Captain America’s Next Movie Uniform Revealed

Avengers: Age of Ultron has finally hit theaters and for most actors that were in a huge hit, it should be time to relax. That is not the case if the actor is playing a Marvel superhero. Already, the cast and crew have moved on to Atlanta to begin filming next year’s Captain America: Civil War. This includes nearly all of the Avengers, who will have to choose sides between Iron Man’s efforts to enforce a government registration of superheroes and Captain America fighting for personal freedom.

Marvel Studios has released conceptual art of Captain America and Iron Man’s new costumes for the film here. Cap’s new costume has less red so it will be more of a contrast when he and Iron Man finally face off. In addition, its lines have much in common with the tactical outfit that he wore in Winter Soldier. Chris Evans has said that was his favorite and the most comfortable uniform he has worn so far.

Comfort and a wide range of motion could mean that the upcoming film could be even more action packed than Age of Ultron, at least as far as Cap is concerned. That is what those on About are talking abot as well. The movie is already confirmed to be at least as character rich, which pleases Paul Mathieson. Most of the Avengers will be involved and they will be adding a few Marvel characters that will be getting their own movies in the near future. Spider Man is said to be making his MCU debut here before his 2016 solo film. The same goes for the Black Panther.

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