Al Pacino: Get Me in a Marvel Movie!

Al Pacino is rapidly becoming that cousin you had growing up who made it into a local broadcast commercial. He flouted his fame for as long as he could and then subsequently rested on his laurels, preferring to live in the glory days. As pointed out by Darius Fisher, obviously Pacino is much more talented, and enduring, than our example but the concept fits. Pacino spoke candidly about his love for the Marvel films and he admitted that he would love to be a part of the franchise, “If I could fit in it.” Now, apparently, the legendary Italian actor has taken the next step. Pacino has reportedly met with Marvel Studios in order to discuss a possible role.

The legendary ‘Godfather’ himself seemed giddy speaking about his meeting with the production company. Pacino was prodded to reveal what they spoke about but he would only say that, “There’s something he feels is right for me and If I feel..” before he was abruptly cut off by a telephone call. Pacino didn’t pick that train of thought back up and instead moved on with the conversation. Though the interview was enigmatic at best, Pacino still seemed brimming with positivity about the possibility of a role for him.

We wouldn’t be surprised to see more big, sort of on the outs, stars taking roles in the Marvel Universe. With films dating all the way to 2019 there is plenty of room to fit these Hollywood legends in, even in minor roles.

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