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ClassDojo Helps Everyone

ClassDojo is an app that was created for the benefit of the student, the teacher and the parents. The app is designed to help all three communicate on a different level than had been seen in classrooms before and is innovative in the way that it provides children the opportunity to have a more positive classroom experience. It is an excellent app that is used by thousands of teachers around the country and has garnered a lot of attention because of the way that it is making classrooms happier places for students as well as the teachers who are so instrumental in their lives.


 Students are able to earn points on the app. The points come from doing a good job in the classroom, helping their classmates out or doing something that really stands out from the mundane day. The points are accumulated over a period of time, usually a month. Students are able to get the points that they deserve for doing things the right way and they are able to get more out of the things that they have done. At the end of the time period, students are able to exchange their digital points for real-life prizes in the classroom. Students can eat a special lunch with the teacher, can go shoeless in the classroom or can even earn extra time on the playground.



Teachers are praising the app because it gives them a chance to truly streamline their classrooms. They are able to provide the same type of points for each child who goes above and beyond in the class and are able to do it without the discrimination that came with other rewards for kids. The app is cumulative so teachers like that aspect, as well. They can give their students the chance to really build up a lot of points throughout the time that they are using the app.


Parents are also in love with the app because of the way that they can communicate with their child’s teacher throughout the day. Not only are they able to see how their child is doing and the points that he or she has earned throughout the day but they are also able to talk to the teacher if they need to. The integrated messaging system gives parents and teachers a chance to chat with each other throughout the day instead of just at conferences or by email.

Major Upgrades Coming from Securus

A provider of tools for, and bettering the systems of, criminal justice bodies across the country, Securus Technologies has announced their first major code release of the year. This upgrade release will benefit corrections facilities and platforms by law enforcement as well as influence communication services used by inmates and their loved ones.

As one of the largest IT companies developing tools for those working in the corrections field, Securus has to consider the needs of housing, monitoring and policing inmates while also providing them with a degree of respite from the crippling inconveniences of their incarceration. According to Securus Technologies’ Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Russel Roberts, these demands are why the developers at Securus are always looking to better their services and products for this demanding market.

Continuing this mission of stellar service, Securus’ upgrade, only the first of the year, will touch nearly all platforms provided by Securus Technologies: Securus Online, Secure Call Platform, SecureView, Video Visitation, ConnectUs and Investigator Pro. Through the release these platforms and programs will receive new patches that will address defects through new code deployments in preparation for new products to be released later on in the year.

These releases hopes to keep Securus not only competitive in the field of IT support for corrections facilities but also ahead of the technological curve. In a recent statement by Richard A. Smith, CEO for Securus Technologies, they have put in the investment in terms of time, resources and strategy in order to migrate potential clients to their services and platforms and concentrate the company’s talent into developing the best in the field. When it comes to providing communication, Smith wasn’t shy to say that their Secure Calling Platform is easily the most preferred communications platform for law enforcement bodies and corrections facilities in the country.

Securus Technologies calls the city of Dallas, Texas home. It’s from there that they are able to provide services to over 3,400 law enforcement and corrections facilities in North America. These places and the staff who operate them also house 1.2 million inmates that Securus Technologies aids with inmate communication technologies, and helps to police with use of biometric analyses, investigative tools, information made available to the public, managing incidents and general monitoring that makes these facilities safer for those who work there as well as the surrounding communities that rely on the use of their technologies.

Learn more about Securus’ video visitation platform by visiting the following link >>

Skout App is good for teenager, deemed safe

Android apps are popping up everywhere. They’re for an assortment of needs, wants and desires and a lot of young people are catching on to the modern technology much sooner than some parents would like. But some of the apps are stellar apps, and include apps for browsing the web, editing files and reading comics among so many other categories. For travelers, there are many social networks that are made to connect travelers with other tourists, while other use networks directly routing travelers to locals as well.
With Android apps, you have a little bit of everything including digital security, finance, photo editing and storage. It seems that the two ways Android apps excel the most is in elegance and excellence. To find out where personal information is going or searching photos, the best ways can be found in Android’s apps. There is also an array of flirting apps. One that has grown quite substantially in the last few months is Skout.

With Skout, the user can sign up as either a teenager or an adult. After that, the user is placed in a peer group that is appropriate. Then the user can add pictures, post comments, post to a feed as well as chat. When there are other users in the vicinity or basic geographic area, notifications are sent out to the users. By cashing in their points through a point system, users can get notifications when someone is checking them out. But, the points must be paid in order to see who is interested in the user.
Skout has been hailed as the safest app for teenagers. The reason is because the “teens only” section is moderated well. Originally made as a tool for users to expand their social circles, Skout now on instagram has more than 10 million members. Some members have been using Skout as a way to take journeys in their regions of interest with the aid of locals.
Many world travelers, specifically college students and young adults, have turned their trips into virtual vacations, touring destinations more thoroughly thanks to Skout and locals who help them out.

