Ara Chackerian: Restructuring Mental Health Discussion in the Tech World

Technology is home to some of the best inventions, and pundits predict that the trend will continue for the next two decades. However, few people pay attention to the people working in this competitive niche. Mental health, for example, is one of the most ignored aspects in the tech world. Fortunately, professionals such as Ara Chackerian are talking about this reality. Chackerian — one of the most vocal investors in this niche — believes that lack of conversations on mental health has made the topic a taboo. He has been instrumental in shaping the conversations on mental health in this space in the last five years. Some of the approaches Ara Chackerian is using include the following.

First, he has been instrumental in creating awareness, especially in big tech companies. In a 2018 piece, Ara Chackerian argued that one of the reasons why people are not talking about mental health — in the tech world — is the stigma associated with the conditions. However, through education and awareness, he believes that it is possible to reverse this reality. He has therefore teamed up with other stakeholders in this niche to educate people on mental health. Chackerian is also in a good working relationship with other organizations and foundations with similar interests.

Second, he understands that apart from creating awareness, people need professional help. Ara Chackerian is, therefore, helping significant companies in restructuring working arrangements to accommodate therapy sessions. Apart from creating a suitable environment for therapy, Chackerian is also passionate about helping companies to develop appropriate working environments. He believes that accessing treatment is essential, but ensuring that the working spaces are at par with the global standards is irreplaceable. His passion for an ideal workspace is the main reason why he is one of the key investors in healthcare technology. In the next ten years, he hopes that the world of tech will be a leader in mental health awareness. Find out more about Ara Chackerian:

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