Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, And Investor Jason Hope

Every year the rejuvenation biotechnology conference is hosted by the SENS Research Foundation. Attendees of the conference are reminded by chief science officer and founder Aubrey de Grey, the importance of contributions and conference goal to help in the development of drugs that can correct in fight the effects of aging. The event is attended by experts who share their knowledge as well as learn from other speakers who have ideas that are targeted towards the treatment of molecular damage, Alzheimer’s disease, cellular damage, and cancer. Major priorities of the event are the development of preventive strategies as well as the building of the rejuvenation biotechnology industry. SENS is possible because of support from investors, researchers, and scientists. A major contributor and vocal opponent of the expansion of anti-aging research is entrepreneur Jason hope who has been a major factor for several years.

In 2010, $500,000 dollars was donated to the SENS Research Foundation by Jason Hope which along others donations, allowed the organization to build Cambridge SENS Laboratory as well as starting a new research program. Jason is happy to donate to the foundation because of their unique initiatives to fight aging and focus on cures for degenerative diseases like lung disease and Alzheimer’s which age and destroy bodies. These diseases cost billions of American dollars each year which is another crucial reason to find a solution.

Jason hope was born in Tempe, Arizona and lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor. He received is bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University in finance. And later earned his MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason received international recognition for business success shortly after business school making him a top mentor among top entrepreneurs as well as students. Jason is now involved in administering multiple projects and businesses. He also makes investment choices based on the research causes that he is passionate about and generously donates to anti-aging research as well as other causes. Another research interest that Jason Hope has is innovative thinking technology, smart technology, and automation. He enjoys blogging about his current ideas research and writing interests.

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The Alternate School Choice for Education with Betsy DeVos

Children around the country express themselves in different ways and develop different interests over the course of their childhood. However, the common aspect among all children is the requirement to attend school for at least 12 years of their life. Public school is the most accessible option to most families, but there are some who believe their child deserves a specific environment. Betsy DeVos was a parent in that exact position when her child was first starting to attend to school. She learned about the private option, and began a lifelong career of expanding options for children across the country. An interview from 2013 with Philanthropy Roundtable reflects on this period in her life before later taking her ideas to a national scale.


Philanthropy begins the interview by framing how far education has come in recent decades. It has been 50 years since the first case for school choice was proposed by Milton Friedman. Secondly, it was 25 years ago when Wisconsin became the first state to launch a program. Betsy DeVos is amazed by how far the options have come, especially since she entered the fight. She cites at least 17 states with programs in place, and several more that are on the verge of becoming law. Betsy DeVos has been an important figure in pursing the program expansion into the 21st century.


In the interview, Betsy DeVos reflects back on her career up to this point. She can’t cite a single incident that got her involved in the industry but rather her desire for student choice options grew over the course of years. Betsy DeVos remembers the first time she and her husband were introduced to the idea through Potter’s House Christian School. It was a private school that taught their students character building skills in a safe and secure environment. They were awe struck by the number of parents who wanted to get their children into the program dispute the insufficient means to do so. This was the moment when she steadily put more and more attention towards these types of programs.


As the 1990s rolled into the turn of the turn of century, Betsy DeVos and her husband took her activism to several fronts from charity to government roles. They both wanted to give parents the resources to send to their child to the perfect school. Betsy DeVos worked towards this goal by creating a scholarship program for low income families. While her husband took the fight to inside the government by being elected to the Michigan State Board of Education. Together they had pushed for their vision across numerous states and started discussions.


When looking back at everything up to this point, Betsy DeVos believes the greatest push for her vision came out of Florida. That state offers students the greatest amount of choice, but she acknowledges efforts made in other regions. She currently sits in a high position in the Trump administration, from which she can support school choice on a new scale.


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Prevagen Improving Your Health

We at Prevagen would like for you to know that September is a wonderful time to think about how you want to better your life and your health. You don’t have to start big. Little steps will do just fine. Here is one of our best tips, and it concerns wine.

Sure a glass of wine may have health benefits, but have you considered the number of calories that you’re loading into your body. The great news is you don’t have to give up the flavor just the alcohol.

To get you on the right track, we’re giving you some of our best recipes. Instead of a Bloody Mary for brunch how about a drink with tabasco which has a kick that will boost your metabolism.

You will need the following: black pepper, celery, blue cheese, fresh rosemary, garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, and don’t forget your favorite Bloody Mary mix. Now, that you have the ingredients, make sure your glass has salt on the rim then add the contents into a shaker along with your Bloody Mary ingredients.

