Attorney James Bopp And Citizens United Fight For A More Equal Election Process

James Bopp actually got laughed out of court when he argued in favor of Citizens United (a conservative, non-profit political action group) being able to offer “Hillary – The Movie” at on-demand TV at the same time that Democratic presidential primaries were being held. The movie does not put either Bill or Hillary Clinton in a good light. Citizens United was informed by the Federal Election Commission that the movie couldn’t be shown during primaries because it was too much like a campaign add that didn’t specify who paid for it.

It was when James Bopp argued the movie wasn’t much different than something you’d see on 60 Minutes that Judge Lamberth laughed out loud saying “you can’t compare this to 60 Minutes.” Two years later he wasn’t laughing anymore when the Supreme Court reversed his ruling and gave Bopp the chance to change the entire structure of campaign-finance regulations and laws.


Bopp has an impressive reputation in the courts. Before he became the champion of Citizens United, his efforts in the Supreme Court helped knock big holes in the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance law. Currently, he is pursuing quite a few cases that could eliminate caps on political contributions and if successful, take out public-financing laws all across the country.

End Citizens United has raised $4 million and expect that amount to rise to $35 million for midterms. They raise money of their own to push big money out of politics. Approximately 100,000 people have contributed in only the first quarter of this year with the end goal of electing “campaign-finance reform candidates” to Congress. Many who believe the White House shouldn’t be for sale to the highest bidder are ready to push their cause in the next election.

People who have donated to this cause do so because they feel as if “the system is rigged against them” as in “those with more money have more say,” and so they fight back by raising money to get people elected who believe as they do. Democrats are not at all happy about having Donald Trump as President and are ready to fight him and all his nominees, including Superior Court pick Judge Neil Gorsuch, in any way they can.

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