Are There Too Many Superhero Films?

Maybe he has a point. Dan Gilroy, the director of the award winning film Nightcrawler, has publicly said the unthinkable. He basically expressed the notion that one too many superhero movies have come out. Gilroy has expressed dismay of the “tsunami” of superhero films coming out. Yes, there are scores of superhero films coming out and the genre has become a fad. It looks like pretty much every superhero is getting a film including “B listers” who averaged less-than-stellar sales. Between D.C. and Marvel, we are going to get a lot of superhero films in 2016 through 2018. (2015 boasts “only” three major Marvel ones)

Doing the match, if one superhero film came out a month, that’s only 12 movies a year. One television, even if you had 12 superhero programs on a week in prime time, there are several hundred other channels to watch. In short, there may be a lot of superhero films and television programs, but there is a whole lot more to choose from when you go to the theater and turn on the television. The superhero genre is not consuming all the world’s entertainment choices.

Fans like Bernardo Chua feel that the hype associated with superhero films is a bit much. They do get far more publicity than other films. Why wouldn’t they though? The films mostly make a lot of money. Is there any wonder why Hollywood loves them so much?

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