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Profile of Australian Marketing Consultant Luke Lazarus

On a daily basis, there are many people who are looking to start businesses. They are looking to get into something that they are passionate about as well as attaining financial security. While there have been many people who became successful entrepreneurs, most have not.

An overwhelming majority of entrepreneurs fail within five years of starting up their enterprises. However, they can increase their chances of establishing a successful business by using the services of business consultants.

With a business consultant, an entrepreneur will have the support they need in order to get through obstacles and eventually reach their goals. One of the most notable consultants in business today is Luke Lazarus.

Before starting his career as a business consultant, Luke Lazarus completed a couple of notable education programs. He finished an undergraduate degree at a university in Melbourne Australia.

Lazarus would later attend business school and complete an advanced degree in business administration. With this educational background, Luke had considerable knowledge and credentials to pursue lucrative employment opportunities. However he decided to become an entrepreneur.

Once beginning his career in entrepreneurship, Luke Lazarus started up his first business and built it over time. The business became a successful enterprise and Luke was able to continue the process a few more times.

He eventually built four highly profitable businesses during a span of several years. As a serial entrepreneur, Luke had valuable businesses that he was able to sell for millions of dollars. This made him financially independent at a relatively young age.

After selling all four of his businesses, Luke Lazarus decided that he still wanted to be involved in business. As a result, Lazarus began working as a marketing consultant. Luke now spends his time counseling entrepreneurs.

He helps them find ways to increase their revenues, improve their products, offer more services and also market themselves more effectively. For the past few years, Luke has established himself as one of the most trusted consultants in the world.

When it comes to putting together a plan for business success, Luke Lazarus has stressed that entrepreneurs establish a mission and adhere to it at all times.

Luke has told them to develop a central purpose for being in business and always focus on doing everything possible to reach goals that pertain to the business mission. This approach has helped many entrepreneurs improve their focus and become more determined to build a successful business.

Another key to success according to Luke has been developing a business plan.

Luke informs business owners that they will need to put together a written plan that outlines all of the business objectives and how it will fulfill them.

A quality business plan has helped many entrepreneurs build their businesses and get needed capital to expand on a regular basis.

Luke has also told entrepreneurs to make good presentations. This has allowed them to convince people to buy their products, use their services and also get capital from investors. With effective presentations, entrepreneurs have had the ability to put themselves in better position to achieve their goals.

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Peter Harris, Giving Shareholders a Chance

Peter Harris, the managing director of CBL Corp gave shareholders a chance to own a share of CBL Corp Ltd earlier this year. Many shareholders could not believe that CBL had placed so many shares on the market for sale, but they did. Earlier this year, CBL allowed prospective shareholders to purchase stock from CBL. The company placed more than $20 million dollars in the stock market. CBL Corp. is a great company to invest in. The company is one of the most elite European insurance companies to date. CBL has been in business for more than 10 years. Peter Harris has been with the company since its grand opening. Peter Harris was the employee of the company who decided to allow shareholders to purchase shares for the company.

If you aren’t familiar with Peter Harris’ background, he is an educated professional. Peter Harris attended the University of Auckland where he earned his master’s degree in financial services. In addition to being educated, Peter Harris is also very involved with several other projects. Peter Harris is currently a member of the Australian Graduate School of Management and NZ Latin America Business Council. He helps both of these organizations with their finances and he also helps to make various decisions for these schools.

Peter Harris made an informed decision when he decided to place stock for the company in the stock market. This opened many doors for the company and shareholders. The public is eager to see the stocks grow.

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Toyo Setal Rescues and Removes Endangered Species in Sustainable Practices

Improving Sustainable Practices

In all countries and 99% of sustainable corporate programs, a company will have a system or method of treating those areas in which they are involved that require special treatment and care for the and resources. Toyo Setal has several programs it has implemented over the years, which keep the properties and natural resources it comes into contact with safe and secure. Below are two reliable methods it uses to ensure that all-natural remedies registered as endangered are observed, recognized, tagged, removed, relocated, resulting in placing them outside of danger or hazardous zones. The company regards safeguarding natural resources as part of their entire scope and implementation of their every project carried out all over the world. Each range is handled according to local needs and professional organizations it works with.

What is Sustainability?

