Brunettes Can Rock Purple Hair Today!

Something Every Bold Brunette should Know | Lime Crime Rocks Again!

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the famous makeup line for everyone, called LimeCrime. Here story is as inspirational as the brand itself. The reason we say that she is an inspiration to other young female entrepreneurs is that her story is a simple one. Most people believe it takes so much to do and become successful. Doe Deer may make you think differently.

The Lime Crime Story and Brand

The brand is a makeup line of bold and beautiful colors.Now they have a way to get brunettes out there to rock beautiful, bold purple! Doe Deere, believes strongly that every person, regardless of race or sex should be able to enjoy color in any way they want to experience it.

The New Product Line for Hair | Dark Unicorn Hair Color

Now, brunettes will get the same bold color that their blond and red headed fair counterparts are getting. More colors are available in the dark phases: Chestnut; Squid; charcoal; sea which green. They come in a dark jar with a bright pink label, of course that’s the way Doe Deere Rolls.

The Inspiration for Her Makeup Line

The inspiration for her line came when she couldn’t find a makeup that suited a bright and bold outfit so she made her own. It was as simple as that and she has been going strong ever since. This stems from the notion that all people should be self expressive without fear. Even more inspiring is that she was Russian born and NYC raised. Wow,what a combination.

If she can find it in her soul to create such wonderful products then you too should be inspired as a blue hair dye product fan and maybe an entrepreneur. Doe Deere has been an inspiration to the world of old and young alike, even her own mother who she convinced was not too old to wear as much color as she wanted with very few rules. Read any article about her line and you’ll be able to see the list of rules to break and feel forever liberated!

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