Ansel Elgort Might Switch Over To Music

Ansel Elgort may not be well known by his name, but more than likely you’ve seen him in several of his popular movies. Ansel Elgort Interview. His two most recent movies were “Insurgent” and “Fault In Our Stars.” He is the gorgeous faced young man who has splashed himself across movie screens everywhere, and stole the hearts of many young teenage girls, as well as some young adult females. Although he is currently working on several movies, he is also making music as well, and many fear that he may switch from movies over to music for good.

Currently, Ansel is working on an album, which will be released in the future. He also is working on a single, and he is not sure what it will be entitled, but he anticipates releasing both a single, as well as an album in the future. Ansel did an interview where he let his fans know that he may still continue to do movies, but he also has a passion for music as well. Another movie that Ansel is known for the “Carrie” remake, which came out in the year 2013. He played the role of “Tommy” in the movie. Tommy is the boy that takes Carrie out, and has the pig’s blood dropped onto him from above which was pretty disturbing as Terry Richardson remembers it.

Although this actor has memorable roles in movies, it will still be interesting to see what his music career will bring.

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