Ara Chackerian – The Development of TMS Health Solutions

Ara Chackerian first learned about transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy from a business associate. Chackerian was looking to expand his decade’s worth of experience in medical technology to new areas, and so he decided to investigate the technology.

Chackerian and his business partner Brad Hummel had already created a framework of medical offices in Northern California. Their offices, which specialized in outpatient diagnostic radiology, had been successful for many years.

The two businessmen were blown away by the amazing capabilities and potential of transcranial magnetic therapy and foresaw it becoming a pillar of psychiatric care, like talk therapy and medicine.

Dr. Richard Bermudas, who had made a name for himself in the field of transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy, met with Chackerian and Hummel. Dr. Bermudas desired to spread the use of transcranial magnet stimulation and to educate the public about the treatment.

Ara Chackerian and Hummel helped Dr. Bermudas overcome some of the issues that faced the existing psychiatric outpatient office model. Most offices were cramped and did not accept insurance coverage. This was because psychiatrists were in demand, and so they could choose to not deal with insurance companies. Check out

The team wanted to create an outpatient office that enabled the patients to achieve their desired results. They also wanted to allow their clinicians to be able to provide patient-focused care.

To create a warm and inviting model for their planned offices, Chackerian hired a New York Architect named Josh Heitler. Josh Heitler had designed offices for other end-user focused businesses like Drybar and Rent the Runway. He designed an office prototype that was spacious, providing ample space for both treatment rooms and consultation offices. He also implemented a design that allowed patients to feel relaxed and comfortable.

There are now seven TMS Health Solutions offices in California. Each one is frequently met with patient praise and high reviews. You can visit YouTube to see more videos.

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