Sustainability is being able to interfere with the environment without endangering the local resources that are already there. This means working collaboratively with the local authority and professional groups to use natural resources in a smart, intelligent, and caring way and implementing those methods of care for those resources which reflect the needs of the economic factors that drive the local economy.

Endangered Species Programs

• Reduce Contamination in Resources
• Mitigate Risks in Valuable Natural Resources
• CopleteClassificaiton and Tagging of Species
• Ongoing Monitoiring of Flora and Fauna
• New Trees planted following De-forestation

Educational Integration

• Train Local Sustainability Experts
• Rescue Endangered Habitat Dwellers
• Relocating Endangerment species
• Tagging endangered plants
• Removing small and large animals
• Transplanting endangered Trees

Toyo Setal Company

Toyo Setal is a Brasilian industrial engineering company that helps to realize its goals thru the transparent and deployment of its resources in a sustainable and responsible way. It always keeps in mind the local economy and its natural resources as one of the essential resources it needs to interact with in a responsbile way. The company produces complex projects onengineering, construction, and in pprocurement with a scope to integrate sustainable practices as part of it sintegrating in local communities. Toyo Setal goes beyond meeting licensing environmental resources but seeks to develop critical and effective methods along with local professional organizations that consciously and thoughfully safeguard natural resources.

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Sudhir Choudhrie Suggests India Could Be A Viable Market For Britain Post-Brexit

Sudhir Choudhrie is a London-based businessman with interests in a wide range of industries, such as healthcare and aviation, as well as hospitality. Though born in India, the majority of Choudhrie’s work has been in the United Kingdom, although he has operated firms in both countries. Because of his expertise experience in both areas, he has developed an extensive amount of expertise in managing international business, which he has tried to use to help mitigate the potential ramifications of the U.K. leaving the European Union. Drawing from his experience, Sudhir Choudhrie has noted that the United Kingdom will need to develop and improve trade relations with a wide range of countries, mainly if a no-deal Brexit occurs.

While he’s suggested that there are a variety of places that should be beneficial trade partners, he has claimed that India is a prime candidate for improved and refined agreements. There are a variety of reasons why Sudhir Choudhrie says that this should be the case. One of the most notable of these is that both the United Kingdom and India have relations going back over a century. Alongside this, the relationship between them has improved significantly since India earned its independence more than 70 years ago. As a result, the two countries have a solid foundation to build upon and enhance. As he’s operated companies in both areas and traded between the two, according to Sudhir, he notes that doing business between them can be quite beneficial for the majority of firms.

Though India has often been a difficult region to break into for many firms, Sudhir Choudhrie suggests that it may not be as difficult for British businesses. While much of this may be because of the extensive relationship between the two countries, Choudhrie indicates that there are a few other notable reasons. Prominent among these is that India has quickly become an economic powerhouse with quite a large potential market. With the majority of business owners and others speaking English to a proficient level, communication also shouldn’t be an issue for British based businesses. As such, Sudhir Choudhrie suggests that improving trade relations between England and India could be beneficial post-Brexit. Click here.

Financial Career of Peter Briger

Peter Briger’s accomplishments have allowed him to establish himself as a very successful executive in the financial services industry. For over two decades, Peter Briger has been helping two of the most successful finance firms set themselves apart from other firms in the industry. Over the course of his career, Peter has been a top executive who has used his expertise and leadership skills to help these firms consistently attain their goals. He has also been quite active in helping his community become a better place through improved education and affordable housing. Once he was finished with business school, Peter Briger joined Goldman Sachs. He would work at this firm for over a decade where he made a significant impact on the firm’s fortunes.

As an employee of Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger was involved in overseeing a few Asian committees. These committees were focused on serving clients of that region as well as acquiring new ones. Briger was also involved in managing the credit asset division as well. By 1996, Peter would become one of the partners of Goldman Sachs. After a fifteen year stint at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger accepted a position at Fortress Investment Group. He was immediately appointed to become a member of the management committee. Peter was also in charge of supervising a team of professionals and the entire credit asset management department.

Briger has since attained a couple of top executive positions which include chief executive officer. He is currently in charge of running the firm’s west coast operations from its office location in San Francisco, California. Peter is currently part of a couple of non profit organizations. He serves on the board of directors of both of these entities. Briger oversees a non profit that helps low income families get more affordable housing. Along with assisting people in getting affordable housing, Peter is also involved in helping charter schools provide a solid education to young students. While he was a student at Princeton University, Peter was a member of the university’s investment club. Briger would later attend business school and attain a MBA degree before starting his career in finance.

