A Completely Different Challenge

Eric Lefkofsky has spent most of his career building a fortune and starting up companies of all sorts, but now he has a different goal in mind. He has created the analytics startup Tempus and set its sight on ending cancer once and for all. RIght now Tempus uses genomic sequencing and other data analyzing techniques to help improve the understanding doctors have how these diseases operate. Using these discoveries Tempus allows doctors to find the best course of treatment for each patient.


How He Plans To Change Things

Big Data has changed many things around us. Thanks to Big Data marketing companies have made themselves more efficient, stock analysts have a better understanding of exactly what they want to do and so on. The hope of Lefkofsky is that these techniques can change the way we look at medicine in a completely new light. Starting with cancer gives us a good beginning, but there is much more to do. An entirely new world of medicine may derive from the work done at Tempus.


A Commitment To Humanity

Eric Lefkofsky is fighting cancer for a reason. He wants to make an impact in the world and this is one of the best ways he can change things for the vast majority of people. Previously, he has used charitable organizations such as the Lefkofsky Family Foundation to give back to those around him. Although he donates to many causes he considers helping children out to be one of his most important interests. Together with his wife Liz Lefkofsky he helps to bring about the changes he wants to see in the world and inspire people to give back to others.


About Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is a entrepreneur who has participated in the founding of a number of high profile companies. He was responsible for the creation of such giants as Lightbank and Groupon at a time when many were skeptical of the viability of these ideas. Today, he uses his wealth to help others in need of assistance. View Site: bizjournals.com


Additional Resources: http://www.lightbank.com/team/eric-lefkofsky

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