Remember to give it a good shake, and add ice for your drink fill it up. Embellish your drink with blue cheese, olive, celery, and rosemary. Your body will thank you for this healthy alternative. Read more: Prevagan Improves Memory and Regular Strength | CVS and Prevagan Regular Strength Capsules | Walgreens

How about a Kombucha Cranberry Mocktail? With a good amount of vitamin B pack inside this drink, you’ll feel full of energy, and it will help regulate your metabolism.

Easy to make just follow our simple recipe starting with just a smidgen of rosemary, and if you like add some rosemary for a decorating effect. You’ll need two 12-ounce of Kombucha. You’ll also need some ginger one slice about an inch will do include fresh cranberries and a half a cup of unsweetened cranberry juice into the mix.

You should fill four glasses with ice, jumble together the rosemary and ginger don’t forget to stir.

Now enjoy your non-alcoholic drink which will not only have you feeling great but improve your health. Don’t forget to check on our weekly tips especially on our healthy smoothie recipe. Delicious.

In 2007, Prevagen came on the market to the public since then over a million prescribers have used Prevagen with the support of pharmacy nationwide according to Pharmacy Times, a national survey.

Prevagen inventors are from a biotechnology company that worked to improve memory loss related to aging. Their goal is to increase technological advancement to help those who suffer from memory and other health issues.

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Brian Torchin: East Coast Roots International Entrepreneur

Brian Torchin is said to have been born and spent his early years in Plainview, N.Y. His academic training in medicine began after high school graduation while attending the University of Delaware. It was there, that Brian Torchin majored in Exercise Science as his premedical degree. After graduation from Delaware, he went on to study at the Chiropractic School of New York. There, he graduated with a degree in chiropractic medicine and soon thereafter became licensed and certified.

Torchin opened his practice in Philadelphia, and it was that experience, working with patients, staff, and other healthcare professionals, that led him to form the Company, Healthcare Recruiting and Staffing. He remains this company’s CEO and President.

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He has written articles online and in various publications concerning the practice of healthcare, and more specific, staffing of healthcare provider offices and clinics. In his own practice, he staffed his office with other doctors of chiropractic, physicians, physician assistants and physical therapists. Presently, this is done internationally throughout many healthcare settings allied with his company.

In some cases, it has been noted that offices have been staffed with given qualified candidates within 72 hours of the initial request. Background checks are made to ensure candidate qualifications. HCR Staffing is based in Philadelphia, PA. The company is said to be a full-service provider of healthcare personnel.

The business model offers several practical means to ensure a smooth running operations. These include observing the mini-max performance rule by all staff: keep expectations consistent. Ensure equipment is running well, and staff are sufficiently trained. Rotate staff who work the front desk, so many share the direct experience of dealing with patients and therefore, minimize staff burn-out. Moreover, Torchin suggests paying office personnel slightly above what the competitive wage may be to encourage excellence. HCR is an international service provider in the growing healthcare industry. Related: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/07/18/brian-torchin-talks-about-the-difficulties-of-healthcare-staffing-in-philadelphia-and-beyond/

Russell Gimbelstob: Tennis Court to Board Room

New Vernon, New Jersey’s Russell Gimelstob has always been athletic and was good in several sports. Russell’s father was a star athlete and the head couch of three state championship teams for Newark’s South Side High School. Russell started learning to play tennis at the age of six when his mother told him she would like him to be more well-rounded.


Newark Academy

Russell Gimelstob’s family tradition was to attend Newark Academy, and he played at the second singles position for most of his attendance. He was the first tennis player to become captain in their sophomore year in the history of Newark Academy and was first team all-state all four years of attendance. As captain he led the tennis team to three state championships in a row. He eventually graduated with an B.A. in 2001 and earned an M.P.A. in 2002 from Cornell University.

Tennis at Cornell

Gimbelstob was a starter for doubles on the men’s tennis team and a four-year singles player. His senior year he was made captain of the team. Gimbelstob’s sophomore year went undefeated in the Ivy League competition for doubles. He was also Cornell’s representative at the NCAA National Doubles Tournament. All four years of attendance at Cornell he received Academic All-Ivy and Academic All-American awards.

