How Ara Chackerian Implements Technology to Boost Health Service Delivery

How Ara Chackerian Implements Technology to Boost Health Service Delivery

Ara Chackerian is an experienced businessman who has demonstrated his effort in community development while giving health services to those in need. He has worked tirelessly to implement the use of technology in the provision of health services. Use of technology in this field improves service delivery as well as bringing the convenience of the whole processes involved.

Due to his experience and robust skills in the health field, Ara Chackerian has been appointed to chair several boards established for mastering provision of health services. While taking a significant portion of his profession in the health sector, he also takes part in other fields such as in environment and matters concerning youth development.His venture in business was geared by his long experience in running various aspects of a business. Ara Chackerian took a long time to establish radiology centers with his team members. During this time they developed ideas as well as technology to come up with an advanced device which could be used to treat depression.

The discovery of transcranial magnetic device improved the treatment of depression mostly from those patients suffering from advanced depression conditions. The method was reliable as it could help in administering the best and reliable medication alongside talk therapy. Ara Chackerian worked with experienced doctors in his company to ensure the best treatment was administered to his patients. He also believed that teamwork was very crucial in generating new ideas which could be implemented to improve customer services.

Ara Chackerian claims that the use of telemedicine applications has a high impact on the health sector. Use of these telemedicine applications which have computer algorithms capable of analyzing any behavior changes gives doctors the ability to determine the best treatment they can offer to their patients.


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