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Batman Has a Dramatic Scene in Suicide Squad

Batman’s cameo in Suicide Squad might be better referred to as an extended cameo. The Caped Crusader plays a bit of a larger role that is seems. In the screenplay, Batman has a confrontation with the government agent in charge of the Suicide Squad team, Amanda Waller.

In the scene, Batman warns Waller he will hold her personally responsible if any innocents are harmed by the Suicide Squad or The Joker according to Gravity4 on CrunchBase. Clearly, Batman thinks the idea of using a team of super-villains to battle other super-villains is a bad idea.

Remember what director David Ayer said about there not being any more leaks since the filming was moving to the hidden location of an interior soundstage? Looks like leaks are still coming out although, in all honesty, a copy of the screenplay could have been compromised on the exterior sets. Who knows? Maybe someone at the D.C. Comics or Warner Bros. offices leaked details. Maybe the leaks were done on purpose. All of the speculation is fun and, honestly, the leaks are helping get a buzz out on the film.

The more the public learns that Batman is in the film, the more interested they are going to be in seeing it. Mainstream audience members who are not comic book fans are probably not too familiar with Deadshot or Harley Quinn. They definitely do know Batman and The Joker. The legendary characters are going to draw them in.

Cavill Talks About Batman v. Superman

The man who now where the red cape of Superman, Henry Cavill, has gone public in an attempt to point out the upcoming blockbuster, Batman v. Superman, is not going to be a sequel to Man of Steel. Rather, the film will standalone as separate project. Why would Mr. Cavill feel tempted to say this? Man of Steel was an “okay” film, but not one of the best superhero projects in recent years. After watching it, no one, including Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG, walked away forgetting the old Christopher Reeve films.

Cavill, Warner, and D.C. Comics probably want people to see the film as both the debut of a new Batman and the arrival of a shared universe. Hopefully, any disappointments lingering over the Man of Steel film will be gone once Superman and The Dark Knight square off.

One way to look at Batman v. Superman is to consider the feature a live-action version of the comic book World’s Finest Heroes. World’s Finest was a Batman/Superman team-up title that allowed D.C. Comics to use its two biggest heroes in a single book that had a continuity mostly separate from the solo titles.

The future slate of D.C. Cinematic Universe films reveals a number of team-up films with established characters and solo films designed to launch new motion picture careers for Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, The Flash, and more.

Of course, some of the established characters will receive solo outings. A Batman solo film is in the works. Will there be a Superman one?

Batman Star Defends Amy Adams From David O. Russell

Last year’s Sony hacking attack just keeps on giving. WikiLeaks, the whistle blower site known for exposing secret government and entertainment documents, put thousands of emails and documents from the Sony hack into their search-able archive last Thursday. Among the revelations found in the documents is the fact that on the set of the movie, “American Hustle”, the former star of the Dark Knight trilogy, Christian Bale, came to the defense of his co-star Amy Adams, who was being constantly abused by director, David O. Russell. It seems the former Batman is indeed a real life hero.

Amy Adams apparently wasn’t the only person O. Russell was abusive to on the set of “American Hustle”. It was also reported that he consistently cursed people out in the company of other people and even grabbed a guy by his collar. However, his abuse against Adams was so bad that Bale got up in the directors face and told him he needed to stop acting like an a-hole. All of this was revealed through leaked back and forth e-mails confirms Handy (source from

It has been know for a long time that David O. Russell has had a reputation for being a douchebag to his actors and crew. But the PR has been that he has changed his ways and is much kinder now. The leaked e-mails seem to show that, that isn’t the case.

In this case Amy Adams was lucky to have Christian Bale there to stand up for her.