Dune Real Estate Partners

Russell Gimelstob serves as a member of the Investment Committee of Dune Real Estate Partners as well and managing director, and head of acquisitions. Gimelstob became a part of Dune’s team during the first year it was in operations and has become a partner as a result of being ambitious, dedicated and performing well. Prior to joining Dune Gimelstob worked for Goldman Sachs in several positions.


Russell Gimelstob is a philanthropist, actively supporting The Valerie fund which supports children with blood disorders and cancer and the families of these children. In 2012 he was the annual honoree for the Hebrew Academy for Special Children (HASC).

NYC Entrepreneur Glenn Schlossberg Shares How Regular Vacations Make Him More Productive

Jump Design Group’s Founder and Chief Executive Glenn Schlossberg says that it didn’t take him long into his career to find out that vacations are critical. At the beginning of his career, he bought into the whole “go, go, go” mantra of working 12 hours a day or more. It was after overhearing a conversation at clothing convention that things changed for him.

He listened to a keynote speaker when they explained that people are more productive when they give themselves extended breaks from work. Glenn Schlossberg thought that was a really interesting idea so he decided to try it. He started taking long vacations and found that his productivity went up instead of declining. He was better able to encourage his team at Jump Design Group to be more productive as well.

People who work more than eight hours a day are setting themselves up for failure. Research shows that getting away from work regularly improves productivity, creativity, and attitude. Glenn Schlossberg says he knows this from personal experience, having been taking vacations for the past 30 years. His company continues to grow and exceed his expectations so he’s doing something right.

According to professionaltales.com, he often takes working vacations. He travels to the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia, so he can meet with suppliers, business partners, and potential buyers and clients. He always leaves time on these trips to have a little detour. For example, when Glenn Schlossberg last visited London he went to a MacLaren test-driving facility where he got to drive one of these cars for himself on a private tour.

At home in New York City, Glenn Schlossberg enjoys racing as well. He collects automobiles and motorcycles. He also finds time to race cars and enjoys the adrenaline rush. When he travels to other cities for work, Glenn Schlossberg will sometimes invite members of his team to join him. On the London trip, he brought along one of his executives, Ashish, who got to drive a McLaren as well. He’s pretty sure he converted Ashish into a car enthusiast that day.


Nitin Khanna’s Success through Mergers and Acquisitions

 Nitin Khanna- the former CEO of Mergerterch is a classic example of an entrepreneur who succeeded by identifying a niche segment. He chose a business that dealt with mergers and acquisitions. The company helps businesses especially tech-companies grow by finding a strategic or financial partner or acquirer according to their unique needs. Nitin Khanna was the key advisor for at least eight mergers and acquisitions before he started his own company called Mergertech. He has become a role model for several new entrepreneurs in the State of Oregon.

Nitin Khanna was born in India. His family served in the Indian army and were also entrepreneurs. He believes in taking risks a t the right time. He had his early education at the Lawrence School Sanawar in India and later attended Purdue University in Indiana. He obtained a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in industrial engineering. Nitin Khanna worked with many companies including International Paper and Oracle Corporation. He founded Saber Corp with his brother in the year 1998. The company provided software systems to the state government of Oregon at first and later to many other states in the US. He sold the company for a large profit to Eds. The sale led him to a new venture. Many entrepreneurs sought his advice on finding a company for mergers or acquisitions. His success in finding partners for these companies gave him the idea of launching a company that assists mergers and acquisitions. In 2015 he launched a company called Cura Cannabis that sought to capitalize on the legalization of Cannabis. The company is currently one of the largest distributors of cannabis oil.

Nitin Khanna helps new US entrepreneurs grow by arranging mergers and acquisitions with strategic and financial partners across the globe. His family encouraged him to dream big and work hard to achieve those dreams. He capitalized on all new important legislations. His first company Saber Corp capitalized on the Help America Vote Act in 2002. The act required all states to modernize their election systems within four years. Oregon, Khanna’s home state was the first state to start making changes and Saber Corp won the contract. Soon they were involved in providing software for government departments across the US. He sold the company for nearly four times its revenue and found that he was consulted about how other companies could find financial and strategic partners. He used his experience and expertise to start Mergertech to help new tech-companies find their ideal partners for mergers or acquisitions. He later launched the company, Cura Cannabis when Cannabis was legalized. The company is currently the largest cannabis company in the world. He sits on the boards of Classic Wines Auction, Freewire Broadband and, TiE Oregon. He has also produced documentaries, enjoys music and, spending time with family. Nitin Khanna asks new entrepreneurs to stay critical of their skills and capabilities and hire and fire correctly. He asks them to integrate their work and life to succeed.

