Batman v. Superman Possible Multi-Part

Batman v Superman is perhaps one of the most anticipated movies right now. Every move that the production team gets scrutinized and every rumor about the movie is magnified. The most recent talk now is that the movie could split into two.

The immediate thoughts of cynics would be that the movie is going to be milked that’s why it’s going to be split into two. While we can’t really rule it out as the main reason or one of the reasons if indeed the movie is going to be split. Earnings aside, let us try to consider what we would expect and hope for if it were to happen.

First, to make sure that people are going to watch the second part of movie, the first part must not give out everything. Half or less than half of the plot can only be used. It is sure to be a cliff-hanger and leave out all the best things to the second part but not entirely devoid of good stuff to make it suck.

The concern of fans is the movie, like Christopher Cowdray, centering on Batman with Superman only appearing in the background. Many people wished that the plot of the movie would pick up on the story of Superman but that is unlikely. The speculated parts of the movie are entitled Enter the Night and Dawn of Justice.

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