Oren Frank’s Talkspace – A Revolutionary Approach to Therapy

Oren Frank, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talkspace, has developed an unprecedented platform for online therapy. Mr. Frank’s prestigious career has included positions such as Regional Creative Director at EMEA in London, CEO of Worldgroup Israel and Global Chief Creative Officer for MRM Worldwide. While this list doesn’t give all of the high level positions Frank has held, it does lend itself to his credibility as a leader in the corporate world. Check out Oren Frank’s videos

Oren Frank has developed an online platform that makes therapy accessible to individuals who otherwise wouldn’t have access to much needed psychological support. Because therapy can be costly for many, the Talkspace platform allows individuals to manage the way they receive therapy. It allows people to do therapy on their own terms and helps to mitigate the already existing stigma that comes with the word “therapy”. In his 2017 interview on Cheddar TV, Frank discusses how the stigma that is naturally associated with therapy has been a barrier to entry in his endeavor to expand the Talkspace platform. In his 2016 speech on the Future of Therapy, Oren discusses how our expensive yet ineffective system of healthcare has failed to accept this type of platform as a sufficient way to provide mental health support to individuals. In his speech, he references the fact that the major players in our healthcare system are, in fact, not motivated to see the potential of how the Talkspace platform could revolutionize how patients receive the mental healthcare support they need.

Oren Frank has used his own personal and private experiences to develop a platform that has helped tens of thousands of individuals. Through his own vulnerability and transparency, and sharing his own personal challenges, he is providing a much needed resource for individuals who face issues such as anxiety and depression.

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OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions has been a notable supplier for Mcdonalds since the 1950’s, when the famous burger company fingered OSI as their main source of production for customized meals across the global market. OSI retains 65 locations across the world in order to effectively stock food service firms such as Burger King and McDonalds. These centers are facilities that perform the slaughtering, preparation, and packaging of livestock. Recently, OSI has entered the meatless burger patty industry by working with Impossible Foods; however, the plant burger industry has yet to prove it can contend in the worldwide fast food market. OSI Food Solutions Germany GmbH was founded in 2008 and operates for OSI as an LLC. Despite research from the Federal Statistical Office that shows German meat consumption has been in decline since 2011. Germans are following a Western trend in moving away from processed meats, which have been deemed as unhealthy, instead opting for meat substitutes or a vegetarian diet. Vegan Christmas markets have also become popular among German consumers, which reflects the healthier attitude that average peoples are gravitating towards. Despite this trend, the meat market in Germany continues to warrant the upkeep of several meat production facilities. OSI Food Solutions is capable of beef, pork, poultry, and much more. Recently, in response to a more mindful populace, OSI has sought to improve their capacity to produce chicken; chicken is cheaper and healthier compared to other meats. The chicken products include chicken meatballs, chicken patties, battered chicken nuggets, fried chicken meals, plus several others. Many people in Germany prefer pork as their go-to meat, but the effort to live healthier has also changed that preference significantly over the last five years. Vegetarian dishes are becoming more common on the menus of food service businesses, leading to vegetable dishes becoming a part of the repertoire at many OSI locations. This doesn’t mean that they neglect the basics, however. Their ability to supply high-quality beef patties to food chains that rapidly burn through stock is the standard that other suppliers hope to meet. OSI Food Solutions prides itself on the quality of personnel that are employed on the production line as well as the corporate side of the company. Over a century of experience in food production and their partnership with some of the top brands in the industry has given OSI Food Solutions an extremely high rank in global business.

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Randal Nardone& Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone’s Career History & Background

When we reflect on some of the most grueling and demanding working fields in the world today, most likely the business and investing field is towards the top of that list. In other words, when we consider the qualities and factors that a professional in this field requires working in, let’s just say it is easy to understand why many individuals fail out of this industry. As unbelievable as that sounds, it is definitely a true statement. In fact, the amount of time, money, and overall commitment and sacrifice that is needed to work as a professional in business and investing far outweighs that of any other field. Needless to say, this speaks volumes to the type of environment and work ethic that this field has attached to itself. Now, why is it important to understand the characteristics of this industry? It is important to understand these qualities because it allows us to reflect and appreciate on the professionals in this field. While many have failed out of it, in turn, many have also been very successful. In reality, if an individual stays around long enough, they are more likely to find success than failure. Nonetheless, perhaps no other professional in this field has been as impactful and as influential as has Randal Nardone in his career. With the number of accomplishments to his credit, there is not much that Randal Nardone has not done in his career. Impressively enough, there is still so much more to his successful ways as a professional in the business and investing industry. So, to further evaluate and understand how Randal Nardone has managed to reach the top of his field, here is more on his career and his role at Fortress Investment Group.