Nitin Khanna is a business success story whose growth is based in capitalizing on the best available opportunities at the perfect time.

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Innovative Shipbuilding Company CEO Iskandar Safa


Privinvest is one of the top shipbuilding companies in the world, and its customers range from those who are involved in national defense to those who want naval vessels, such as yachts, designed and constructed for their own personal use.

Middle Eastern businessman Iskandar Safa co-founded the company with his brother Akram, and it is headquartered in their home country of Lebanon, in the city of Beirut. More than 2,000 of its ships have been delivered to the navy branch of the military, as well as to private customers. Read This Article for more information.

Iskandar Safa has been a part of the ship engineering industry since 1991, when he purchased a shipyard in Cherbourg, France that was going through some financial struggle. Iskandar Safa managed to turn the business around within 2 years, growing its profits and hiring over 500 employees to help with production duties. Aside from his water vessel operations, Iskandar Safa was earlier involved in international trade as a representative of companies in the west such as the U.S. defense contractor Northrop.

Iskandar Safa also invested in a European hotel chain with his brother and increased its profitability substantially. After graduating from the American University of Beirut, the skilled executive moved to Saudi Arabia to work at his father’s civil engineering business. While he was there, he designed and built a military academy that included an airstrip. The academy was to be named for the man who was the King of that country at that time.

Iskandar Safa has always been determined to succeed , and he has said that he likes taking on big challenges. While in his youth, he was an Olympic discus throwing champion. He was also wounded in his stomach during the civil war that took place in his country years ago, but after he recovered, he continued to persistently pursue his entrepreneurial endeavors. He is now one of the wealthiest people in Lebanon.


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Seymour Segnit And His Super Fast Charger

Most modern chargers are cheaply made, and it shows. The consumer is frustrated with their lack of options and the fact that many of them feel that they have no choice but to purchase multiple chargers if they wish to keep their electronic devices steadily charged.

Enter the MAGFAST Charger

One of the only ways to solve the issue of having so many cheap chargers is to try to invent one that is wireless and can be used nearly universally. This is what the MAGFAST charger is. It is a lot easier to standardize chargers across the wireless space than it is to try to get manufacturers to go back to the drawing board and try to make their wired chargers all the same.

Seymour Segnit, the CEO of MAGFAST, believes that his chargers need to be portable, rapidly charging, and compatible across nearly every device. That is what his company has managed to do. Under his leadership, they have made great strides towards that goal. Segnit himself is an experienced CEO who cares about the work that goes into every product that he releases to the public, and you can see that work in action when he puts out something new.

From Humble Beginnings

You should know that MAGFAST came from humble beginnings. They are not some Silicon Valley laboratory experiment. Rather, they evolved from a crowdsource funded company into what they are today. That is a big testament to the power of this company to get things done. People have had faith in them for a long time, and it is paying off now.

The product that they produce is entirely wireless, and they intend to keep things that way. They want every customer that they get to know that the product that they have purchased is one that has had a lot of work put into it. It helps them stand out from all of the other charger producers.

Consumers may purchase just about any charger today thinking that they will get virtually the same experience regardless, but that is not the case if they fork over the money for a MAGFAST charger. The experience will be much better.

Raffaele Riva

Being an entrepreneur is very hard. You have to be detail oriented, passionate about what you are doing, and driven. Raffaele Riva is all of these things and more. Raffaele Riva has worked as an entrepreneur for many years. He has founded a company called AUREA Multi Family Office that helps to run many other offices including BGB AUREA Ltd., Aurea Consulenti Associati SA, and a few others. Raffaele Riva worked hard with a few of these companies.

Raffaele Riva is very passionate about the job that he chose for his life. When he first chose the entrepreneur life, he started out helping to start a few smaller businesses which he is still pretty active with today. Riva had to go through a lot of years of schooling to learn everything that he needed to learn in order to become the success story that he is today.

Being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of responsibilities. You have to be energetic, enthusiastic, willing to lead and follow, and so much more. You have to be willing to be successful and even willing to accept failure. Raffaele Riva has learned all of this along his journey, and now he is hoping to teach others all of these things.

Raffaele Riva has accomplished a lot of things throughout his career. Now that he knows everything there is to building and running a successful business, he hopes to teach others everything that he can. Raffaele Riva wants to see others be able to achieve everything that he has achieved. He is excited to see where the future is going to take him.