Cassio Audi: Legendary Brazilian Heavy Metal Band Drummer

Cassio Audi was a teenager when he joined the Latin heavy metal group known as Viper. He stayed with the group until 1989, leaving one year after the band released its first album entitled Soldiers of Sunrise, which spawned such songs as Knights of Destruction and Wings of the Evil. The group was heavily influenced by a few British heavy metal groups that were popular in the 1970s and 80s, most notably, the group called Iron Maiden.

Cassio and all the other members of Viper hailed from the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil, and their first demo was called The Killera Sword. The original members included: Felipe Machad; Andre Matos; Pit Passarell; Yves Passarell; and Renato Graccia. They achieved global success in the few years that they were together, but although Cassio Audi contributed a lot to the group’s success, he left to pursue another career just a few years after he’d joined.

When the group first started, the teens were not as interested in using their musical talents for monetary gain as they were in having the opportunity to just record an album and have their names on the cover and the back side of a record, which was of the vinyl type at that time. The group didn’t initially go on tour to promote their albums and songs, and for this they were seen as being a little odd.

Although the original group split up a long time ago, Cassio Audi and the others got back together to do anniversary concerts in their hometown of Sao Paulo to celebrate the success of their first album. The concerts were big events that were very well received by their fans in the Latin community, as well as by others. Cassio will always be known as the group’s original drummer, and he and the other members of Viper will most likely always be connected in friendship due to their long history with each other.


More information on Cassio Audi can be found here, on Facebook.

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