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Todd Lubar, the legendary mortgage banker

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur who has ventured for over 20 years in the real estate industry. Todd is currently the TDL global ventures president. He founded the TDL global venture after realizing he had a passion for helping the community to fulfill their dreams from barriers met when in need for a loan. Todd helps people achieve their dreams of owning a home. Todd’s passion has helped him leverage his business acumen to enable others achieve success.

Todd currently based in Bethesda Maryland. He also serves as the current senior vice president at Legendary Investments. Todd has also ventured into different fields such as construction, banking mortgages, and entertainment. Todd Lubar has a lot to offer to all beginner entrepreneurs. Todd also suggests trust as the basis of success. Lastly, for all those who want to learn how to maximize their time professionally, they should read David j Schwartz’s book ‘the Magic of Thinking Big.’

Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University with bachelors in speech communication. He began his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he quickly learned the model of traditional Mortgage banking. He later moved to Texas Legacy Financial group where he worked in the production unit of approximately $100 million a year in loan volume. Legacy Financial Corporation provided Todd with an opportunity to develop lending potentials of booking loans to the independent investors and also lending direct Mortgage Bank.

In 2002, Todd launched legendary properties a limited liability company. This group proliferated and became the heart of entrepreneurs. It compelled a lot of entrepreneurs into relationships in building trades needed to produce a quality product promptly. This company established lines of credit as high as Twenty million dollars regarding multiple relationships with major banking institutions. According to, the partnership with the banks helped Todd to diversify his business due to the overwhelming connections to plenty of products and programs.

Making Sensible Banking and Investment Choices:

*A variety of Banking and Investment Services Offered:

Nexbank provides banking as well as a variety of financial services. Services offered include checking accounts, savings, mortgages, commercial banking and mobile banking. In addition, a variety of Internet banking services are offered as well as Treasury management services.

Investment banking and land advisory services are now being offered to customers. Commercial loans are available to help clients expand and grow their business. Nexbank helps business owners capitalize on new business opportunities.

Wholesale as well as warehouse lending options are now being offered by Nexbank. Nexbank is now an official Ginny Mae as well as Freddie Mac issuer. The bank is qualified to service a variety of loan types.

SBA loans are available through Nexbank. SBA loans offer more flexible terms in comparison to conventional type loans. Nexbank will make every attempt to accommodate your borrowing needs.

Treasury Management Services will help with increasing productivity of Treasury options. In addition, services of this kind will also help with increased visibility as well as cash flow.

Nexbank offers a variety of helpful informational services. BAI Reporting services are available through Nexbank. In addition, NACHA processing is now being offered through Nexbank also.

Financial representatives are available to create as well as review financial portfolios. In addition, financial representatives can make suggestions concerning investment choices and opportunities for the client.

On line banking as well as mobile banking features help customers access their personal or business accounts from just about any location any time of the night or day. Customers may also speak with a live Nexbank representative during banking hours.