Ara Chackerian Is An Entrepreneur Who Is Busy Raising Awareness Of Mental Health Issues:

San Francisco based entrepreneur Ara Chakerian is respected for the work that he has done in his business endeavours, particularly his work developing healthcare industry companies, but he is as well known for his deep devotion to philanthropic pursuits and environmental protection. His environemental intersts range from conservation efforts of the forests of Maine to the work that he is doing in Nicaragua with the development of Limonapa Teak. This is a teak farm that is sustainable and actively enriches its environment rather than causing damage to it.


According to Patch, Ara Chackerian has previously experienced great success in the realm of outpatient radiology and he is now applying similar concepts to his latest business venture known as TMS Health Solutions which is a company that works in the area of outpatient psychiatry. Ara Chackerian and his team at TMS Health Solutions are working hard to develop a name that is synonymous with care in the psychiatric realm. So far this venture is going very well for Chackerian as seven facilities have been built in the San Francisco area and Sacremento area. The facilities at TMS Health Solutions are designed to put patients at ease so that they don’t feel that it is simply a typical doctors visit.


Ara Chackerian is also passionate about making a difference in the area of suicide prevention. Putting an end to the stigma that still surrounds this issue is a goal that Ara feels is critical in order to increase the ability to prevent suicide. The statistics of how many individuals commit suicide can seem overwhelming. A major problem is the fact that the stigma that continues to persist also has the effect of making people hesitant to have a discussion on this difficult topic. This is an area that Ara Chackerian is very passionate about raising awareness on. You can visit


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