All About Highland Capital Management

This is an institution that was founded in 1993 and comprises of outstanding global investment advisers. They are very reliable sources, given that they are registered and given that collectively with their affiliates they have $21 billion of assets that are under execution. It is a very diverse institution, hence having a very wide client base. They have offices in Singapore, Texas, New York, and in Dallas where they have the headquarters for their offices. This is a firm that is prospected to do even better in the future given that its membership incorporates several sharp minds, among them being a creative and proficient president, Mr. Jim Dondero.

Why Jim Dondero is appropriate for his position

There are so many professionals who could be considered for such great positions. However, James is exemplary personnel because of what he bears. To begin with, Dondero has served in several organizations in the executive positions. He has worked with so many great people, and they have approved him as a great leader. Also, some have even enjoyed his chairmanship and gone ahead to have him included in boards of directors. He has also been a great contributor of ideas in the private market. He has had experience in the financial and business world for three decades. The experiences he has had have exposed him. Also, the challenges have also shaped him into a better person, and this is one thing that has helped him even in his running of Highland Capital Management, L.P where he serves as the president, and a co-founder.

What you may not know about James Dondero

There are so many qualifications of James that you may not know, but I choose to begin with some of the personal things about him that perhaps may not be known to you. One is that between his to popular names, there is a name “David.” Again, there are people who will prefer to call him Jim, and he resides in Dallas, TX. O his qualifications, Mr. James founded NexBank and is among the innovative pioneers of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). Throughout his career, he has been receiving awards because of the selfless devotion and the energy that he directs to what he is assigned.

Even before founding Highland Capital, Dondero served in Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as the chief investment officer.

James’ Educational Background

James was a student of accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. Being a certified management accountant, he has thereof earned himself a number of related awards. He was a diligent student, who passed exemplarily well. Among the many other posts, James is currently serving as the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare Group. You realize that it is not just the financial institutions that go for him. He is widely exposed, and this has made him suitable for very many organizations. Over the years, he has been known to exhibit such great skills in the leadership and also a commitment to whatever he does. This is what has excelled him not just in the investment sectors, but also the various other institutions where he has been of great influence.

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