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Contribution of Adam Milstein in supporting Jewish welfare

Adam Milstein is Jewish philanthropist and businessman in the United States. He is the managing partner of an organization known as Hager Pacific Properties. This is the company which has given him the resources to engage in philanthropy. Milstein also has a philanthropic foundation known as Adam Milstein Family Foundation. This is an organization for those interested in supporting pro-Israeli initiatives. The role of this organization in supporting the community cannot be underestimated. Every year, Adam Milstein is giving out $1 million that goes to various organizations which support the prop-Israeli cause. Since he established the foundation, he has worked with over 100 organization.

Adam Milstein is not the type of philanthropist who will just sit in an office and just sign checks. He ensures that he follows up on how the money issued, his philanthropic approach is meant to achieve the real intended results. Although he is running the real estate business, he says that he gives the most time to philanthropy. Adam Milstein is also a part of other philanthropic organizations. His role involves advising, fundraising and consulting for other organizations. His achievements through philanthropy have a significant impact on the lives of the target group.

Milstein is concerned that the Jews are under attack from extremist groups which are working under the banner of BDS Movement. This is a group made of radicals who want to weaken Israel as part of their goals of driving the Jews out of the Middle East. Milstein has seen that it is important that the Jews too come together and forge a single block that will fight against such threats. Milstein who live in the U.S is committed to his resources to support programs that ensure that as many Jews as possible learn about their culture, language, and values. With that, they will be able to take on the oppressors who sponsor anti-Semitism campaigns.

Adam Milstein also leads another organization known as Israeli-American Council. This is an organization that is supporting and advocating for stronger Jewish State. By working closely with the Americans, this organization wants the identity of the Jews to be respected at all times.

The Trend that Excites Greg Secker

Many entrepreneurs have a trend that excites them. Greg Secker’s exciting trend is actually quite and interesting and thoughtful trend. His trend is something that he sees is good for the masses. One thing that he has stated that he is excited about is what he calls the dissemination of power from major TV studios and corporations as a whole. He is seeing the world change from the world where people are told what to like. These days, people have more of a choice on what they want to watch and pay attention to. Advertising is no longer limited to what is on the TV screen.

One of the best things about this trend is that computers and mobile phones are online based. There is also a lot more freedom on what can be watched. The internet allows people to express their thoughts and even learn from others who share the same mindset as they do. There are now new stars and talents that would not have been brought forth without the internet and YouTube. Another good thing is that people are able to enjoy a new kind of economy that is emerging. This economy is collaborative by nature as opposed to competitive.

Greg Secker is seeing a new economy that is coming as a result of an awakening. People are learning to share insights and values that could help with their improvement. Also, the balance is going to shift where companies are going to compete for the business of consumers. With the new economy, people are going to be able to be more informed as investors. This is going to be helpful in that people are going to be better able to profit from the investments they make for themselves and profits. Greg Secker definitely likes new ways of doing things.