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Perfecting Your Spring 2018 Makeup Game With Lime Crime

Now that spring is here, there are endless opportunities to go out and showcase your newest looks. Before you do, however, make sure that you know the basics of nailing a spring makeup look.

Make Sure You Have A Good Foundation

A good foundation is essential for making your look work. There are a few key things to think about when looking for a foundation that will work best for you.

Powder or Liquid? – There are two basic types of foundation, powder and liquid. Generally, those with drier skin will want to opt for a liquid foundation, and those with oily skin will want to go with a powder foundation.

Does it Come In Your Tone? – The second major consideration to take into account when purchasing foundation is whether it matches your skin tone. Most makeup stores will have a variety of tones to choose from, and some even have employees dedicated to helping you find a foundation that matches your skin tone best.

Don’t Neglect Your Eyeliner

Whether you’re going for a loud glam rock look or a more modest one, eyeliner is an absolute must. Eyeliner is a crucial part of the makeup around your eye area. It calls attention to the shape of your eyes and makes them seem larger. You can use either a gel or pencil eyeliner as long as you understand how to apply it correctly.

Experiment With Spring Colors

Now that spring is here, there’s a whole new palette of colors in style! Generally, colors like pink and purple come into season around this time. Conveniently, a company called Lime Crime has collected what we consider the definitive palette for spring in their Venus 3 eye shadow kit. It’s a unique palette, consisting of the pinks and purples that spring makeup is known for as well as some glittered and complimentary colors.