A Sandman Movie Update

After the popularity of the Christopher Nolan produced and Zach Snyder helmed superhero outing, Man of Steel, there was a rumor that Neil Gaiman’s surreal and trippy comic series, Sandman would be soon hitting the big screen. Those rumors quickly turned into official studio confirmations and then… nothing. The project seemed to fizzle and die away at which point everyone, unfortunately forgot about it in favor of the more well known superhero films. Fortunately, Tom Rothman sees that it is coming back.

But thankfully, there is light at the end of the tunnel and it looks very likely, almost positive, that Neil Gaiman’s comics will be seeing the big screen release they deserve and relatively soon. In a recent interview with Deadline (of which you can read more here: http://screenrant.com/sandman-movie-script-update-gaiman/) Gaimen and co opened up about the films possible release.

Gaimen explained that one of the reasons that the film has been in the cooker, so to speak, for so long is that it is owned by Vertigo comics, rather than Warner Bros. which made things a little more complicated, legally, than it would have been had it been owned by the former company. Also, they have long wanted Joseph-Gordon Levitt on the project, as had been rumored early on. He is indeed attached to it but negotiations are still underway, so that was yet another stumbling block, or blockade rather. But all parties give their assurance that the project will still be going ahead with Levitt attached, David S. Goyer and Neil Gaimen leading the project. It should prove to be interesting if nothing else.

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