Skout’s travel feature was anticipated to be used to assist users trying to make new friends in different cities and as a tool for those traveling but with no contacts at their destination city. Basically, Skout has been referred to as a “modern day penpal method” of communicating. Now that young people are communicating through social media, Skout is perfect for those who are going to a new place, with people they do not know.

On February 4, Skout declared an International Online Friend Day. Skout even did a survey internationally to find that 46 percent of users from France, 48 percent of users from Australian, 53 percent of users from Britain and 59 percent of users from the Philippines use Skout to connect with people who live in a foreign country. Skout is compatible with iOS devices, can be downloaded through the App Store or Google Plan and is available in several different languages.

How Dating Apps Help Relationships Blossom

New York has always maintained its stellar reputation as a party capital and is readily evident, for single adults outweigh married adults by quite a bit.

As adults consistently who are all connected to their smart phones as they were an extension of themselves, New Yorkers shop online for everything. So why wouldn’t they use their smart phones to shop for love?

Ten years ago, it was a common belief that dating apps are only for the lonely and depressed. Now, as people are beginning to realize that dating apps provide the highest possible standards available to meet a mate. Most people prefer online dating because it is such a difficult experience to go outside their small social circle just to feel comfortable enough to respond to new people.

Dating apps are simply a much more attractive alternative in a city where hookups in pubs are met with suspicion or immediately forgotten, and relationships at work may be perilous.

Skout on techcrunch, the most popular dating at a New York for single women, which promises millions of users and hookups all of the world, says it is the world’s largest app for meeting new people. The citizens of New York City are beginning to realize that technology cannot get in the way of love; it can only intensify it.

The popular dating at Skout was set up in 2012 and promises to create millions of matches across the world daily. Skout has completely changed the way that people hookup.

Skout is the new way of life for singles of New York

One 22-year old girl, says that when she was younger she hung out with only a tiny group of friends and co-workers. Therefore apps, like Skout were the only possible way to mingle with those outside of her small social circle.

Apps enable the connection of a broader spectrum of potential partners, meaning that people who frequent these sites tend to make better choices when choosing a mate than those who don’t, according to a recent article published in Psychology Today.

22-year-old Emily and 24-year-old Robert met on Skout and are just one couple out of millions who have been fortunate to find themselves in love via dating app. Three years after meeting each other, they are engaged.

He’d turned to the Skout dating app to search for real connections following a devastating breakup.

He says that once he and Emily traded a handful of emails and began to instant message, there was an inevitable spark between the couple that drew them closer together. They wanted to be together soon as they possibly could, according to Robert.

It just so happened that they lived in the same, exact neighborhood and hung out in identical bars and clubs. They wondered if they’d have not met each other on Skout if they ever would have come together in real life.

Although Robert admits to feeling a little shy and insecure upon initial meet up, he says that those emotions subsided and his love for Emily quickly grew.
With all of the stories that you year about online dating, I am so very happy I did it because I cannot imagine meeting anyone who loves me for me more than Emily does.” Says Jason.

Skout leads the way in connecting people across the globe

Founded in 2007, by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstorm, Skout is a San Francisco based developer of the popular location-based social networking and dating application. Skout was one of the first location-based dating applications to hit the market, and is available on the web, iOS, and Android devices. Skout has amassed a user base of over half a billion people. Skout is used across the world and is currently available in over 180 countries in 15 different languages. Originally the application was launched as a social media service for mobile web, but after realizing most of it’s users were using the service for dating; the company decided to relaunch in 2009 and focus primarily on dating and people location services.

Skout uses a devices global position system (GPS) to find other users within the general vicinity of each other. When searching for people that are near you, Skout will display their profile and recent activities to help you determine if it’s somebody you want to connect with. Once connected users are able to send both text messages and virtual gifts to one-another. For users who would prefer a higher level of privacy, they can opt out of GPS location so their location won’t be shown to others when a match is made. Similar to other social media services, Skout allows users to give likes, leave comments, chat, and share photos.

One of the more popular features of Skout is it’s “Shake to Chat” feature. Simply shake your mobile device and it will automatically connect you to other users who are shaking their device at the same time. To help ensure privacy, the users profile will remain private for the first 40 seconds when a connection through the Shake to Chat feature has been established. There is also a “Travel” feature which users can sign up for that allows them to connect with others while traveling out of town on a vacation or business trip.

In recent years, Skout has separated groups of users into two different categories. Adults and Teenagers. This type of grouping allows an extra level of safety and security for both users and parents alike.

With a user base of over half a billion people across multiple platforms, Skout is one of the most used location-based social media dating services in the market today. Whether you are looking to simply chat with locals while on a business trip, make new friends, or discover your future soulmate; Skout gives you the ability to easily connect with people from all walks of life.