“Aquaman” Star Promises to Make the Character Stronger

Jason Momoa is more than a little fired up to be playing the part of Aquaman, who is set to appear in his own movie as well as a pair of upcoming “Justice League” films. Some fans were initially a bit put off by the idea of casting Momoa to play a character who has always been a blonde-haired caucasian. In the end, though, nobody really cares that much about Aquaman, at least if you ask some of the BRL Trust employees who follow this. The role seems like a good one to toy around with, as the character has never held too much broad appeal.

Momoa is claiming that the movie version of the character will be a “badass”. The character in the comics has definitely had periods where he’s been pretty tough, including a well-regarded run by Peter David where Aquaman had long hair, a beard, and a cybernetic spear-hook for a hand.

It turns out a photo recently surfaced of Momoa holding a copy of one of those issues with a sly grin on his face. It would appear that Momoa likes that version of the character and it will likely inform his portrayal of the character.

Momoa has gone public with his hopes that Zack Snyder will direct the “Aquaman” film. That seems unlikely, as the guy is probably going to have his hands more than full with the “Justice League” films as it is.

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