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Marketing Executive Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is a top executive in the advertising and marketing industry. She is the chief executive officer of the ad agency known as Global CP+B. As the CEO of the company, she has made significant contributions towards its expansion and overall reputation. While working at CP+B, Lori has made drastic changes to the operations and the culture. In terms of the operations, she has made it among the most innovative marketing agencies in the world. She has also facilitated the firm’s growth as it is now active in 10 international markets all over the world. As well as growing the firm internationally, she has helped make the firm full of employees with an entrepreneurial mindset. This has led to the firm offering innovative solutions to its many clients.


During her career, Lori Senecal has been recognized for her achievements. In the year 2017, she was voted as one of the Creativity Innovators of the Year. Senecal was also named as one of the Most Creative People in Business in 2017 as well. According to AdWeek Power 100, Lori has been named to the list for the past two years for her marketing expertise. In 2016, Lori was named as one of the Agency Executives to Watch. With these awards, Lori has proven to be one of the most highly decorated marketing executives in the industry. Today, she continues to provide outstanding leadership and innovation for CP+B as well as for the firm’s clients. For more details visit linkedin



Earlier in her career, Lori Senecal worked as the Global Chairman and chief executive officer of the firm known as KBS. While she was working at this firm, Lori helped expand the firm from 250 employees to over 900. She would help the firm grow from a domestic firm to an international one as well. Along with helping with the firm’s growth, Senecal helped change the culture where it became one of the Best Places to Work in New York City. It would also become one of the Standout Agencies according to Advertising Age. When she was serving as the CEO of KBS, Lori was named Women to Watch in 2013 as well. With this recognition, Lori has proven to be one of the most recognized and successful marketing executives in the industry. Before Lori started her career in marketing, she attained a higher education. She attended McGill University and completed a Bachelor in Commerce, Marketing and Finance degree.



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Lori Senecal Leads The Marketing Agency CP+B To Greatness

Lori Senecal is a woman who has dedicated her career in empowering women. Women empowerment is a necessity in our world today as women need to know that they are not any less important or inferior in the community. A woman who has dedicated her life in making sure that women get the encouragement, help and power to prosper in their lives like Lori Senecal is adored all over the world by women. Such women are role models to upcoming girls and also helps men understand and appreciate women in the society. She became the CEO of the global CP+B in March 2015 and will step down this year. Her two year work will be surely remembered by many for she has changed many lives all over the world. She has shown all her capabilities in leadership since the year 2015 when she was made the CEO of CP+B.


According to GCReport, she has led many projects in the CP+B, projects which has contributed to a lot in the firm. She re-aligned the leadership structure of CP+B by the help of other leaders like Chuck. She has inspired many including the assistance founding partner, Chuck who says that Lori Senecal’s appointment to the firm has been a pace setter for the company and the company has excelled in all its performance in the reign of her. The companies hope that all her work will inspire all the next CEOs coming to the firm after her step down.One of the highlights for CP+B under Senecal’s global leadership is the landing American Airlines in October.


Lori has not only set an example to the company but rather to the entire women worldwide. She has shown them one doesn’t not need a whole life time to make a change in other people’s lives. She has empowered not only women but all leaders including men on the importance of hard work and caring for others in need. She will be surely be remembered for her achievements and skilled leadership she showed while managing the CP+B for only two years. Senecal exudes excellent leadership skills. She recently spoke at 3% conference.