Arjun Kapur Predicts That His Company GoBuyside Has A Future Full of Growth Ahead Of It

GoBuyside is the creation of businessman Arjun Kapur. He currently serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. It is an amazing platform that has been around since 2011, helping employers in the financial industry to connect with the top available financial industry professionals that are seeking employment. Arjun Kapur has always seen himself as someone who can identify opportunity and take advantage of it. This was the case when he looked around at the way hiring was done in the ultra-competitive financial industry. Kapur’s idea was to create a streamlined platform that took a lot of the hassle out of a highly competitive market. With his GoBuyside system, potential employers have the benefit of the platform’s technology that links up postings from job boards with applicant tracking systems. The system also connects potential employers with top talent through the use of mainstreaming of artificial intelligence technology. In the time the platform has been operations is has seen massive growth and now works with over 10,000 firms all over the world, helping them to fill their needs with the very best professionals in the business. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.

This system works on transparency and gives employers the huge benefit of GoBuyside’s dedicated team. The process that GoBuyside uses for vetting is an exhaustive one. Only the most talented candidates are put forth to their potential employers. Financial professionals in the talent pool benefit because they receive immediate notification whenever an opportunity comes up that might suit them. This is all done through the work of Kapur and his team of dedicated professionals that have the knowledge and experience in this field that truly makes their platform unique. Follow GoBuyside on

Recently asked about what his thoughts were on the continued growth of the platform, Kapur remains confident that the best route to future growth is to build on the tradition of excellence that GoBuyside has already established. The company puts a high premium on giving its clients a huge number of options. Truly caring about the needs of its clients is what has made GoBuyside so successful in the first place. Kapur also feels that you often times learn the most by your real-time interactions with your clients. You have to let the feedback that they provide you with become your most important research. This ideology combined with Kapur’s enthusiasm for the financial industry is what has led GoBuyside to its huge success and growth in a short time.


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