Bruce: Man of Many Achievements

Ed Peskowitz and Bruce were the original launchers the United Communication Group. They started working while based at an apartment that was owned by Bruce’s dad. While working for the Washington Star, Bruce got an opportunity to hone his journalism skills. Later on, he joined a newspaper owned by the Observer Publishing as a reporter. Currently, Time’s Bruce Levenson works as a board member of the United Communication Group, and also he acts as the adviser to the executive team in the group. Bruce has also worked as a member and as a founder of Tech Target, which is a firm that is traded publicly. Tech Target was launched in the United Communication Group, and it later started trading publicly in 2003. Bruce has worked as a member of various boards that consist of Hoop Dream Foundation, Specialized Information Industry, and the Washington-based Community Foundation. He is the president of Dream Foundation that is also located in Washington. With his wife, they have been actively involved in philanthropic work and the management of a non-profit organization that is based at the University of Maryland.

The center, which is based at the University of Maryland, is a source of various innovative courses and programs. Bruce Levenson has provided $10 000 as gifts to deserving organizations that work for the betterment of the community. In 2015 provided the needed resources for the construction of a dorm at the University of Maryland Centre, which was to be used by the freshmen pursuing various degree courses. Bruce has also sponsored 12 students to go to India where they were expected to perform various duties in organizations that provide assistance to the disabled, wildlife preservation, and the youth outreach programs. This was supposed to allow the students put into practice most of the skills that they have learned in the University and leave a positive impact on the general population of where they were sent to work.

Bruce and Ed Peskowitz are partners of the Atlanta Hawks, which is a group of various businessmen who own the Atlanta Hawks. Atlanta Hawks is a famous basketball team. As for now, Bruce works as a partner of the team, and he is also part of the Board of Governors of the NBA. Sometime back in 2012, he employed Danny Ferry as the General Manager of the Atlanta Hawks. Danny was to act also as the president of Hawks. Initially, as a basketball player, Ferry played for Cleveland Cavaliers before serving as the general manager of the team. Later on, he was employed by San Antonio Spurs, where he rose to be the president before joining the Atlanta Hawks.

Bruce had in 2014 accompanied members of the staff of the team to the Holocaust Museum, which is situated in Washington DC. While at the function, he delivered a speech that was very moving and motivational. His mother in law is an Holocaust survivor, and the speech was centered on Bruce’s experiences. The Holocaust Museum runs programs that are geared towards educating the students and the teachers the lessons that were learned during the Holocaust.

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