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4 Reasons Online Reputation Management is Critical to Business Management


Why do people gossip?
Well, for one, it’s an activity that can be entertaining. Problem is gossip can also hurt people. When you are the brunt of gossip you generally go and clear up the rumors personally; talk to the person spreading the rumors; or even tell your own REAL story.
But when it comes to the online world, stopping the rumors, the gossip and the negative remarks is very difficult, just because you don’t know where the rumors are coming from or when or how the comments will turn up. Worse yet, these comments are written and online, which means they can remain permanently in the public eye.
Unfortunately written negative content or comments can ruin a business reputation. The written word is a very powerful instrument and when in the wrong hands it can be a disaster, causing you to lose your audience and ultimately your revenue.

In The Beginning Things Were Easier!
In the early days of digital marketing, managing your online reputation was a little easier; you could simply fix the problem by making a few phone calls to the angry customer, apologizing and offering a few compensatory products in exchanges. But like everything, the world of online reputation management has changed. The experts at the Search Fixers have found that merely exchanging a few products is no longer the right solution. There are other challenges that online businesses face, especially now that customers can express their opinions freely.

Why is It Harder Now?
Online reputation management becomes critical in the management of your business online because it promotes, offers important information about your services or products that clients want, and this contradicts negative information and comments that have become just too easy for people to post online. The following are just a few reason online reputation management has become so important:
1. It is just too easy for online audiences to post any type of message, but especially negative ones that can damage your future sales.

2. Once negative reviews take hold, they become difficult to control

3. Businesses that ignore customers suffer when it comes to online and brick-and-mortar sales.

4. According to the Nielsen, at least 86% of all buyers are influenced by negative comments about a company.

What’s the Solution?
The solution is to prevent the critics from causing damage before it happens, and that requires planning, strategy and prevention tasks that not only make your business LOOK GOOD, but also prevents negative online comments from damaging the business reputation. And that’s where an experienced digital agency like The Search Fixers can help prevent and solve online reputation management issues.

The experts at The Search Fixers promote good content, reviews and information about their client, and the sheer amount of this positive information published to the web far outweighs any negativity posted by a few angry customers. By compensating good content for bad, those negative comments get pushed back in the search engines.

Put simply, having a good online reputation management company like the Search Fixers is like having hundreds of people out on the street praising your business and products… and that can only bring in more business, more revenue and more productivity.
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Batman Star Defends Amy Adams From David O. Russell

Last year’s Sony hacking attack just keeps on giving. WikiLeaks, the whistle blower site known for exposing secret government and entertainment documents, put thousands of emails and documents from the Sony hack into their search-able archive last Thursday. Among the revelations found in the documents is the fact that on the set of the movie, “American Hustle”, the former star of the Dark Knight trilogy, Christian Bale, came to the defense of his co-star Amy Adams, who was being constantly abused by director, David O. Russell. It seems the former Batman is indeed a real life hero.

Amy Adams apparently wasn’t the only person O. Russell was abusive to on the set of “American Hustle”. It was also reported that he consistently cursed people out in the company of other people and even grabbed a guy by his collar. However, his abuse against Adams was so bad that Bale got up in the directors face and told him he needed to stop acting like an a-hole. All of this was revealed through leaked back and forth e-mails confirms Handy (source from

It has been know for a long time that David O. Russell has had a reputation for being a douchebag to his actors and crew. But the PR has been that he has changed his ways and is much kinder now. The leaked e-mails seem to show that, that isn’t the case.

In this case Amy Adams was lucky to have Christian Bale there to stand up for her.