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Serge Belamant Invents Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology is one of the most innovative developments in the financial industry. It has allowed banks, individuals and businesses to complete financial transactions in a more secure and efficient manner. With the development of blockchain technology, financial institutions, individuals and companies have been able to secure their information more easily and avoid having it stolen by other parties. While Blockchain technology has recently been used in the financial services industry, it was originally invented by an entrepreneur named Serge Belamant.

As far back as the late 1980’s, Serge Belamant began developing blockchain technology. He was involved in developing software that would help organizations more efficiently complete banking transactions. He began working with banks and other financial institutions in order to develop technological solutions to help them. Belamant first made progress towards innovating the banking industry by introducing cards that had a chip on them. This chip would be used to efficiently process transactions within seconds. Today, it has become the standard part of all credit and debit cards.

Serge Belamant attended college at one of the leading universities in South Africa. After he was finished with college, he went on to begin his career. His first job was as an engineer responsible for analyzing water dams. He used a software program that allowed him to analyze the dams and predict droughts that may occur in the future. After his stint as an engineer, Belamant would then move on to work in the banking sector where he provided his technological expertise to banks. This laid out the foundation for his eventual business idea of developing credit cards with a chip on them. He started up his first company Net1 Technologies which introduced the chip based card.

After building Net1 Technologies into a very successful company, Serge Belamant decided to start up another business. He recently teamed up with his son to found the company Zilch Technology Limited. With this company, he was able to continue making inventions for the banking sector. With the formation of Zilch Technology Limited, Belamant and his son came up with blockchain technology. With the development of blockchain technology, Serge has been able to continue making a valuable impact on the banking and financial sector.

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