Alejandro Betancourt Lopez on Innovation and Adapation

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s career is marked by innovation and adaptation. With undergraduate degrees in business administration and economics from Suffolk University, Betancourt headed to his native country of Venezuela to work in the oil industry. As his career advanced his passion grew for learning new technologies and expanding his expertise in the sector of sustainable energy. He soon began diversifying his portfolio with ventures in finance and cutting-edge retail merchandise.

Over time Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s fascination with the continual changes in technology grows. He welcomes innovation and new approaches to existing business models. Work with Spain brought him into the European Union but the high-tech opportunities available in developing countries are undeniable and plentiful. This has driven him to work in South America and Africa. New development and lines of communication that the Internet presents are the focus of his business efforts and investments.

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He has a keen awareness of the benefits of corporate entrepreneurship. In this type of entrepreneurship, a corporation develops a set of initiatives designed to produce value by endorsing internal actions toward innovation or by generating new business opportunities from integrating external knowledge.

Throughout his professional career, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez has held several management positions. At Guruceaga Group and BGB Energy, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Venezuelan arm, he worked as a commodities trader. He worked for the U.K. based ICC-OEOC’ as the Latin America Commercial Manager. The company is a technological solutions provider in the offshore oil industry After accumulating a deep understanding of the oil industry and international trade in energy, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez moved into his endeavors.

In a joint agreement with South America’s prestigious Simon Bolivar University, he worked to create career training and advancement opportunities within the energy sector. These efforts are in line with his commitment to mitigate the issue of climate change and the impacts of development on territories. Under the leadership of Alejandro Betancourt Lopez, in-house initiatives were established to focus on social responsibility. The foundation established under his leadership supports resources for education, specifically in science and technology, the country’s National Anti-Drug Organization (ONA) and sports initiatives.

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