital Management think this is mostly due to skewed data and a small placebo group. The trial which only lasted 28 days consisted of only 4 cystic fibrosis patients in the placebo group. Some of these patients experienced a dramatic drop in lung performance that sometimes naturally happens with the disease.

Unfortunately, this anomaly made the therapy group’s results look much better than they actually were. If the patients that experienced the drop in function were discluded from the results, the gap between the two groups would close significantly and the difference would only be around 1% according to Sahm Adrangi. These results would not impress anyone which is why Sahm Adrangi believes that the Proteostasis purposely omitted certain information from the results that were released to the general public. These skewed results may be a big reason why Proteostasis was avoiding a larger trial. Kerrisdale Capital adds that some important results such as sweat chloride are completely ignored or sloppy in the published results by Proteostasis. There are even questions from Sahm Adrangi and his team at Kerrisdale Capital on whether or not the biomarkers being used in the study could actually be properly measured by Proteostasis. To some, it’s doubtful that the company truly knows how their own drug is supposed to work.

Whether on its own or in conjunction with other drugs that are standards of care for the treatment of cystic fibrosis, it is doubtful that PTI-428 will help patients or even pass its phase 3 trials.