Are Super-Villain Movies the New Trend?


Is there something wrong with wanting to root for villains? That might seem like an odd question because no one really roots for the bad guys in a film. Superhero films, in particular, focus on defeating the bad guys while the audience roots for Batman, Iron Man, Spider-Man, or all The X-Men.

Now, along comes Suicide Squad and that changes things a bit. Are you really rooting for the bad guys in this film? Would you be doing the same if you were to root for the cadre of Spider-Man villains in the proposed Sinister Six film?

Honestly, you would be rooting for the lesser of two evils in those particular films said In those films, the plots revolve around bad guys battling worse guys said Sultan Alhokair. Then, there is another benefit to the making of these films. A lot of new bad guys are debuted and they can be featured into scores of other projects without having to invest a lot of time creating a backstory to establish the villain.

Why do audience have a fondness for certain villains? Sometimes, the creators of a comic book do such a fantastic job of crafting a villain, the villain becomes a wildly popular antagonist. The Joker is the quintessential villain who fits this description. The Clown Prince of Crime is an iconic evil villain. A lot of tickets are going to be sold to audience members filling seats in Suicide Squad to see what he is going to be up to. They might not be rooting for him to beat Batman, but are curious to what plots, plans, and schemes he has in mind.

A series of villain focused films probably won’t be forthcoming because villains are going to have a hard time carrying a film. A properly targeted release of a film that centers on villains, however, could be a major hit.

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