The Midus Touch: Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy L. Goldstein is successful corporate lawyer and partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The firm specializes in the corporate advising CEO’s, management teams, and committee boards to assist them in acquisitions and other sensitive matters.

After obtaining his law degree from the New York University School of Law, he began his career by working at other firms to gain experience and a more practical understanding of the specialized world of acquisitions and corporate law. As he began to experience success after success working for other firms, Jeremy Goldstein decided to take a leap of faith and start his own firm, which he named Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates. Goldstein’s key principles for profitability in his firm were to make long term plans and execute them with precision.



Jeremy Goldstein has played a major role as a corporate attorney in some of the largest corporate acquisitions in history, such as Sears, Alltel, and Time Warner. As a result of his accomplishments, he has built up quite a reputation for himself. Many corporations are eager to work with him due to his tremendous track record. His many years of experience grant him an exclusive insight that allows him to bulletproof contracts. This is especially important considering the vast quantities of capital and monetary resources that are changing hands. Everything has to be accounted for and there is no room for error. Negotiating is also a huge part of the puzzle for Goldstein. His clients intrust him to make the best deals on their behalf in a timely manner.

CEO guidance


As a witness to many such corporate mergers and acquisitions, Jeremy Goldstein finds himself in a unique position to provide advice to CEO’s and committee boards on how best to navigate those potentially confusing or unfamiliar times.



Jeremy Goldstein organizes quite a few charity events in his spare time. In May, he hosted a gala in New York to raise money for the Fountain House, which is one of the charities he assists in managing. Fountain House is a community mental health service designed to assist individuals who have a history of serious mental illness in thriving within world they struggle to fit deal with.

Golden Future


Goldstein plans to further diversify his firm by seeking out new areas of expertise to explore and dominate. While his exact plans are unclear, it is likely that he will use his extensive network and intrinsic affinity for bringing talented people together to create a more heterogenous talent pool of attorneys within his own firm.


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How Gump’s Plan To Make Comeback To Serve The People


Gump’s was a business started by Solomon and Gustave Gump in 1861. The company started during the California Gold Rush. The two brothers would originally sale mirrors and frames. The company would move to Union Square after a fire occurred in 1906.

The company would become well-known for the sale of home furnishings and home décor. There have been few celebrities who have shopped at the luxury retailer. They carry top-quality luxury brands including Hermes and Buccellati.

Gump’s would close in 2018, but it would be the Chachas family to help lead the business back from closure. John Chachas would accept a statue of Buddha as payment for brokering the deal that allows a person to sell a business. The “Buddha” stood in the middle of the store, and it was signed that reminded many people of Christmas. Go Here for more information.

John Chachas would allow the statue to be kept in the store’s lobby. Chachas would remember the time he spent at the retailer when he was a young boy. The possible liquidation of the Gump’s led Chachas to want to take possession of the Buddha statue. Chachas would auction the statue and receive nearly $4 million. He would use $650,000 to purchase the trademarks of Gump’s. John’s children would become majority owners. The store would remain under family ownership when it reopened.

Gump’s has provided a brand that John Chachas found impressive. The company was able to connect with the people in the past. Gump’s has been able to provide people great products. The company expects to reopen in the Fall of 2019. Gump’s has a plan to have the store in San Francisco, California Gump’s also has a plan to have a store located in New York City, NY. The company plans to utilize the company’s website to reveal the exact location of the next store. They will also use social media platforms to inform the public of the store’s location.


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Seymour Segnit Embraces Innovations


Do you possess the same power of belief that Seymour Segnit does? The entrepreneur who co-founded MAGFAST shows the value of believing in yourself and your product. Segnit suggests that an intense focus on your goals can help them travel down a path towards total success.

There are a few points to make here. He created the MAGFAST charger and delivered something consumer wanted. A MAGFAST charger doesn’t come with cables, so they cannot become tangled. The devices are portable and work with many different devices.