More on Randal Nardone& His Role At Fortress Investment Group

Worth repeating again, Randal Nardone is as accomplished as it gets in his field. His many career achievements have established him as the pinnacle of success. However, perhaps none of his accolades or achievements have been as recognizable as his actions with Fortress Investment Group. Fortress Investment Group, which is one of the leading investment management firms in the world, has benefited tremendously from Randal Nardone and his valued efforts. In fact, Randal Nardone has benefited himself from the company’s overall success. Simply put, the two were definitely meant for each other. Specifically, Randal Nardone has the titles of c0-founder and leading executive of the company. With such a distinguished role at the company, Randal Nardone has been determined to reach nothing less than success for himself and Fortress Investment Group. All in all, there is no getting around the fact that Randal Nardone will continue to succeed as he always has. With the way things have gone for him, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that he will continue his successful ways with the company or whatever else he wants to do. Randal Nardone is truly a master of his craft.


Jose AuriemoNeto, JHSF, and CidadeAuriemoNeto

The Brazilian company JHSF Participacoes is a Brazil-based holding specializing in real estate development. It was first founded in 1972. The founding brothers, Fabio and Jose Roberto Auriemo, led it together until the 90s when a huge disagreement about the direction of the company led to them splitting it into two entirely separate companies called JHSF and JHSJ. Fabio would take full ownership and leadership of JHSF. At that time was a construction company kmown as JHS. It operates in considerable interests through its four primary divisions: Real Estate Development, Shopping Centers, Hotels, and Services and Other Businesses.

The company has been led by its CEO JoseAuriemoNeto, the son of Fabio, since 2003. He has led it so well that in 2007 it began to be publicly traded for the first time in its history. Since 2009, JHSF has largely concentrated on the high-income sector of real estate. Jose led the way into the luxury sector by instigating the building of the luxury shopping complex, CidadeJadim. The end result would boast 180 stores, nine residential towers, and three commercial towers. About a year after starting this project, JHSF purchased a majority share of the Fasano hotel chain. To know more about him click here.

And in 2014 it would also purchase a majority share of the Fasano restaurant chain. Jose would also lead JHSF to expand its work into Uruguay and the U.S. In his nearly todecades long term as CEO Jose Auriemo has been responsible for multitues of malls, airports, hotels, and restaurants.

LinkedIn: https://br.linkedin.com/in/jose-auriemo-378553b1

Isabel Dos Santos To Speak At AfricaCom

Billionaire businesswoman Angolan Isabel dos Santo will attend the AfricaCom conference to speak on her position regarding investment in the energy sector and the possibility of a 5G network in Africa. The AfricaCom conference will be held in Cape Town, South Africa, from November 12 to the 14. The conference will attract leaders in the technology and telecommunications sectors. Telecommunications providers want a 5G network, but dos Santos doesn’t believe that a 5G network will be possible unless private investors invest in energy.

Isabel Dos Santos was on the board of directors for Unitel, a telecommunications company that she will represent at the conference. Dos Santos will speak in-depth on the need for private investors for the energy sector. She is adamant that this is the only way that a 5G network will eventually be possible. Isabel Dos Santos used Unitel’s investment in the telecommunications field as an example. Unitel has invested in the telecommunications sector for over twenty years. Unitel’s investment has resulted in the installation of 2.2 million dollars worth of fiber optics cable installed in 14,000 kilometers of land, creating a large fiber optic network. Isabel Dos Santos estimates that it will take the same kind of investment in energy to get the result of a 5G network.

The cooperation and partnership between governments and companies are needed to create stable business models that will bring in private investors willing to invest in Angola’s infrastructure and energy sector. Dos Santos is emphatic that this must be done for Brazil’s growing population which is currently at 1.2 billion people and will be at 2.4 billion people by 2050 surpassing China’s large population. Isabel Dos Santos has years of experience working in the fields of telecommunications and technology and foresees that in the future, the African companies that will be successful will be in the business of e-commerce or digital economy.

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Wes Edens Achievements at the Fortress Investment Group

A lot of people have always struggled to look for alternative investments across the entire globe. This is because the majority of the painful experience has undergone. For those who still doubt the industry, Fortress Investment Group is here to prove them wrong. The company is among the oldest financial investment firms across the entire globe with more than 1800 private and corporate investors from all walks of life. The company has its headquarters based in New York, United States.

