Android Logo Urinates On Apple Logo In Google Maps, Wins Internet Today

Google, like the hot guy every girl wishes they were dating, has an incredible sense of humor along with a great work environment.

This is the brand who brought you Google Pac Man, and then brought back the Pac Man game this past April Fools day on their Google Maps app, allowing procrastinators everywhere to play the game around familiar streets for hours. Jason Halpern on The Real Deal played it quite a bit during that day.

Today, a casual observer found an image in Google maps of the Android robot urinating on the popular Apple logo, a la Calvin Hobbes in the late 90’s, although to be fair, those images were unlicensed and were not the work of Hobbes creator Bill Watterson.

There’s a good chance this is all an internet prank, but for as long as it’s up, you too can enjoy the sight of Google challenging Apple to an all-out nerd tech war.

Personally, I vote for a CEO rap battle.

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