Andrew Garfield No Longer Spiderman?!

Sony is in chaotic meltdown mode at the moment. Thanks to the work of some dedicated hackers, Sony ended up airing all of the hidden secrets and dirty laundry. When reporters flicked through the thousands of leaked emails they managed to find some pretty amazing and interesting stuff. Morality of the leaks aside, the news that Marvel is in deep talks with Sony about using the Spider-man character in their ‘Captain America: Civil War’ was huge! Marvel has been lusting after the characters intellectual property for decades while Sony squandered it on subpar films. Now a changing of the guard could be in effect only Andrew Garfield may no longer be a part of the project.

The first two ‘Amazing Spider-man’ films, which starred Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, may have been commercially viable but they were far from what fans had in mind for the franchise going forward. Gripes aside, Andrew was one of the few bright spots of the Spidey reboot–and that is important, considering that he is the main character. Now he might be pushed out of the franchise if Marvel gets their hands on the character.

According to the leaks, Andrew Garfield was upset with the way that the studio meddled with ‘Amazing Spider-man 2’. Garfield also irritated Sony’s Tokyo elite when he skipped out on a dinner event at, literally, the last minute. The final nail in Garfield’s Spider-man coffin comes from Sony Co-Charman, Amy Pascall. In a back and forth with producer Matthew Tolmach, she said that she loves the idea of “introducing” Peter Parker in the ‘Captain America’ franchise. Sam Tabar doesn’t know how things will play out, but Businessweek feels like it is close to a done deal.

Introducing. As in, “Here’s our new Spider-man.”

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