The growth of the Fortress Investment Group is attributed to its experienced leaders like Wes Edens. He is believed to have dedicated everything he has for the success of the company. All his energy and youthful years have been spent at this company. The good thing is that fruits are sweeter and he is also lucky to be among the few billionaires in the world. Wes Edens is one of the few guys who have worked towards the drafting of very powerful company strategies. He is entrusted in identifying the best investment opportunities suitable for the company.

Many companies have focused their attention on the capital markets alone. As for Fortress Investment Group, the story is different and Wes Edens decided to focus on alternative investments and assets as well. Some of these investments are abandoned factories and railway businesses. Many people thought that these ideas were speculative but the increased growth in the American economy has enabled Fortress to reap big after reselling these companies.

Wes Edens acquired these properties when they were very cheap. Today, their prices have been able to shoot and thus the reason for these benefits. He used his knowledge and skills as well as to promote his business. Wes Edens is also the face behind the successful real estate investment that is currently being undertaken by the company. The fortress was recently acquired by Soft Bank which is a Japanese based company. Since the acquisitions, the company has been able to experience a lot of cash injections which require a very serious person to manage them. They have been able to penetrate the real estate business with a lot of energy. Some of these properties are the heart of New York city whereby they are developing monumental properties all over.


US Money Reserve CEO Believes Happy Employees Result In High Sales Volumes

For Angela Koch, CEO of US Money Reserve, training employees encompasses more than just making effective salespeople or marketing associates. She’s said she wants to see employees love what they do and grow personally while on the job.

Her philosophy is that if employees are happy with the work environment, learn new skills, learn what their customers want and go out on their own to tackle problems, the result will be a better company.

In other words, some of the best returns on investment happen when you invest in employee development because better sales numbers and greater customer satisfaction will follow.

Perhaps one reason Angela Koch believes in sales revenue increasing when employees are invested in is because she herself has had a journey in which she’s experienced the same thing. She didn’t arrive at US Money Reserve with a master’s degree in her field, or any college degree for that matter. Instead, she started out by getting lower level jobs that didn’t require a degree.

Her jobs included being a pharmacy worker, having various positions at electrical companies, being a manager at a Jewish foundation, and getting to a high ranking position at KLA-TENCOR, a process control company. While there she also took on a certification job at a Kobe beef ranch.

With all the knowledge she gained at these jobs, she was able to build a resume that got her into the leadership team at US Money Reserve. Since becoming CEO, Koch has done a tremendous job leading the way in the precious metals industry and working with well-known numismatists.

Along with Angela Koch, US Money Reserve also has the expertise of Phillip N. Diehl, the only former US Mint Director who’s now working in the private sector in precious metals. He’s written books and appeared on TV networks like CNBC where he’s offered his thoughts on buying physical gold or silver.

An important reason to do so is because after periods of stock market highs, recessions can hit and you never know how inflation could affect your savings.

The value of the dollar can also be affected when the Federal Reserve raises and lowers interest rates, and when the yield of short-term Treasury bonds exceed that of long-term bonds, trouble can be looming. But when you buy physical gold or silver, you can be ready for pending recessions. There’s gold coins and other bullion that can retain their value even if the dollar is not strong, and you can find them at US Money Reserve.

The customer experience at US Money Reserve is something the company takes a lot of pride in making sure is unparalleled in quality. They have easy to access product listings of gold and silver coins, and you can find out about special deals that show up from time to time.

US Money Reserve has received high reviews for timely delivery and having certified US Mint coins.

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Privinvest Continues To Grow Thanks To Its CEO And Co-Founder Iskandar Safa


Iskandar Safa has accomplished a lot during his lifetime, and he continues to find new successes within the shipbuilding industry as the CEO and chair of Privinvest.

While his company provides naval vessels to 40 navies from all around the world, it also constructs some of the most innovative superyachts on the planet Earth. Iskandar Safa recently commented during an interview that one of his company’s subsidiaries by the name of Nobiskrug has many orders for superyachts.

While Iskandar and his brother Akram continue to run the company, they are not very involved in its day-to-day operations. They leave that up to the more than 2,500 employees who work within all of Privinvest’s various subsidiaries. Safa has a lot of confidence in the teams he has hired but will sometimes take part with the sales of some of his company’s vessels if his team believes he can be of assistance. Read This Article for additional information.