And the inclusion of magnets allows users to produce decorative charger connections. Seymour Segnit brought something of value to the market, and the MAGFAST Family now comprises six different chargers. Segnit was onto something good. So, quality and demand must exist for your product to succeed. When you do come up with something brilliant and in demand, moving it in the market might work when you put enormous effort into drawing consumer attention..

Seymour Segnit stresses the vital importance of marketing. He feels 80% of an entrepreneur’s efforts should focus on marketing. This way, the maximum number of potential consumers learn about the product. If they don’t know what you are selling, they can’t buy it. Even the most fabulous product won’t move if no one sees any ads or promotional materials. So, Segnit remains marketing-centric.

As a consumer himself, Segnit feels excited about the arrival of autonomous cars. He sees excellent innovations in self-driving vehicles. Few should feel surprised. As an inventor of an innovative product, Seymour Segnit feels a connection to equally innovative concepts. Maybe the MAGFAST charger and self-driving cars will become the norm, as they push older concepts in the direction of VHS and Beta. See This Page to learn more.

Seymour Segnit may achieve fame for his chargers. As long as they deliver on customer wants, MAGFAST items should sell well, keeping Segnit in the public’s eye.


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Real Real: Secondhand Rose Would be Proud

The RealReal is just one of the online stores that are now selling used clothes and accessories to baby boomers and millennials alike. Poshmark and ThredUp are two other online stores that are growing their sales amidst this new fashion craze for fabulous secondhand clothes and accessories.

RealReal is the first to start trading on the stock market, priced at $20 a share. This price could raise $300 million in the IPO. Many new companies this year have had their initial public offerings backed up by venture capital. The CEO of RealReal is Julie Wainwright. She says it’s the largest online store for upscale consignment apparel that is genuine. We have prominent and influential designers like Cartier, Hermes and Gucci. RealReal is growing because more and more women believe in shopping for quality, well put together dresses, handbags, and scarves.

According to, the RealReal has opened up some brick-and-mortar stores in two big cities, LA and New York City. This helps to introduce many more people who can see and feel the quality of the fabrics and feel reassured when they shop the online locality.

Consignment stores and the Salvation Army have always been available but did not offer the same quality experience as these new startups. The traditional retailers are worried these new stores are a new competition and different because there is more invested in the ambiance of the shopping experience.

The Chanel company has filed a lawsuit against the RealReal, claiming that some Chanel products in its stores have been found to be not so real, that is, fake. It’s believed to be essential for Chanel customers to preserve a sense of exclusivity when they buy the product. Traditional department stores are worried that people will not want to buy brand-new clothing that’s much as much.

Ms. Wainwright, who is the founder, thinks that profitability is well on the horizon for this growing, popular company. The RealReal is well on it’s way to being a leader in this new industry. To see more about Real Real you can visit

A Pivotal Moment For OSI Food Solutions

In the world of food production, every second surely counts. Not having your products delivered on time can be crucial to a food retailer’s business and reputation. Most food retailers don’t even harvest their own foods, which forces them to rely on companies that do so. This is where OSI Food Solutions enters the picture, and this food provider is a mega producer for foods of all kind. OSI opened its doors back in 1909 as a local butcher shop. This butcher shop was family-owned and operated by the Kolschowski family. The Kolschowski family were German-immigrants, and they helped to fuel the Midwest’s agricultural needs by selling high-quality meats. The family decided to go into food wholesale, and this decision would payoff in huge returns. See the company reviews at Stepstone.

Once OSI Food Solutions stepped into food wholesale, no one really knew just how big the company would grow. As the demands of specific foods started to increase, OSI had to step up its efficiency or get left behind. During the 1960s, flash-freeze technology came into existence and it took off. OSI could now utilize this technology to the fullest by distributing its foods across the country without ever worrying that the foods would spoil. This technology is known as cryogenics, and it became a gamechanger throughout the food industry. To this very day, OSI utilizes cryogenics as well as many other forms of advanced technology, such as high-capacity production lines.

As of 2019, OSI Food Solutions has decided to go meatless. This means that the company will be producing meatless burgers for Impossible Foods. This plant-based style of food has gained a loyal following as of late, and it’s looking to revolutionize the food industry over the coming years. Thanks to the help of OSI Food Solutions, Impossible Foods will go from delivering 10,000 meatless burgers to delivering close to 17,000 meatless burger to its customers.

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