Business Find Security and Growth With LocationSmart

Mobile use has never been more popular, so businesses have to remain familiar with all that entails to offer up the best service possible. To make that happen, they’re going to need a partner like LocationSmart who can analyze certain data sets to limit instances of fraud, protect networks, and offer up the best service possible.


LocationSmart began business as TechnoCom Location Platform in 1995. Today, it is the location-as-a-service company of choice in the country. Becoming such a sought after tech company came with a developing understanding of IP data, how it affects network security, and advising businesses when to make decisions to best grow their enterprise.


Cisco, the sizable telecom, conducted research into mobile usage and determined that in the next couple of years the average user will be handling approximately four separate mobile devices a day. With so many IP addresses being used by a single individual, companies like LocationSmart become an essential business partner.


IP addresses have been collected by businesses for some time to keep better records about how their network is being accessed and by whom. LocationSmart goes much further and learns exactly where those users are geographically. With geolocation data, users can be identified, and attempts to obscure that information with software can be learned. A business can then make a judgment call about such users adhering to their terms of service and what to do to best protect their network.


This is one way for a business to combat fraud, and it can be applied to stop repeat offences or multiple offenders. Streaming services offer up content for a membership fee, and members who share passwords may violate their terms of service. Others may use that access to carryout piracy and copyright violations. Geolocation data can show if login credentials are shared across IP addresses, informing streaming sites that their content may be shared with non-members.


Knowing more about the traffic to a particular network, LocationSmart is able to see IP addresses establish patterns, identify them by region, and alert a business to the potential of an attack against their network.


Not only can LocationSmart’s data contribute to protection, it’s good for growth as well. For a business to truly be competitive, they must consider the needs of a global audience. That means efforts to localize based on the regional language, usage, capability, and regulatory needs by region. It’s the only way to give consumers the experience they want based on what their connection strengths allow.


LocationSmart is firmly established as essential to businesses wanting to stay on top of potential attacks and learning what customers need to remain satisfied with their online offerings. LocationSmart’s data assessments are also how businesses can properly reroute internal communications, track payloads, monitor payment transactions, and so much more than goes into running a modern business.


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