Iskandar Safa feels that the success of Nobiskrug, which is one of Privinvest’s subsidiaries, has to do with the motivation of the people who work within the company. Nobiskrug is building many different yachts and one of these is the Black Shark, which is a yacht that is over 77 meters in length. His company has many new contracts and is getting ready to begin delivering its new super yacht Sailing Yacht A to customers soon. Visit This Page to learn more.

Iskandar Safa has acquired many different shipbuilding companies over the years in order to expand Privinvest. He acquired Constructions Mecaniques de Normandie some years back and was able to turn it into a success after it had been struggling before he took it over. Privinvest has its headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, but it also has shipyards in the Middle East, Germany, France, and the UK. Safa is always looking deeply into his company to see how he can help it to improve and grow.


Source article: https://www.superyachttimes.com/yacht-news/iskandar-safa-interview


Taking A Closer Look At The Energy MLP Fund From Highland Capital Management


Master limited partnerships (MLPs) are increasing in popularity among energy investors these days, and Highland Capital Management’s Energy MLP Fund is leading the way. The Energy MLP Fund is unique among Highland’s publicly traded mutual funds in that the portfolio is managed in part by James Dondero, one of Highland’s co-founders.

In addition, the Fund is also directed by:

  • Jon Poglitsch – As an experienced consultant and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Jon is currently the Head of Credit Research for all of Highland Capital. He regularly aids his colleagues James Dondero and Matthew Gray in running the Energy MLP Fund portfolio, and Poglitsch is known around the company for his expertise in utility and power markets.
  • More specifically, Jon Poglitsch is focused on that provide renewable energy technology to the world, and he routinely analyzes both midstream and downstream investment opportunities in oil and gas. With an academic background in chemical engineering, Jon brings a unique blend of financial and scientific expertise to the Energy MLP Fund.
  • Matthew Gray – Matthew has been a part of Highland Capital Management’s investments in the energy sector for over ten years, and he is one of the founding members of the Energy MLP Fund. Before helping Dondero and Poglitsch to start this particular fund, Matthew held the title of Senior Portfolio Analyst at Highland.

Matthew was initially hired by Highland after developing expertise as an Associate for rival firm GW Equity. Matthew brings his expertise in corporate valuation to the energy industry, and he has been involved in the appraisal of several complex stock transactions throughout his time in the Energy MLP Fund. Visit This Page to learn more.

According to its official mandate from Highland, the Fund’s dominant strategy is to allocate capital to American energy corporations operating in the middle of the energy industry’s complex value chain. Read This Article for additional information.


Additional reference: https://www.linkedin.com/company/highland-capital-management-l-p-


Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger Leads Gulf Coast Western to Fast-Track Growth

In 1970, Matthew Fleeger’s father founded and operated a modest oil and gas exploration and development venture based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. It focused almost exclusively on operations within the Gulf Coast region. Appropriately named Gulf Coast Western, LLC, the company would start an impressive and ongoing growth spurt when leadership passed to Fleeger upon his father’s retirement.

Gulf Coast WesternAs the company’s current CEO, president and director, Fleeger has led it to fast-track growth through strategic partnerships and lease acquisitions. Today, Gulf Coast Western’s footprint encompasses partnerships and drilling operations throughout Texas and in Louisiana, Mississippi, Colorado, Oklahoma, Alabama and Kansas.

Strategic Growth

Entrepreneurship has been in Fleeger’s DNA since he left Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business with an undergrad degree in business administration. He started his career at his father’s company and stayed long enough to get a hands-on education in the gas and oil industry.

Then he left for radically different ventures. He acquired a small traditional indoor tanning chain and a spray-tanning operation. Fleeger grew both to be among the largest in their sectors. After selling his ownership stakes in the operations, he founded MedSolutions, a medical waste transport, disposal, and treatment company. Once he had sold that operation to a large competitor, he returned to Gulf Coast Western.

As the heart of the company’s fast growth is the ability of Fleeger and his team to form mutually beneficial partnerships in gas and oil ventures wherever he sees opportunity.

Charitable Outreach 

Matt FleegerNot all of Fleeger’s time is spent in the boardroom. Both privately and through his corporation, he has made significant charitable donations, especially to those that meet the needs of children.

For instance, his Fleeger Family Educational Kitchen provides STEM-based experiential educational opportunities for children in an age range between pre-kindergarten and second grade.

Fleeger was also a leading corporate donor to the Sadie Keller Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports kids and their families while they undergo treatment for pediatric cancers.