Aaron Lupuloff Gives Back to His Native Community

Aaron Lupuloff is the senior executive director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. The GCPS empowers students and teachers. The program has a scholarship program for low-income students who excel in school and need a chance to go to college.

Aaron Lupuloff is well-educated. Mr. Lupuloff earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Alabama. After graduating, Lupuloff worked part-time in financial services at the University of Alabama.

Aaron Lupuloff has been a community advocate for decades. A Norcross native, Lupoloff is active with the Norcross High School Foundation where he held the positions of president, vice president, and treasurer. Mr. Lupuloff worked as a booster club officer and a member of multiple sports clubs. The NHS Foundation supports the arts, academics, and athletics. In 2011, both Mr. and Mrs. Lupuloff were inducted into the NHS Foundation Hall of Fame. Aaron Lupuloff founded the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. The Lupuloffs serve on the University of Georgia Student Affairs Advisory Board. The board recently awarded three scholarships to University of Georgia’s Disability Resource center for Disabled Students. The couple supports Partners Against Domestic Violence, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and Camp Twin Lakes.

According to youngupstarts.com, Aaron Lupuloff learned from the Norcross High School Foundation experience that the foundation was an immediate help to students and teachers. From there, Lupuloff decided to create a foundation for Gwinnett’s 180,000+ students. The GCPS Foundation was born.

Aaron Lupuloff uses a whiteboard to help the board members brainstorm ideas for GCPS Foundation. If GCPS is going to become a world-wide successful school system, it needs funding. Lupuloff believes the most challenging students need to be focused on first, and soon the learning experience will bubble up. There are 25 board members from all positions in life coming up with ideas to suit wealthy, middle, and lower class students. If Lupuloff could give his younger self some advice, he would tell him to be patient and be humble enough to go ask for help. One must never be afraid to fail a lot. Always communicate with your staff and customers.

Aaron Lupuloff is interested in Historically Black Colleges. There are some students who want to go to an HBC. The school foundations need to raise money to pay for ACT and SAT tests. Many investors want to know where their money is going. Lupuloff lets them know that the contributions are going to pay for tests and services that many families can not give to their children. Mr. Lupuloff is involved in a Shark Tank for children aged 12 through 18. He donates to his daughter’s donations through matched dollars.


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