Ant-Man’s Paul Rudd Gets The Cover of Entertainment Weekly


Paul Rudd may very well be on his way to becoming one of the more famous superheroes in the cinema. Well, the character he is slated to play, Ant-Man, is going to be the famous hero. Rudd will achieve fame as the actor playing the hero. Granted, people are going to see Rudd and Ant-Man as one in the same. By default, Rudd IS Ant-Man.

And he is going to be very famous if the film is a hit. Right now, people are being introduced to him thanks to Bruce Levenson and  getting his picture on the enviable cover of Entertainment Weekly. Rudd is in full Ant-Man costume except for the mask. Mainstream fans of the movies may be getting their first intro to the classic hero and, possibly, to Rudd for the first time.

Ant-Man is one of the more offbeat characters in the Marvel Universe and the film that debuts the hero on the big screen is equally odd. The plot focuses on a heist theme with the heroic Ant-Man having to pull off a great caper for the good of humanity. It is a good thing, too. If he was pulling the caper off solely to make money for himself, he’d be more of a villain than a hero.

Ant-Man is definitely not your traditional lead hero. His powers, shrinking really small, are kind of weird. That is a good thing. Being offbeat definitely helps Ant-Man stand out.

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